John Doe looking at a map of a mall in the Twisted Metal Series
Check out the newly released trailer for the upcoming Twisted Metal series, promising a post-apocalyptic, chaotic world filled with dark humor. Get a sneak peek and our initial thoughts on what to expect in this thrilling show.

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Peacock has released another trailer for the upcoming Twisted Metal series, which is much better than the first two teasers. In this one, we get to see much more of the world, the vehicles, the story and get a better feel for what we’ll see in the series. In this article, we will share our thoughts on the trailer, and touch on a few of the things that give us hope that this show will be good. 

Let’s get started by talking about my initial thoughts on the trailer.

Thoughts on the Twister Metal Trailer 

Twisted Metal looks like it’s going to be a wild ride, but one of the things I was extremely curious about was the world and setup, and thankfully all of this was answered in this trailer. In Twisted Metal, we’ll be following John Doe played by Anthony Mackie, as he recovers and delivers a package in this chaotic world. 

The world of Twisted Metal is supposed to be post-apocalyptic, chaotic, and wild and it does seem like this show is doing its best to convey that in its own way. Everything we’ve seen in this trailer so far seems mildly interesting and it even managed to get a few chuckles out of me while watching. 

Dark Humor 

Twisted Metal does seem like it will be funny, and promises a mix of dark humor and we get to see glimpses of that sprinkled throughout this trailer. I just hope that the humor isn’t too ridiculous, because this type of humor has to be balanced fairly well, but the trailer gives me hope that it will be an enjoyable show. 

The World 

Anthony Mackie "John Doe" is driving through New San Francisco in the Twisted Metal Series.
John Doe driving through New San Franciso in the Twisted Metal Official Trailer, Credit: Peacock

I’m excited to see how wild this world can get. It was nice to see more of Sweet Tooth, and now we know that he rules Las Vegas, and has no qualms about killing. But I’m still curious to see what his role will be in this show, as the initial description mentioned that he would be some type of ally. 

The police are there as well, and they seem like they will also be a looming threat to John Doe and the other characters, but with shows like this everything isn’t always as it appears at face value. 

John Doe

John Doe played by Anthony Mackie looking outside of this vehicle.
‘John Doe’ played by Anthony Mackie, Credit: Peacock

My thoughts on Anthony Mackie playing John Doe are still pretty much the same. I still think that Mackie is having an absolute blast playing the character, but I still don’t feel like he fits in this world, but that could also be by design. Mackie does have the acting chops to pull off a role like this, and I’m still very much excited to see how the story of John Doe is told through him when this show releases.

Final Thoughts 

All in all, I think the Twisted Metal series will be good, and I think this one will give us a good laugh and keep us entertained. I do plan on reviewing the show when it comes out so stay tuned if you are interested to see if this show meets our expectations!

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