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Before I get into my review of chapter 156 of the One Punch Man manga, I’d like to thank you all for taking the time to read this article. Chapter 155 continues the story from 156. Flashy Flash, Platinum Sperm, and Garou are in an epic 3-way battle and this chapter sees the resolution of the fight. In order to properly review the chapter, I will have to discuss story elements. So if you do not wish to be spoiled, I’d suggest reading the chapter here, and then returning to this article.

How Is Chapter 156 of the One Punch Man Manga

Flashy Flash versus Garou

Chapter 156 is a great chapter and one that hints at a few larger plot points while moving the current story forward. The chapter opens with Flashy Flash being punched around by Platinum Sperm. It’s clear that Flashy Flash is way out of his league here. He is able to keep up with Platinum Sperm, but the battle is almost completely one-sided. At one point, Platinum Sperm allows Flash Flash to unleash an attack, but this attack clearly doesn’t even hurt him. I’m unsure what effect this fight will have on Flash’s ego later in the story.

I have mentioned in previous articles, that I do enjoy the general direction the story is taking in the sense that it differs greatly from the original One Punch Man webcomic. I’m sure the story will reach a similar conclusion, but I am enjoying how all of the fights are playing out. For example, in the webcomic, Flashy Flash is beaten by Garou and at one point even double teams him with Darkshine. Flash Flash is badly beaten here, and Darkshine has been defeated by Garou many chapters in the past so I doubt we will see this play out the same here.

I was a little disappointed that Platinum Sperm was defeated so quickly. I knew that he would eventually be defeated by Garou, but their fight wasn’t close at all. I really thought the fight would be much closer, but Garou took no damage from Platinum Sperm. Saitama is in the chapter at least, but he’s still hasn’t joined the action and may not at least for a few more chapters.

Next, I’d like to talk about a few important story elements that I noticed while reading.

God Tempts Tatsumaki

God tempts Tatsumaki

If you’ve been following the story so far then you may be familiar with this character known as ‘God’. We originally see God earlier in the story when Flashy Flash, Saitama, and Blast were all underground. Once someone touches the mysterious god cube they are able to communicate with him and are given the opportunity to be embodied with his power. We have yet to see what this does once someone is given this power as every person that has received this power has been defeated.

God reveals himself to Tatsumaki and takes a form resembling Blast. Tatsumaki is able to avoid taking the deal with God by reflecting on what was told to her by Blast in earlier chapters. Then Blast shows up, and mentions how strong Tatsumaki has become by resisting the deal.

After reading this panel there are many thoughts that arise regarding this. One question is what is the motive of God, and how does he benefit from embodying someone with his power? I wonder if he is trapped somewhere, but Blast also states that he and other heroes, which we assume are from other dimensions, have been fighting him this entire time. This really has me intrigued, and I was able to come across several theories on the internet that may all warrant their own article in the future.

Sage Centipede and Evil Ocean Water

Evil Ocean Water

After the defeat of Platinum Sperm, two monsters show up to challenge Garou. The first is Sage Centipede which appears to be a fusion between Monster King Orochi and another Centipede. The second is Evil Ocean Water, which is Evil Natural Water, but now he has entered the Ocean. So I figure Garou will eventually defeat Sage Centipede, but I’m not sure if Garou is able to deal with Evil Natural Water. It’s possible that some of the remaining heroes may step in to help, but most of them are completely out of commission. Either way, this makes me really excited for the next chapter.

Now I’d like to hear from you. What do you think about this chapter, and what are some of your theories about God’s motives or how this current battle will end? Feel free to let me know below.

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