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If you’re a diehard fan or familiar with the One Punch Man series, you have seen the A-class rank 1 hero Amai Mask or Sweet Mask. Amai Mask is a character known to be very critical of heroes, and how they perform their hero work in general. He stays in his A-class rank 1 position so he can have a say in who moves up to the S-class. Many of you have been asking how strong is Amai Mask and what gives him the right to scrutinize other heroes?

In this article, we will be breaking down the character and discussing Amai Mask’s strengths and what could happen to him later in the story. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read my article.

How Strong Is Amai Mask? Strengths and Abilities Explained

Amai Mask is certainly worthy of the title A-class rank 1, and some would say that he’s even worthy of an S-class spot. We’ve seen him take out a variety of monsters, all the while not really putting forth much effort. It’s important to note that Amai Mask is pretty ruthless when attacking his enemies. He tries to get the job done as swiftly as possible, which is something he’s criticized heroes for.

We know that Amai Mask possesses super speed, strength, stamina, and outrageous durability. He’s so durable in fact that he was able to survive being ripped in half by a Dragon Level monster.

In the One Punch Man webcomic, Amai Mask holds his own against Golden S and has one of the best performances against this monster. In the manga, Amai Mask has taken our numerous monsters with very little effort. Based on these simple feats from Amai Mask, I’d say he’s definitely at least a disaster-level Dragon in terms of strength.

Amai Mask Is A Monster

This next section will go into spoilers for the One Punch Man webcomic. It has officially been revealed that Amai Mask is a monster, and he’s aware that he is slowly becoming more of a monster with each passing day. In the manga, we see him potentially struggling with maintaining his humanity, and this could also explain how vicious he is during battle.

Amai Mask Return

Later in the story, Amai Mask’s true monster form is revealed to the world. Many of his once adoring fans now turn on him and he is hunted by fellow heroes. When Amai Mask is in his monster form his true power is revealed, and he’s able to kill a Dragon Level monster with one hit, which is a feat not easily achievable by many heroes outside of the S-class and Saitama.

As of the writing of this article Amai Mask hasn’t returned to the story. After the revealing of his monster form and backstory, he’s escaped and is most likely in hiding or in a less populated area. When he returns to the story, this will bring a greater divide amongst the heroes in the story. They are unsure if they should kill him or let him live.

Amai Mask’s tragic backstory made me instantly change my opinion on this character. Now that he’s at full power in his monster form maybe Amai Mask will be saved until the final arc of One Punch Man? Either way, Amai Mask is one of the strongest characters in the series and has greater depth to him than many of the other heroes and villains we’ve come to know.

Now you know and can gauge how strong Amai Mask is. Did you find this article helpful and are there any other One Punch Man characters you’d like me to discuss on this blog? Let me know by commenting below.

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