Starfield gameplay in third-person view
"Starfield," the highly anticipated game from Bethesda Game Studios, is set to release on September 6th, 2023. Join us as we explore its interstellar adventure, character customization, and immersive gameplay before its launch. Will it reach celestial gaming heights or miss the mark in the cosmic universe of gaming? Let's find out!

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In the vast expanse of gaming, “Starfield” from Bethesda Game Studios has captured immense anticipation. Promising an interstellar adventure of epic proportions, the game aims to transcend gaming boundaries. As launch day approaches, questions arise: Will it soar as a gaming masterpiece or falter, leaving players disillusioned? Join us as we explore “Starfield” before its release, as we delve into trailers, insights, and speculation to assess its potential. Will it reach celestial gaming heights, or will it miss the mark in the cosmic universe of gaming?

Let’s get right into it!

Release Date & Announcement

Starfield, the highly anticipated game from Bethesda Game Studios, is set to be released on September 6th, 2023. Initially, it will be exclusive to Microsoft Windows PC and Xbox Series X|S, with availability on Game Pass from day one. As for other platforms, there’s no confirmation yet, leaving speculation about potential future ports. Todd Howard has mentioned that Steam Deck compatibility is on their radar, but it won’t be available at the game’s launch. For fans eager to get their hands on Starfield early, purchasing the Digital Premium Edition/Upgrade or the Constellation Collector’s Edition will grant them five days’ early access, allowing them to start playing from September 1st. Starfield was announced at E3 2018 and has been in development since around late 2015, shortly after Fallout 4’s release. The game is currently in a playable development phase, as shown in a recent 45-minute-deep dive at the Xbox Games Showcase 2023.

Plot and Setting

Starfield character overlooking a mountainous landscape on another planet.
Starfield Gameplay, Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield’s setting is in the year 2330, within “The Settled Systems,” an area partially colonized by humans in a pocket of the Milky Way approximately 50 light years in diameter. The story takes place after a past civil war between the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective, with the Settled Systems currently in uneasy peacetime. The main plot revolves around you, a member of “Humanity’s Last Explorers,” embarking on an epic journey to explore the galaxy and uncover humanity’s greatest mystery: the existence of extraterrestrial life. HLE seeks alien artifacts to answer the age-old question of whether humanity is alone in the universe. Details beyond this premise are closely guarded, but the trailers and cryptic hints from Director Todd Howard suggest potential twists and elements of space magic in the narrative. Starfield is expected to appeal to fans of Mass Effect, The Outer Worlds, and Prey, blending its unique aesthetic of “Skyrim in space” with influences from pop culture icons like Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica.

Is There a Character Creation System?

Side view of a Starfield character inside of their spaceship.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Indeed, Starfield boasts Bethesda’s most detailed and inclusive character creator ever, providing players with a vast array of customization options.

Extensive Character Customization

Starfield‘s most detailed and inclusive character creator ever allows players to craft unique and diverse protagonists, with the flexibility to customize not only the main character but also many of the NPCs in the game.

Scientific Touch: Gel Electrophoresis Visualization

Using a technique from molecular biology called gel electrophoresis, Starfield visually represents changes to your character’s appearance, adding a science-y touch to the customization process.

Backgrounds and Traits

Players can choose from three backgrounds for their characters, each influencing the starting skills. Additionally, up to three optional traits, with both positive and negative effects, further shape the protagonist’s abilities and challenges.

Impactful Skill Trees

Starfield merges old-school RPG stats with a diverse array of skills and leveling systems from previous Bethesda games. The game features five skill trees—Physical, Social, Combat, Science, and Tech—allowing players to specialize and unlock abilities as they progress.

Crafting Your Own Spacecraft

Beyond character customization, players can build and personalize their own spacecraft, including both interior and exterior design. Multiple in-universe manufacturers offer diverse options for buying modules, providing players with extensive creative freedom.

Starfield: Not Your Traditional Open World

Spaceship landing on a planet in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

While Starfield won’t be labeled as an open-world game due to loading screens separating planets, its universe offers seamless exploration and immersive gameplay.

1,000+ Explorable Planets

Discover a staggering number of over 1,000 explorable planets on Starfield’s map, each with procedurally generated elements, offering a diverse range of biomes and unique lighting based on context.

Procedural Side-Quests

Embark on a journey filled with procedural side-quests, providing endless adventures and challenges as you traverse the uncharted territories of the galaxy.

Handcrafted Adventures

Experience the main storyline and additional side-quests on authored planets, meticulously crafted to deliver compelling environments and settlements, including the sprawling metropolis of New Atlantis.

Base Building Returns

Revel in the return of base-building mechanics reminiscent of Fallout 4, granting players the ability to customize and utilize even the most barren planets for their creative endeavors.

Home in the Stars

Discover your character’s home in the universe, the awe-inspiring city of New Atlantis, a monumental achievement from Bethesda and a central hub for your interstellar escapades.

Third-Person and First-Person Options in Starfield

Starfield astronaut standing on a planet in third-person.
Starfield Gameplay in third-person view. Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield brings good news for players with motion-sickness concerns, as it offers the option to play in third-person mode. For those who crave immersion, the game also provides a first-person perspective. Though the details on how switching between the two will function remain undisclosed, the inclusion of both perspectives is a refreshing feature. Unlike some modern RPGs that opt for first-person only, Starfield‘s consideration for player preference ensures a broader appeal and allows you to admire your meticulously customized character in-game at your leisure.

Factions and Morality in Starfield: A Complex and Evolving World

Starfield NPC standing in the center of the image.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield’s approach to morality isn’t based on a points-based system like the Karma meter in Fallout. Instead, the game features multiple joinable factions, and players can align with different play styles, often independent of faction affiliation.

Major Factions

These are the major factions:·

  • The United Colonies: representing a united vision of human diaspora, this faction forms a republic expanding into the galaxy.     
  • The Freestar Collective: comprising space pioneers, this group embraces decentralized control and frontier exploration.
  • Ryujin Industries: a corporate entity with interests separate from the ideological factions.

Secondary Factions and Groups

Here are some of the secondary factions and groups:

  • Ecliptic Mercenaries
  • Pirates of the Crimson Fleet 
  • Spacers     
  • House Va’ruun

Joining and Shifting Allegiances

After completing the introductory missions, players will join the Constellation, an exploratory force tasked with unraveling the mystery behind the central artifacts. Shifting allegiances throughout the story is a definite possibility.

Companion Characters and Dialogue

Players can recruit companion characters who provide unique stats while aboard the ship. Dialogue trees include a persuasion mini-game that aims to emulate more natural conversations.


Starfield includes first-person FPS-style encounters against NPCs and space combat with various options: hailing, boarding, trading, or attacking other ships. Players can also reassign power to different ship systems in real-time. Abandoned ships offer opportunities for scavenging but may hold eerie surprises.

Single-Player Focused: Starfield Steers Clear of Multiplayer

Starfield playing discovering new planets.
Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Starfield is strictly a single-player experience, with no multiplayer elements included. From the start, the developers have emphasized creating a story-rich, solo adventure with substantial replay value. By forgoing multiplayer modes, Starfield aims to deliver an immersive narrative-driven journey without compromising its storytelling vision. The game’s focus on providing a compelling solo experience allows players to fully immerse themselves in the vast universe of Starfield and savor the adventure at their own pace, free from the constraints of multiplayer features.

Will It Be Good or Not?

Player is inside of an ancient temple in Starfield.
The player is inside a temple, in Starfield. Credit: Bethesda Game Studios.

Starfield’s unique blend of captivating features and innovative design elements sets the stage for what promises to be a truly exceptional gaming experience. Here are several compelling reasons why Starfield is poised to be a great game:

Immersive Exploration

With over 1,000 explorable planets, each procedurally generated and offering diverse biomes and lighting, Starfield invites players to embark on a vast and immersive journey through uncharted territories in the Milky Way.

Comprehensive Customization

Boasting Bethesda’s most detailed character creator, players have unparalleled freedom to customize their protagonists, with choices impacting both appearance and gameplay. Additionally, base-building allows further personalization, ensuring players’ unique mark on the universe.

Dynamic Factions and Choices

Starfield’s inclusion of multiple joinable factions and a morally nuanced world presents players with choices that will shape their journey. Faction affiliations and allegiances can evolve, providing exciting gameplay possibilities and immersing players in a living, breathing universe.

Rich Narrative and Exploration

The game’s emphasis on story-driven gameplay and extensive side-quests promises an engaging and rewarding experience. Players can delve into the mysteries of the universe, discovering alien artifacts and uncovering humanity’s greatest questions.

Seamless Gameplay

Starfield offers seamless navigation throughout the universe and on the surface of planets, enhancing the sense of immersion and reducing potential interruptions, resulting in a fluid and immersive gameplay experience.

Single-Player Focus

With no multiplayer elements, Starfield’s commitment to providing a solid single-player adventure allows players to fully immerse themselves in the rich narrative and unique universe without distractions.

Creative Freedom and Realistic Conversations

Players have the creative freedom to shape their character’s personality, impacting dialogue and interactions. Realistic conversations, aided by an innovative persuasion mini-game, add depth to exchanges and immersion.

Stellar Combat

Whether engaging in first-person FPS-style encounters or thrilling space combat, Starfield offers a variety of exciting combat options. From moddable guns to reassigning ship systems in real time, players can tailor their combat experiences to suit their playstyle.


Starfield ship interior
Starfield ship interior. Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

So, after discussing all of the above things, it is safe to say that Starfield will be another blockbuster from Bethesda. All of the information that we have so far leads us to believe this is a solid game that is feature-rich and where you can easily be immersed for 100s of hours. But now we have to wait till the release date and see how everything pans out. 

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