Traveling to another planet in Starfield. Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

Traveling to another planet in Starfield. Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

The Xbox Games Showcase was a success, with 27 new games announced and 21 of them available to play on Xbox Game Pass for both console and PC. Find out what we enjoyed the most and which games made it to our top 5. Plus, learn about the increased supply of Xbox Series X consoles.

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This year’s Xbox Games Showcase was a massive hit for Xbox fans! There were announcements of many new and exciting games. Xbox presented 27 games in total and announced that 21 would be available to play on Xbox Game Pass on both console and PC. 

In this article, we will be sharing what we enjoyed about the event, how we think this event sets up the future of Xbox, and talk about many of the games that we are most looking forward to. 

Let’s start by sharing and talking about what we enjoyed the most about the Xbox Games Showcase

What We Liked

Gameplay from the Avowed Trailer.
Avowed Gameplay, Credit: Obsidian Entertainment

The Xbox Games Showcase impressed us with the number of available games. We got to see titles from independent developers like 33 Immortals, to highly anticipated games from major studios like Starfield

Most of the titles were games that I never heard of, but was excited to see. One example is Avowed. Avowed is a first-person fantasy RPG, and in it you’ll embark on a journey through a plagued, foreign island full of mysteries, danger, and adventure known as the Living Lands. This game looks pretty interesting, and I hope this is one I can get lost in. 

One of the biggest complaints gamers have had about Xbox is its lack of exclusives. We do know that over the last few years, Xbox has been buying up studios like crazy so if this is a taste of what we will see, then I’m all here for it. It does look like Xbox and Microsoft are trying to keep their commitment and promises to Xbox fans. So this is all good news for gamers in my opinion. 

Increase Supply of Xbox Series X Consoles 

Image of Xbox Series X and Series S Consoles
Xbox Series S (Left), and the Xbox Series X (Right), Credit: Microsoft / Xbox

Now it wouldn’t have been an Xbox showcase without any mention of hardware. They did mention that they’ve been able to increase supplies of the Xbox Series X globally which is a good thing as many of these titles that we’ll talk about are truly next-gen. So you will need to upgrade to either a series X or series S to play them. Now we did make a console buying guide, for those of you that would like to learn more about these consoles if you’re in the market. My recommendation is to buy an Xbox Series X if you can get your hands on one, which according to Phil Spencer shouldn’t be a problem anymore. 

Some Of Our Favorite Games 

Senua's Saga: Hellblade Gameplay. Senua is centered in the image with warpaint.
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II Gameplay, Credit: Ninja Theory

Next, we will talk about many of the games we enjoyed seeing at this year’s showcase. There were so many games that we wanted to talk about in this article, but to prevent this from getting too long we’ve decided to narrow it down to our top 5. 


The first game trailer we enjoyed was Fable. I’m a longtime Xbox fan and have been awaiting another Fable game, so it was nice to see this at this year’s showcase. I wasn’t a fan of the character models used in the trailer, but that was a small thing here. The gameplay looks interesting, and I’m excited to see how this story will play out so I will be playing Fable when it comes out.

PayDay 3 

PayDay 3 was a welcome surprise, the gameplay looks enjoyable and one of my Xbox friends completely maxed out the second one so I’ll have at least one person to jump in this game with so It had to make the list. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator 

I’ve never played Microsoft Flight Simulator, but I’ve always come across the many great reviews it’s had. This game looks stunning! For that reason alone, this is one I will at least try out when it becomes available in 2024. 

Senua’s Saga Hellblade II

I’m excited to see the next chapter of Senua’s story. The graphics are unreal, and the story in this game I’m sure will be a masterpiece. I’m also excited to see the cinematic immersion that’s being highly advertised in this game. This is one title I will be following closely and will write more about until it releases next year. 

Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess 

This game gave me Ninja Gaiden vibes, and I’m loving it. The Japanese aesthetics really come to life with the help of its gorgeous visuals, and this game promises to blend action and strategy so in other words it’s going to be a challenge. This is a title that feels next-gen in its style, creativity, and performance. Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess is one I definitely will be playing when it releases.

Final Thoughts 

Forza Motorsport Footage, A racer is walking towards his car.
Forza Motorsport In-Engine Gameplay Footage, Credit: Turn 10 Studios

This year’s Xbox Games Showcase truly left me excited for the future of Xbox and gaming in general. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited about Xbox releases. All of these games look fun, and you can tell that the individual development teams are working hard to create unique projects for gamers.

There are other games I enjoyed like Star Wars Outlaws, Cyperpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty, and Starfield. The only reason I didn’t mention these games or go into more detail, is a plan to dive deeper into these titles in upcoming articles and videos. 

So stay tuned! 

How did you enjoy the Xbox Game Showcase 2023, and what games are you most excited about? Let us know by leaving a comment below. 

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