Starfield Gameplay, Credit: Bethesda Game Studios

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One of the most anticipated reveals in the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase for which everyone was hopeful about made its mark. Starfield, one of the most ambitious space RPGs did not disappoint anyone. In the gameplay reveal of Starfield, various locations have been unveiled including a moon named Kreet along with a capital city called New Atlantis.

The expected release of Starfield is next year and gamers can’t wait to play this amazing game but before it is released let’s talk about some of the most exciting things you might have missed about the game during the gameplay reveal.

Astronaut looking outside of windshield in Spacecraft.

The big reveal of Starfield’s gameplay in the Xbox and Bethesda games showcase just got everyone riled up. It is going to be one of the biggest RPGs ever made with more than a hundred solar systems.

Interstellar Space Travel

The gameplay also looks like there will be an amazing interstellar feature of traveling faster than the speed of light in the game. A fan observed that the spaceship might be equipped with hypersonic technology allowing you to travel faster than light. During the gameplay, there were two points where the enemy ship appeared out of nowhere with a flash of light pointing toward something in its direction.

Starfield Gameplay

Character Creation

Now let’s talk about some of the details that you might have missed in the biggest reveal. From what we know so far, the character creation system of the game has manifold options. You can now even set the walking style of your character. We also saw that we would be able to change our biogenic character by visiting a facility specialized for this purpose.


There are some optional traits that you might want to change for your character during the game and it seems like there are some options to pick a religion. However, every option would come up with its pros and cons. Like raised universal would get you discounts at the church store but you won’t be able to avail them at the Enlightened store.

Realistic Touch

The game shows that your character would be able to get a home or house on a planet but this too has a cost and comes with a financing scheme. Along with this, you have parents that you can visit and a part of the amount of money you earn goes automatically to them. All these things add a realistic touch to the game.

Screenshot of Barrett from the Starfield Official Gameplay Reveal


From what we saw, there will be multiple factions in the game you can join. You will become a part of a constellation with the mission to explore space eventually. There will be communities apart from us with different objectives and so far we know about the following:

  • Spacers
  • United Colonies
  • Crimson Fleet
  • Ecliptic Mercenaries
  • Constellation

Theme & Storyline

We are not exposed to the main storyline of the game however fans have made a lot of speculations and did some research on this. One of the fans has pinned everything down for us and left some things to our imagination to form a picture of what would happen in the game.

So far, we know that in the game we will start out as miners and eventually explore a rear relic that would help us construct our imaginations through visions. Obviously, you don’t get to keep the object because constellation pilots come on routine checkups. However, the pilot is later killed by Crimson Fleet which is a group that tries to take over the mining field. Your character then takes the ship of the pilot who is killed and starts out on their journey.

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