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Delve into the origins and significance of the Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact, as they embody the power of the Archons in Teyvat. Discover their role and the lore surrounding these awe-inspiring landmarks.

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Genshin Impact, the immensely popular action role-playing game developed by miHoYo, takes players on a captivating journey through the enchanting world of Teyvat. One of the most awe-inspiring aspects of this vast realm is the presence of the Statues of the Seven. These towering monuments, scattered throughout the landscape, serve as vital landmarks and sources of power for both players and the inhabitants of Teyvat.

We will delve into the significance and lore surrounding these majestic statues, exploring their origins, powers, and the role they play in the gameplay experience.

Origins and Significance of the Statues

The Statues of the Seven stand as monumental structures, each representing a distinct element and embodying the power of the Archons. These statues play a pivotal role in the game, serving as both awe-inspiring landmarks and vital sources of energy.

Celestial Mandate: An Archon’s Divine Purpose

The Archons, as the ruling deities of Teyvat, have been entrusted with the sacred duty of protecting and guiding its inhabitants. Each Archon represents one of the seven elements and possesses immense elemental power. They are bestowed with their authority by the celestial realm known as Celestia, the dwelling place of the gods.

Protectors and Guardians of Teyvat

The Archons are tasked with maintaining the balance of power and harmony within Teyvat. They act as divine rulers, overseeing their respective regions and upholding the principles associated with their elements. The Statues of the Seven serve as physical manifestations of their authority.

Celestia’s Blessing

Granting Elemental Powers Celestia, the realm of the gods, grants the Archons their elemental powers. These divine abilities enable the Archons to manipulate and harness the forces of nature associated with their respective elements. It is through these elemental powers that the Archons are able to create and imbue the Statues of the Seven with their essence.

The Birth of the Statues

Anemo Archon Statue in Genshin Impact
Anemo Archon Statue, Genshin Impact, Credit: HoYoverse

The creation of the Statues of the Seven involves the transformation of the Archons’ elemental energy into physical form. The process of manifesting their power is both mystical and intricate, resulting in awe-inspiring structures that dot the landscape of Teyvat.

Channeling Elemental Energy:

Giving Form to the Archons’ Power The Archons concentrate and channel their elemental energy into the creation of the statues. This process involves focusing their powers and infusing the physical materials used to construct the statues with their divine essence. The concentration of elemental energy gives the statues their distinct properties and abilities.

Architectural Marvels:

The Design and Construction Process The construction of the Statues of the Seven requires meticulous craftsmanship and architectural expertise. Skilled artisans and craftsmen collaborate with the Archons to bring their vision to life. The design of each statue reflects the unique characteristics and symbolism of its associated element, resulting in diverse and visually stunning structures.

Symbolism and Representation in Form

Genshin Impact character standing in front of a Statue of the Seven
Credit: Gamerant

Each Statue of the Seven embodies the characteristics, symbolism, and elemental power associated with its respective Archon. The visual design, motifs, and details incorporated into the statues reflect the essence of their elements and the role of the Archons within Teyvat.

Anemo Archon – Barbatos

The Statue of the Seven representing the Anemo Archon, Barbatos, showcases motifs of wind, flight, and freedom. It is adorned with swirling patterns, feather-like details, and a prominent wing, symbolizing the power of wind and the boundless nature of air. The statue is also depicted holding a harp, representing music as a universal language and the power to bring people together.

Geo Archon – Morax

The Geo Archon, Morax, is associated with the element of earth and represents stability and solidity. The Statue of the Seven dedicated to Morax features a sturdy construction made of stone and minerals, emphasizing the enduring strength of the earth. The statue is also depicted holding a spear, symbolizing the power to defend and protect.

Electro Archon – Raiden Shogun

The Statue of the Seven linked to the Electro Archon, Raiden Shogun, reflects the electrifying power of lightning. Its design incorporates intricate patterns that resemble electrical currents, emphasizing the authority and awe-inspiring nature of the element.

Pyro Archon – Murata

The Pyro Archon, Murata, is associated with the element of fire and represents passion, energy, and the transformative power of heat. The Statue of the Seven dedicated to Murata is adorned with flames, embers, and intricate patterns resembling fire.

Hydro Archon – Mona

The Hydro Archon, Mona, is associated with the element of water and represents fluidity, movement, and the power of the tides. The Statue of the Seven dedicated to Mona features swirling patterns resembling water currents and waves, emphasizing the dynamic nature of the element.

Cryo Archon – Tsaritsa

The Cryo Archon, Tsaritsa, is associated with the element of ice and represents tranquility, endurance, and the power of perseverance. The Statue of the Seven dedicated to Tsaritsa features intricate patterns resembling snowflakes and icicles. The statue is holding a staff, symbolizing the power to endure and overcome obstacles.

Dendro Archon – Not Yet Revealed

As the Dendro Archon’s identity and corresponding Statue of the Seven have yet to be revealed, the exact design and symbolism remain a mystery. However, considering the elemental theme and the established pattern of the other statues, it is likely that the Statue of the Dendro Archon will incorporate motifs inspired by plants, foliage, and the natural world, symbolizing the abundant life force and vitality associated with the Dendro element.

Functionality and Gameplay

Healing Methods in Genshin Impact
Healing Methods in Genshin Impact

The Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact not only serve as significant landmarks in the game’s world of Teyvat but also play a crucial role in gameplay mechanics and progression for players. These statues offer various functionalities and gameplay impacts that enhance the overall gaming experience.

Restoring Vitality

The primary function of the Statues of the Seven is to restore the vitality of the Traveler, the main character controlled by the player. By interacting with a Statue of the Seven, players can spend a certain amount of Anemoculi or Geoculi, which are collectible items found throughout the world, to heal the Traveler’s party and revive fallen characters. This feature proves invaluable during challenging battles and exploration, allowing players to replenish their party’s health and continue their journey.

Strengthening the Connection

In addition to healing, players can offer Anemoculi and Geoculi to the Statues of the Seven to strengthen their connection with the respective element. By offering these collectible items, players can increase their Adventure Rank, a measure of their progression in the game, and earn rewards such as Primogems, which can be used to acquire new characters and weapons.

Leveling Up

As players offer more Anemoculi or Geoculi to the Statues of the Seven, they can level up the statues, unlocking additional functionalities and benefits. By increasing the statue’s level, players gain access to perks such as increased maximum stamina, the ability to reveal nearby chests on the map, and the ability to receive valuable items through Resonance Stones.

Navigational Aid

Interacting with a Statue of the Seven allows players to unlock Teleport Waypoints, which are fast travel points that enable convenient and swift movement across Teyvat. These waypoints significantly reduce travel time and facilitate exploration, making it easier for players to reach distant locations, complete quests, and access new areas.

Elemental Resonance

By activating specific combinations of elements using the Statues of the Seven, players can unlock Elemental Resonance effects. Elemental Resonance provides passive bonuses to the player’s party, enhancing their abilities and combat effectiveness. For example, activating the Resonance of Four Winds with Anemo and Geo elements grants increased stamina regeneration and decreased stamina consumption when sprinting.

Tracking Exploration Progress

The presence of the Statues of the Seven serves as a visual indicator of the player’s exploration progress. As players discover and activate more statues, they can easily track which regions of Teyvat they have already visited and which areas remain unexplored. This feature encourages a thorough exploration and rewards players for venturing into new territories.

Lore and World Building

Beyond their gameplay impact, the Statues of the Seven contribute to the rich lore and world-building of Genshin Impact. Each statue’s unique design, associated Archon, and elemental symbolism provide insights into the history, culture, and mythology of Teyvat, creating a cohesive and immersive gaming experience.

Cultural Impact and Fan Community

Image of the Statue of the Seven in Genshin Impact.
Credit: One Esports

The Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact have made a significant cultural impact, both within the game and in the broader fan community. These iconic landmarks have garnered attention and sparked discussions among players, fostering a sense of community and appreciation for the game’s world and lore. Their striking designs, associated with each Archon and element, have inspired fan art, cosplay, and merchandise, further solidifying their presence within the Genshin Impact fan community.

These have fueled discussions and theories about the game’s lore and the hidden mysteries of Teyvat. Players eagerly speculate about the unrevealed Dendro Archon and the potential impact their statue may have on the game’s storyline. The statues serve as catalysts for engaging in in-depth conversations, sharing theories, and analyzing the game’s rich mythology.


The Statues of the Seven in Genshin Impact are not merely decorative landmarks but integral elements of the game’s mechanics, progression, and storytelling. Their creation and symbolism reflect the Archons’ divine purpose and the elemental forces that shape the world of Teyvat. Their functionality and the statues have left an indelible mark on the fan community, fostering a sense of camaraderie, sparking discussions, and inspiring artistic expressions that celebrate the game’s rich world and mythology.

As you continue on your journey, the Statues of the Seven stands as powerful reminders of the Archons’ guardianship and the interconnectedness of Teyvat’s elements, leaving an enduring cultural impact on both the game and its devoted fanbase.

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