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Are you a Genshin Impact Beginner looking for some helpful Tips to get the most out of the game? Well, don’t worry, here in this Guide, we are going to discuss some Genshin Impact Beginners Tips and Tricks in 2023 just for that reason.

Every Genshin Impact fan is coming back to the game in 2023 because of all the amazing Updates, Characters, Banners, New Storylines, and a Map as well. There are even Events specifically to get you free rewards in a fun way.

But, with the old fans coming back, there are also new players in Genshin Impact that want to enjoy the game to the full extent. Honestly, the game isn’t that hard, but due to all the new stuff being added to the game lately, things took a turn.

To help out Beginners get a good start on the game, we compiled this Genshin Impact Beginners Tips and Tricks Guide. So, let’s get started!

Do Quest to Unlock Areas

Most of the time Beginners tend to make one mistake which is delving deep into the Exploration of Genshin Impact. Yes, we know the Game is totally stunning, and there are a lot of hidden secrets, bosses, and mini-games, as well as a versatile open world.

But, that doesn’t help you unlock the other parts of the game. In order to do those, you have to complete the Quests.

  • To get to Inazuma, you need to do the Archon Quest.
  • For Mountains Summit and Domain of Peak of Vindagnyrm, you need to do the Dragonspine Quest

You can also take the safer path around doing the Quests inside the Inazuma like Seirai Stormchasers, or the ones on Yashiori Island. There aren’t many threats there for a Beginner to suffer from. Every area has a Questline that you can do to unlock various areas and features.

Get Adventure Rank for New Features

While you might have heard Amateurs talk about Adventure rank, as a Beginner, you might not have focused on it that much. It is an important mechanism in the game that directly deals with the availability of features, irrespective of doing quests or not.

You can open chests, do certain quests, complete them, go for daily commissions, defeat enemies/bosses and use the resin to get the rewards. In this way, you can earn the Adventure Rank. With each Adventure Rank unlocked, you earn specific rewards.

We can’t mention all the Rewards you will get in each state in our Genshin Impact Beginners Tips and Tricks 2023 but you can check them out on the internet easily. Keep in mind that as you progress in the AR (Adventure Rank), your WL (World Level) will also increase. That contributes to getting higher-level enemies and better loot.

Focus on Pity when Wishing for Stuff

When you Wish for Characters or Equipment in Genshin Impact there is always a chance involved, whether you will get it or not. But what if we told you that there is another way you can get surety of getting stuff.

Yes, there is a Pity System in Genshin Impact that is closely tied to the Wishing System, which guarantees you five or four stars based on the number of wishes.

After wishing 10 times, you will get a four-star, but that is not a Wish, rather it is Pity that gets you that four-star. So, when you want to go for a specific Character or Equipment, you need to Wish for it continuously a specific number of times till you reach its Pity count.

Let’s talk a bit about Pity in contrast to rarity here in Beginner Tips and Tricks for Genshin Impact.

  • 10th Wish will get you a 4 Star
  • 90th Wish without 4 Star will get you a 5 Star. After the 75th Wish, the chances for 5 Star are increased till you actually have it
  • 80th Wish for a Weapon without 5 Star will get you 5 Star Weapon. After the 65th Wish, your chance increases for a 5 Star Weapon.

After rolling the Weapon of a specific Rarity, your Wish will reset to Zero and start from there. So, that is something to look out for.

Want more Characters? Save Primogems for them!

Most of the Beginner Mistakes in Genshin Impact revolve around Primogems. As a player, you either use it in the Acquaint Fate or the Intertwined one. That basically is similar to the process where you Wish for new characters.

You can surely get Genesis Crystals and convert them into Primogems later on, but you can also get Primogems by Events, Spiral Abyss, Commissions (Daily), and also by Opening Chests in the game.

When it comes to getting the Fate, you can get them by using Stardust or Glitter in the Paimon’s Bargains or by Ascending Characters. After Wishing for a Character, you will earn the Star Dust and Star Glitter in the process.

So, that all points out to the fact that getting Fates and Characters in the game is quite difficult. You need a lot of Wishes on top of all of this to get a Character. That’s why in our Beginners Tips and Tricks 2023, we recommend you save Fate for the character you need in Genshin Impact.

Learning Character Balancing and Building

The combat in Genshin Impact revolves around the use of Elemental Abilities, as well as the combination of reactions like electrocute, freeze and melt. The basic concept is using the reactions and combinations of various characters in Genshin Impact in the party, using their attacks, skills, and bursts.

Furthermore, you also need to learn how to make or build your character. Every party should have various roles involved, containing support, healer, and damage dealer. Along with that, you need artifacts and good weapons in the party accordingly.

Marking on Map is Important

There are a ton of secrets to find in the massive world of Genshin Impact known as Teyvat, Most of the time you will run into secrets that don’t give you clear solutions to solve. For that, you might need stat enhancement or you will need the use of elementals.

Whatever the reason might be, you should use the pins to mark the Map, so that you know later on where that secret was. It is the same for hunting spots, fishing, resources, materials, and whatever you find. The max limit is 99 pins.

Spend Sigils Occasionally

It might sound strange but even the pros at Genshin Impact forget Sigils exist. Strangely enough, we recommend in our Genshin Impact Beginners Tips and Tricks for 2023 that you need to spend your Sigils.

What Sigils are? Well, they are the regional currency that you get from exploration, chests are other things. Most of the time you won’t even know that you have tons of them at your disposal.

At the Sigil Store, usually in Liyue and Mondstadt, you can get Ascension Materials, Constellations, Blueprints, Mora, and other things.

Never Max out Characters and try to Invest Wisely

It might scare you but when you go onwards with Genshin Impact, reaching higher levels, you will need more ascension materials, as well as experience to move onwards. Each day, you get resin for use, but at level 60, you will need more hard work to make your character stronger. Afterward, things get harder.

So, we recommend you don’t rush out leveling each character you get and try to focus on the chosen team, making them decent. The barrier here is resin, but you can still focus on around 8 characters to level up till they are decently good. Don’t max the character, rather try to get around 8 to a decent level.

Learn Cooking… It is important!

Cooking might seem like a fun and childish thing to do in Genshin Impact, but the food is actually quite a powerful mechanism. You can revive characters, enhance your stats, get status immunity and heal up using the food.

That’s why we recommend in our Genshin Impact Beginners Tips and Tricks for 2023 that you should pick up every recipe you can while traveling, at restaurants, and get your stocked larder with you.

Lowering World Level is also a thing

There is a World Level that directly changes the enemy difficulty, reward quality after drop, and bosses Level. When World Level increases, it enhances these things as well. Amazingly, the World Level scales with the Adventure Rank and not the Character Level, so it is quite confusing.

In the Menu Overview, you can change this World Level if things aren’t easy enough for you. It might make things easier but in return, it will also decrease the drops and rewards in return.

Final Verdict

Well, these are all the Genshin Impact Beginner Tips and Tricks 2023 that you might need as someone getting started with the game. Keep in mind that these are things that are usually missed by beginners and amateurs as well.

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