The Comic Book History of Nova Richard Rider
With all of the recent news and rumors surrounding Nova we thought it is a good time to provide you all with the comic book history and origin of the character. Watch this video to learn more about this character before his big screen debut.

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Nova is a fan-favorite comic book character, and rumors have been circulating on the internet that we will receive either a series on Disney Plus or a full-length movie in the MCU. If you have never heard of this character, or wonder why everyone is so excited to see him played in live-action then you’ll want to check out our recently released Comic Book History of Nova (Richard Rider) video we’ve posted to our YouTube channel.

In the comics, Nova has been a part of popular stories that include many characters you may already be familiar with such as the Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Man, The New Warriors, and Thanos. Nova is a character that is not limited solely to Earth as his powers and story will take us all throughout the MCU. Which is one of the reasons I am excited to see this character on screen.

The MCU originally planned to release a Nova series or at least introduce the character during the Infinity Saga. Nova’s planet being destroyed at the beginning of Infinity War would have made for a great story element and origin to his character, but this also might have removed some of the focus from our main cast of the film. Ever since that moment, I have wondered how and when Nova will be introduced. So hopefully after many years of waiting, we will finally get to see Nova and find out what he has been up to all of this time.

Thank you for reading this article, and watching the History of Nova video. Did you learn anything new about this character from our video, and how would you like to see Nova introduced in the MCU? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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