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Introducing Starfield's revolutionary character creation system! Customize your interstellar protagonist with diverse faces, traits, and skills to embark on an immersive cosmic odyssey. Discover everything you need to know about the groundbreaking system here.

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Embark on an interstellar journey like never before with Starfield’s revolutionary character creation system! Bethesda’s latest space epic promises an immersive experience with its diverse and dynamic character generation. In a recent Starfield Direct, Felipe Nogueira, the lead tech artist at Bethesda, unveiled the exciting advancements in character design, opening up a universe of possibilities for players to explore.

The Starfield character creator breaks new ground by incorporating a wide array of faces representing various age groups and ethnicities, ensuring that players can effortlessly fashion highly detailed and diverse characters. Not only will your appearance be customizable, but you can also define your character’s traits, bestowing them with distinctive personalities and skills.

With this groundbreaking system in place, players can expect an unprecedented level of immersion as they traverse the cosmos, encountering an enthralling array of NPCs that truly enrich the intergalactic adventure. Brace yourselves to delve into the intricacies of the Starfield character creation system, as we unveil everything you need to know to embark on your cosmic odyssey.

Watch the Starfield Character Creation Breakdown

Starfield’s Character Creator

Starfield character customization
Starfield’s Character Creation Shown in the Xbox Games Showcase, credit: IGN

Starfield’s character creation process begins with an intriguing twist, plunging players into the shoes of an individual who has suffered from memory loss due to a mysterious accident. As you awaken in the game world, two recruits from the enigmatic organization, Argos Extractors, approach you, prompting you to reclaim your identity by providing a record locator. Once you have the record locator, the character creation journey commences, empowering you to shape your cosmic protagonist in various ways.

Biometric ID: The Foundation of Your Cosmic Persona

Biometric ID section of character creation in Starfield.
Credit: PCGamesN

The Biometric ID section marks the initial step in the Starfield character creation process, playing a pivotal role in shaping the face of your interstellar protagonist. Within this section, players encounter the “Personnel Record” – a crucial feature that presents a collection of 40 default characters, each poised to become the face of your cosmic adventure. These presets offer a diverse range of appearances, catering to various aesthetic preferences and imaginative concepts.

Customization Choices: From Default to Distinctive

Once you have selected a preset character from the Personnel Record, you have the opportunity to delve deeper into the customization process through the “Body” and “Face” tabs. The “Body” tab empowers players to fine-tune their character’s physical attributes, allowing them to select their preferred gender and body type, ensuring a representation that resonates with their personal identity.

The Skip Option

For those eager to dive right into the action, the Biometric ID section allows you to choose a preset character and proceed directly to the “Background” and “Traits” tabs, bypassing further customization. This option caters to players who prefer a swift entry into the game while retaining the option to shape their character’s appearance later on.

Genetic Facilities for Future Alterations

Worried about making the wrong choice or yearning for a change in your character’s look down the cosmic road? Fear not, as Starfield introduces genetics facilities, ensuring you can revisit your character’s appearance and make adjustments as you see fit. Whether you desire a minor touch-up or a complete makeover, these facilities serve as a safeguard, allowing you to retain flexibility and the freedom to experiment with your character’s visual identity throughout your intergalactic journey.

Body Customization: Sculpting Your Cosmic Physique

Starfield "body" character customization screen.
Credit: The Loadout

As you progress through the character creation screen, the “Body” option emerges as the second major section, affording players the ability to craft a distinct and personalized cosmic physique. This section revolves around a user-friendly radial wheel, offering three primary options: “Muscular,” “Thin,” and “Heavy.” Players can effortlessly slide the radial marker to determine their character’s body shape, allowing for a wide spectrum of physical variations that resonate with individual preferences and playstyles.

A Multitude of Choices: Gender and Walk Style

In addition to body shape, players can express their identity through the selection of gender, reflecting their real-world self or embracing a desired role within the cosmic narrative. This dynamic feature ensures that players can authentically represent themselves or immerse in their chosen character’s journey, enhancing the overall connection with the virtual protagonist.

Diverse Skin Tones: Embracing Galactic Diversity

Starfield’s character creation system champions inclusivity and representation with its selection of diverse skin tones. Players can choose from a broad range of options, ensuring that characters reflect a variety of ethnic backgrounds and promoting a more immersive and inclusive cosmic society. The ability to customize skin tone is a powerful tool in fostering an interconnected and richly textured universe, celebrating the vast array of cultures and identities within the game world.

Face Customization: Crafting Your Cosmic Countenance

The hair option in Starfield character customization.
Credit: PCGamesN

The “Face” section in the Starfield character creation screen presents an array of sliders and pages, bestowing players with a plethora of options to mold a truly unique and visually captivating cosmic countenance. While we’ve only caught a glimpse of the available face customization options, it is evident that the depth of customization will be comparable to previous Bethesda Game Studios titles, allowing players to create characters that are a true reflection of their imagination.

1. Skin Tone

The starting point of facial customization is the selection of skin tone. Starfield’s commitment to inclusivity and representation shines through in this option, as players can choose from a diverse range of skin tones, celebrating the richness of ethnic backgrounds that populate the game’s vast universe.

2. Head Shapes

The “Head Shapes” slider enables players to alter the structure and form of their character’s face, allowing for the creation of distinct facial profiles that set your Spacefarer apart from the rest.

3. Hair and Hair Color

From cascading tresses to bold buzz cuts, the “Hair” option presents a wide variety of hairstyles to suit individual tastes. Players can also choose their preferred “Hair Color,” adding further flair to their cosmic avatar’s appearance.

4. Facial Hair and Facial Hair Color

For characters with a rugged allure, the “Facial Hair” section offers a selection of beard and mustache styles, while the “Facial Hair Color” option lets you complement your character’s hair and overall aesthetic.

5. Eyes and Eye Color

The “Eyes” customization allows players to fine-tune the shape and expression of their character’s eyes, while the “Eye Color” choice adds an additional layer of depth and individuality to the character’s gaze.

6. Chin, Neck, and Jewelry

“Chin” and “Neck” options enable players to adjust the finer details of their character’s facial structure. In addition, the “Jewelry” section provides the opportunity to accessorize your Spacefarer with various adornments, offering a final touch of flair to their cosmic persona.

Background: Shaping Your Character’s Cosmic Origin

Character background selection
Credit: Starfield Wiki

As you venture through the character creation window in Starfield, the “Background” option emerges as a pivotal decision that sets the stage for your character’s past and influences their trajectory as a miner for Argos Extractors. This section offers a diverse array of options, allowing players to select their character’s career before embarking on the cosmic odyssey. Each background choice not only adds flavorful text to your character’s backstory but also grants specific skills that will shape their abilities and interactions throughout the game.

1. Flavor and Narrative

The “Background” section presents players with a rich tapestry of career choices that lend depth and context to their character’s cosmic past. From seemingly mundane professions like “Chef” to more enigmatic roles, each background imbues your character with a unique flavor and identity, reflecting their experiences before entering the world of mining for Argos Extractors.

2. Skills and Gameplay Impact

Beyond the narrative aspects, the “Background” choices have a tangible impact on gameplay. Each career grants your character three rank one skills, enhancing their proficiency in specific areas. These skills will prove invaluable as you traverse the uncharted reaches of space, influencing your character’s effectiveness in combat, exploration, or interaction with the cosmic world.

3. Dialogue Options and NPC Interactions

Your background choice will reverberate throughout your journey as you interact with NPCs and engage in dialogue. The skills acquired from your chosen career will unlock unique dialogue options, granting your character a distinctive voice and approach to various situations. These interactions will significantly impact your cosmic path, steering your character’s relationships, alliances, and opportunities in unforeseen directions.

4. The Power of Choice

The vast selection of background options may appear daunting, but fear not – the Starfield background guide is here to assist. This comprehensive resource provides an overview of the 20 background choices seen thus far, delving into the narrative nuances and gameplay implications of each option. By using the background guide, players can make informed decisions that align with their desired playstyle and role-playing aspirations.

Traits: Adding Flair to Your Cosmic Journey

Starfield character traits
Credit: PCGamesN

For players seeking to infuse their Starfield playthrough with additional depth and character, the return of traits will surely pique their interest. Reminiscent of the beloved Fallout: New Vegas mechanics, traits in Starfield offer unique benefits but also come with their own drawbacks, providing players with meaningful choices that shape their character’s capabilities and interactions within the Settled Systems.

1. Optional Yet Impactful

The inclusion of traits in Starfield is entirely optional, granting players the freedom to bypass this step if they prefer a straightforward experience. However, embracing traits brings exciting advantages and challenges, enriching the role-playing aspect and further immersing players in their cosmic odyssey.

2. Weighing the Pros and Cons

Each trait confers a distinct benefit, but it also comes with a price, representing a trade-off that players must carefully consider. Some traits, like “Kid Stuff,” may impose a severe penalty, deducting a portion of your earned credits and sending them to your in-game parents. Yet, these traits may yield unique opportunities, such as the chance to interact with your parents during your exploration of the Settled Systems, adding an emotional layer to your cosmic journey.

3. Flavorful Choices

The traits in Starfield extend beyond mechanical benefits, imbuing the game world with richness and complexity. Traits like “Introvert” may influence your standing with NPCs, affecting how they perceive and interact with your character. Additionally, certain traits may align you with specific Starfield factions, presenting opportunities for unique interactions and potential resolutions to encounters.

4. Worship and Diplomacy

As an illustration of the traits’ diverse impact, choosing to worship “The Great Serpent” can defuse potential conflicts when encountering religious fanatics of the House of Va’ruun. Such strategic decision-making not only shapes your character’s journey but also provides engaging and immersive moments that resonate with the broader narrative.


With the highly anticipated Starfield release just a few weeks away, the excitement is palpable. As you eagerly await your cosmic odyssey, why not dive into other enthralling open-world games to keep your gaming appetite satiated? The gaming realm offers a myriad of immersive experiences that can tide you over until Starfield’s grand unveiling. So, embrace the anticipation, explore new virtual worlds, and prepare to embark on an unparalleled interstellar journey when Starfield finally arrives!

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