King Damian is holding two swords and is preparing to fight the unknown knight that attacked his kingdom.

Image from the Legend of Kyyden - Prologue, credit: JW Storytelling

Discover an exciting new indie comic project called Legend of Kyyden - Prologue by Jesse Wolfe and the creative team behind it on Kickstarter. Follow King Damian in an epic tale full of mystics, battles, and sword clashes. Find out more about the story and the talented artists behind it.

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The world of indie comics provides us with uniqueness, creativity, and artistic expression that we sometimes fail to see in comic books produced by major publishers. Seeing a project written by someone much freer to create is almost a breath of fresh air nowadays. This brings us to the topic of this article. Comic book writer and creator Jesse Wolfe has an exciting new project called Legend of Kyyden, and we’ve decided to share some details about the story as well as talk about its campaign on Kickstarter, and the creative team behind the project. 

Let’s get started by giving you an overview of the exciting story. 

What is Legend of Kyyden – Prologue? 

King Damian fighting the mysterious attacker in Legend of Kyyden - Prologue.
King Damian fighting the mysterious attacker in Legend of Kyyden – Prologue, Credit: JW Storytelling

Legend of Kyyden – Prologue is the beginning of an epic tale by JW Storytelling. This prologue is set 18 years before the main story and promises a world full of mystics, battles, sword clashes, and an awe-inspiring story filled with hope. In Legend of Kyyden – Prologue, you will follow King Damian, his kingdom is under siege by the Ashen Army and he’s separated from his wife and newborn son. Damian attempts to fight his way through the enemy invaders, but is confronted by a silent knight wielding a mysterious power called the Flames of Darkness. Damian mentions that this knight has been chasing him for days, but doesn’t say a word. Damian pulls out his weapon to confront the silent attacker, and the two clash just before the trailer ends. 

Will King Damian and his family make it to safety? Who is this silent invader, and why are they after the King and his family? These questions and more will be answered once the Legend of Kyyden – Prologue releases. 

The Team Behind The Project 

The Legend of Kyyden - Prologue Cover Artwork.
The Legend of Kyyden – Prologue Cover Artwork, Credit: JW Storytelling

We can’t talk about an indie project like the Legend of Kyyden – Prologue without talking about the amazing team behind it. At the start, you have Jesse Wolfe. Jesse is the creative mind behind Legend of Kyyden and since JW Storytelling is a smaller company, he wears many hats including writer, editor, and publisher. We’ve had the chance to interview Jesse in the past, and it’s always a pleasure to hear what he’s up to. 

Next, we have the artist, that helps bring the visual aspects of the Legend of Kyyden – Prologue to life, and that’s Noah Mchan, and Camilo Zepeda. Noah is responsible for the pencils, inks, and colors, and Camilo has worked with Jesse on his previous works of Night Rain, and The Elemental Conductors. The talent and passion of them both are shown in the creative details of the Legend of Kyyden. 

The Kickstarter Campaign 

If you thought our synopsis of the story sounded interesting you’ll be excited to know that you can back this work, and secure a copy once the campaign is funded. As of the time of this article’s creation, Legend of Kyyden – Prologue is more than halfway to its $2,000 goal! 

JW Storytelling has worked tirelessly to create something that is worth reading and their campaign includes many different rewards tiers so you can choose how you’d like to best support them. The tiers range from as low as $5 to as high as $1,000 and include various perks from securing a digital copy of the issue to even being a background character in the upcoming Legend of Kyyden #1. 

We’ll include a link to the Legend of Kyyden – Prologue Kickstarter campaign for those of you that are interested in supporting this work. 

Even if you decide not to participate in the campaign (and we feel you should), you can still support JW Storytelling by following them on their website, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram

Final Thoughts 

Legend of Kyyden – Prologue is the start of an epic story that we cannot wait to learn more about. It will be interesting to see where this story will take King Damian and his family, and we hope that JW Storytelling surpasses its goal so we can get more from their creative team. 

Now it’s time to hear from our readers. Are you excited to read Legend of Kyyden? Have you already backed the campaign? Let us know by commenting down below.

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