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Shatterline is a thrilling FPS game available on Steam and Boosteroid. Read on as we summarize the latest community update, including reworked PvE mode and new perks.

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Shatterline is a fun FPS shooter available on PC via Steam, and for those of you that are interested you can even play this title on Boosteroid! Shatterline is a game that is still in development, but the development team is working to release regular updates, news, and sneak peeks as the development process continues. In this article, we’ll briefly talk about some of the key points from the developer’s first community update! So far it all looks like good news, so let’s get started! 

Expedition Rework, and Updates 

Expedition is Shatterline’s PvE mode. In this mode, you are tasked with working with two other players to gather Crystalline samples and valuable pieces of data. You can earn additional rewards by completing objectives and beating Sector Bosses. This brings me to the first update, the new Boss encounter the Glasshead Nursery. All that is mentioned here is that the Gardener will turn into an “uber version” of himself, so I’d say to expect big things here (pun intended). 

Health regeneration speed was also increased in this mode, and it’s mentioned that players can expect the most noticeable increase in the second segment of their health bar. The increase is even more noticeable when walking. In addition to these changes, there were new perks, and additional adjustments made to weapon balancing. 

Operatives Updates

Brisa's updates in Shatterline.

When it comes to perks, every playable character will be getting new perks. These perks can be unlocked overtime as you level up. You can level up in game from simply playing matches, and completing various objectives. The developers have also mentioned that their goal is to add much more depth to the gameplay, and they plan to accomplish this by changing the abilities of many of the operatives. 

Brisa, which is my favorite character to play with, is the one that we have the most information on so far. Here are list of Bria’s changes, please keep in mind that these changes primarily affect her gameplay in Expedition.

  • Sniper Rifle – inflicts additional damage over time. 
  • Bleed Damage output can be maximized depending on your weapon choice, and can be stacked up. 
  • If cloaked while maximizing bleed damage in close range, gains a third Invisibility Cloak cooldown. 

There are a few updates promised to other characters, but overall the developers are being quite vague as to what exactly is being changed, but we promise to update you as more information becomes available. 

Final Thoughts

This will sum up the recent Shatterline updates. After playing Shatterline for myself, I’d say that this game has the potential to really be something special and I hope these updates will make the game much more fun. We’ll do our best to keep you updated on this site. Happy Gaming! 

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