Drop - System Breach Gameplay
Get ready for a thrilling and challenging hacking adventure with Drop: System Breach, the addictively fun game available now on Nintendo Switch! Experience an immersive and dynamic story campaign, build your reputation, and navigate through nerve-racking hazards.

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Are you ready for a new gaming experience? Look no further than Drop: System Breach, the addictively fun game available now on Nintendo Switch! With colorful graphics and engaging gameplay. Drop challenges players to navigate a series of obstacles while collecting gems and power-ups.

DROP is a hacking action-strategy game that will test players’ wits and reflexes. The game is set in a futuristic world where players take on the role of a skilled hacker who must infiltrate high-security systems and steal valuable data.

Drop System Breach Cover Art

With DROP, you’ll be challenged to use your hacking skills to analyze objectives, devise a plan, and execute it quickly while navigating through nerve-racking hazards like time constraints and firewalls. You’ll need to move fast and avoid setting off alarms as you work to complete your mission with precision and accuracy. So, if you’re up for a thrilling and challenging hacking adventure, DROP is the game for you!

Unique Experience

Experience an immersive and dynamic story campaign in DROP, where you’ll face unique missions with increasing difficulty levels. Follow the trail of a shadowy hacker group and take down their network one node at a time.

You are a skilled hacker with big dreams and little cash to back them up. But when your talents catch the eye of the infamous hacker group known as The Swarm, your life takes a drastic turn.

Suddenly, you find yourself caught in the middle of a power struggle between The Swarm, rival factions, and powerful corporations fighting for control over the world’s fragmented networks. The unfolding story campaign throws you into unique missions, each with its own set of challenges and dangers to navigate.

Are you up for the challenge? Can you navigate this dangerous world of hacking and come out on top? Only time will tell.


To thrive in DROP’s world of hacking, you’ll need to build your reputation and earn money to upgrade your gear. Take on a diverse range of missions, but always keep in mind that greater risks come with greater rewards.

Drop - System Breach Gameplay

Time and Speed

In DROP, speed is of the essence, and that’s why the game controls are designed to be intuitive and easy to learn. Whether you’re using a gamepad or a keyboard, the commands are minimal, allowing you to focus on quick thinking and fast-paced action. With practice, you’ll become a master hacker, executing complex maneuvers with ease and speed. Get ready to think on your feet and act fast in the world of DROP.

Minimalistic Experience

The world of DROP is brought to life through a striking and immersive minimalist art style that captures the cyberpunk atmosphere of the game. The game’s original soundtrack sets the tone for each mission and immerses you in the tense and thrilling world of hacking. The haunting melodies will linger in your mind long after you’ve put down the controller, creating a truly unforgettable experience.

It seems like DROP offers an immersive and challenging gaming experience with its addictive gameplay and cutthroat cyberpunk world. The addition of procedurally-generated side quests keeps the gameplay fresh and exciting. Additionally, the game has intuitive controls that are easy to learn and use with both keyboard and gamepad. Finally, the unique visual and audio style adds to the overall atmosphere of the game.

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