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Looking for a thrilling and challenging gaming experience on your Nintendo Switch? Check out Drop - System Breach, a unique hacking simulator and puzzle game. Read our comprehensive review to learn more!

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Nintendo Switch fans, are you ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming experience? Look no further than Drop – System Breach! Developed by Etherfield Studio, Drop takes full advantage of the Switch’s capabilities to provide a thrilling and challenging gameplay experience. Get ready to unleash your inner hacker, as we share our thoughts and impressions of this title in our comprehensive review!

What is Drop – System Breach?

Drop - System Breach Gameplay

Drop – System Breach is a hacking simulator and puzzle game that puts you in the seat of a hacker. In this game, you’ll need to complete various puzzles and hack networks to gain notoriety within the hacking community. Drop is challenging especially as you progress through the levels, but its unique visual and audio style help keep you immersed in this game. Drop is currently available to play on your Nintendo Switch and on PC via Steam. For this review, I played Drop using my Nintendo Switch, and overall I had a great time.

How Was It?

Drop - System Breach Gameplay

Drop has a variety of tutorials to explain the various aspects of the game to you as you begin, and you will need them. I didn’t find the earlier puzzles very challenging, but this quickly changed as many of the missions will increase in difficulty over time. You will have to work against the clock and have to deal with protecting your firewall as well as dealing with many of the hazards the game throws at you.

You can purchase a more advanced CPU which will help make all of your processes run faster. You can also upgrade your firewall to withstand more attacks. These are just a few of the many different upgrades you can purchase to make you a more efficient hacker.


Drop - System Breach Gameplay

Even with so many upgrades and things to incorporate in this game, Drop manages to introduce all of these varying elements to you very well. Drop will provide you with an initial tutorial to introduce you to some of the core game mechanics, and then after several missions and upgrades, they introduce a new element along with a small explanation. This helps make the game feel less overwhelming at first and allows the game’s difficulty to slowly spike.

Out of all of these mechanics, the one that affected the gameplay the most in my opinion is time. Not only are you tasked with hacking and gathering intel, but you must complete all of this within a certain amount of time. This is where the real fun begins! You’ll move faster and have to make decisions even more quickly. You can also earn bonus currency or points by completing secondary objectives during your mission. Often times I had to decide do I push a little bit further or do I go ahead and detach and complete the mission.

The Controls

Drop - System Breach Gameplay

You would think with all of this going on in-game that the controls would be difficult, but you’d be wrong. Drop is very easy to play and get started, and the controls are very simple. You primarily use the same core buttons, A, B, and Y for most of your time throughout this game, and if you ever forget which one to use they are listed on the bottom right corner of the screen for you. Drop’s simplistic controls help keep you immersed in the game, and also make this an easy one to pick up and play.

Discover the Best Kept Secret in Gaming!

Drop - System Breach Gameplay

Drop: System Breach is a hidden gem in the gaming world. Despite its status, the game offers an experience that rivals many AAA titles. It’s a testament to the talent and passion of the developers at Etherfield Studio. I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to review it for you all and have enjoyed my playthrough.

I’ve decided to give Drop – System Breach a 9 out of 10. Its fun, challenging gameplay, and how this game introduces you to the world is the reason I’ve chosen to give this game this score. This is one that I recommend if you’re looking for something new to play to pass the time, but also love a challenge.

Now it’s time to hear from our readers. Have you played Drop or are you interested in playing this game? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.

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