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Do you ever feel frustrated when your computer lags or crashes in the middle of an important task? Or do you wish you could play the latest games without worrying about hardware limitations? If you answered yes to either question, then you should check out Boosteroid, the cloud gaming platform. In this Boosteroid review, we’ll explore why it’s worth considering for anyone looking to boost their gaming experience.

Boosteroid reached out to us and gave us time to test out the service for you all so I’d like to say thank you to their team! In this review, I will be sharing my honest thoughts on the platform, providing an overview of my experience, the library of games, performance, and who I think this platform is for.

Let’s begin our review with a general overview of the service.

What Is Boosteroid?

Boosteroid Cloud Gaming Platform
Image Credit: Boosteroid

Boosteroid is a Cloud Gaming Platform that provides you with access to many popular titles that you can play in your web browser, android device, or TV. Cloud gaming seems to be increasing in popularity lately, and if you’re someone that doesn’t have the latest gaming PC, or like to have access to your PC games on the go, then Boosteroid is a service you may want to check out.

At only 9.89 euros per month or around $10.00 per month in US dollars, Boosteroid’s services are relatively inexpensive. You can also get a slight discount if you choose to pay for your membership on an annual basis. For this price, you all have access to Boosteroid’s library of games (which we’ll talk about more in detail later on in this review), unlimited gaming session time, access to games on any compatible device, and play games at 1080p and 60 fps. The unlimited gaming session time alone is one key aspect that seems to separate Boosteroid from its competition.

You can use almost any controller with Boosteroid, but it’s recommended to use either a Sony PS4 (Dual Shock 4), Microsoft Xbox One or Series X/S, Logitech F310/F510/F710, or Google Stadia gamepads. You can learn more about Boostroid’s gamepad requirements on their website.

Library of Games

Library of Games on Boosteroid

I was very impressed with the library of games that you can play with Boosteroid. There are a wide variety of popular titles that you can play for free. Some of my favorites were Fortnite, Fall Guys, Rogue Company, Call of Duty Warzone, CSGO, Destiny 2, and Genshin Impact. Even though there are a variety of titles for free, there are many that you can pay for and play as well. You will need to set up an account with Steam or the Epic Games store to have access to both the free and paid games, but once you set this up you do not have to worry about having any issues in the future.

As far as paid games, you’ll see popular titles such as CyberPunk 2077, the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Death Stranding, Dead by Deadlight, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Stray, and much more. There is no shortage of games to play, and as I said before, I literally went into Boosteroid’s platform with zero expectations, so I’m glad that there were many titles I was familiar with.

Next, let’s talk a little about my experience playing games on the platform.

My Overall Experience

I tested out many games, some I’ve played before like Destiny 2, and Rogue Company, but I also tested games that I was just generally interested in like Genshin Impact. Since Boosteroid is a cloud gaming platform, it’s extremely important to check your internet connection before starting a game. I followed the instructions and tested this out before playing. I was very impressed with how smooth the overall experience was. If your connection begins to slow down, you will see the game reduce in graphic fidelity, but the reason for this is to keep the game running smoothly. I only experienced this a handful of times, and overall it wasn’t that noticeable so I do not think this will be a deal breaker for anyone.

Online Multiplayer

I was concerned about how Boosteroid’s platform would work when playing online heavy games such as Rogue Company, and Destiny 2, but if you are worried about it I’ll let you know that you shouldn’t be. As long as you test your internet connection before getting started, and receive a good score you shouldn’t have any issues jumping in and playing games with your friends. The overall gameplay is smooth, even though I am primarily a console player I enjoyed the experience of finally getting to play games on PC and I see why so many people enjoy it now.

Another thing I enjoyed about Boosteroid is not having to wait for an available server to play. Boosteroid will provide notifications on the home screen if they are having any type of server issues, but as I said I didn’t experience any issues hopping into a game and playing for hours.


Most of the games I played were locked in at 1080p, and 60 frames per second, but you do have the option to decrease these if you’d like. Since you are playing on a remote PC, you can go in and adjust the game’s display and graphical settings, but this isn’t any plus or minus for Boosteroid as you are still bound by the requirements of the individual game.

With any cloud-gaming service, your overall experience primarily depends on your device and internet connection. So I recommend doing what I did, and testing out your connection, by using Boosteroid’s speed test page which is located here before you get started.

Boosteroid has been great with follow-up, and they’ve also let us know that if you experience any type of technical issue feel free to reach out to their support team either via live chat or via email at [email protected]. They are available 24/7 and are always willing to help you if there are ever any type of technical problems with the platform.

Who Is Boosteroid For?

Image Credit: Boosteroid

Now that I’ve let you know my thoughts on the platform, I’ll share my thoughts on who can benefit from this. I think it’s obvious that someone like myself can benefit. Someone that owns a PC, or laptop, but their device is not quite powerful enough to run the latest games. Boosteroid helps provide users like me with a way to play these games with my friends, without spending thousands of dollars upgrading a PC or buying an entirely new computer.

Even if you are someone that already has a gaming PC, I still feel as though you may also benefit from using Boosteroid. It is a great way to access games in your Steam or Epic Games library while you are away. Since the service is relatively inexpensive, and there are no contracts there isn’t a big commitment on your end, and the overall setup of Boosteroid only takes a few minutes.

If you’d like to give Boosteroid a try, you can sign up here. After signing up, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a platform that can boost your gaming experience, then Boosteroid is worth checking out. With its cloud-based computing and gaming capabilities, you can enjoy smooth performance, top-quality graphics, and a wide range of games without any limitations. Plus, since you can access your account from any device with internet access, you can enjoy Boosteroid anytime, anywhere. So why wait? Sign up for Boosteroid today and experience the magic of cloud gaming and computing for yourself!

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