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Batman Beyond is a very popular Batman story that is set in the future. Bruce Wayne is retired, and a new, younger Batman is here to take on the new threats that plague a futuristic Gotham City.

With so many live adaptations done in the past, Batman Beyond could serve as a way to provide a nice refresh to the traditional Batman story.

The futuristic Gotham city could also be done well today as we’ve seen set up’s like this in movies such as Blade Runner. Taking all of this into account, there is one significant reason why we haven’t seen a live adaptation of Batman Beyond and to know more on why you’ll need to watch our full thoughts below.

Watch the full video by Aaron Waller

After watching this video, feel free to share your thoughts below. Would you like to see a Batman Beyond adaptation or would like to see another version of Batman? Let us know by leaving a comment down below or on YouTube.

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