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God of War Ragnarok Smashed every other game of 2022, well… except Elden Ring obviously. But, in 2023, many players are coming to this marvelous Norse mythology to experience Kratos stopping the Apocalypse. Before you actually do that, here we have the Best Beginner Tips for God of War Ragnarok to help you accomplish things that wouldn’t be achieved otherwise. So, let’s just jump straight to the topic.

Everyone Needs a Lore Refresher, Especially Beginners

Kratos from the opening scene in God of War Ragnarok

The God of War franchise has always stood on the shoulders of its predecessors. The same goes for God of War Ragnarok (2022), which succeeded the God of War (2018). Yes, the game does give you a recap of what happened before the game story starts, but honestly, it is all messed up.

To fully enjoy the game as a Beginner, you need to learn the story of God of War, how it started, and how Kratos got there in the first place. Whether you are someone completely new or someone who did play the previous games, it is essential.

So, our recommended Tip for Beginners in God of War Ragnarok would be to stop the game, open YouTube and learn about the History of Kratos before God of War Ragnarok. The game even matches with the initial history several times but doesn’t quite tell you what happened. Instead of Filling in the cracks yourself, let someone else fill that up with what actually happened.

You Can Always Come Back For Things

Kratos and Atreus speaking with Mimir from God of War Ragnarok

This is a wake-up call instead of a Best Beginner Tip for God of War Ragnarok. Most of us try to pursue several paths at once that not only strangle us in the storyline but also waste time. God of War is like Metroidvania which allures you by showing cracks in walls, two paths at once, a patch, a hidden route, something shiny, and so on. But, the thing is that you don’t always have the gear to explore these areas on your journey while completing the game as a Beginner.

Yes, it is hard to resist, we know that, but that is exactly what the game wants from you. So, it is just better to simply leave the things that aren’t going the way you imagined and come back for them afterward – when you have the necessary gear.

This is a beginners guide to God of War Ragnarok after all and we can’t let you go forth without a secret. After hitting an object that doesn’t let you pass onward, there is a head attached to Kratos known as Mimir. This talking head is someone wise who tells you stuff like “you don’t have magic for that brother” and so on. Atreus, your son, will also guide you by giving solutions to puzzles.

Atreus Goes Left, You Go Right!

Kratos following Atreus in God of War Ragnarok

Not always but mostly a good decision. Completing God of War Ragnarok without collecting those beautiful Collectibles is just meaningless. Yes, we know that they are exceptionally daunting and hard to find in the game, but there is a little secret.

You know God of War Ragnarok follows Laws of Forked Roads. This means, when Atreus or other members who are involved with the storyline go a certain path, there is always a collectible on the other path.

Atreus is the most famous example of this, when there are two paths and Atreus takes the left, he is taking you to the story side, but on the right path, you will have a collectible.

Exiting Fast Travel by Mystic Gateway Heals You

Kratos standing outside of the mystic gateway in God of War Ragnarok

If you are injured and you have consumables or other sources to heal yourself, don’t waste them. That goes the other way around when you don’t have any means of healing and there is a Mystic Gateway nearby.

When you Fast Travel through Mystic Gateway, at the time of exiting Kratos will be fully healed. Even when you are dead afterward, you will respawn with full health a few steps back.

It is more of a Strategic Play than a beginner’s Tip for God of War Ragnarok.

Never Miss out on Side Quests… They are like Leg Day at the Gym

The Goals menu in God of War Ragnarok

If you are a starter, it is important to mention that “The Path” represents your Main Missions in God of War Ragnarok. They have that icon with a Bright Orange color to represent them.

In contrast to that, “The Favors” represent your side missions. Not typically hard to guess yourself but we are humans and subjected to missing out on even obvious details. Out of all the Best Beginner Tips for God of War Ragnarok, the wisest one would be to never miss out on the Side Quests.

They might feel like a burden that can be missed, not affecting the game, but they are things that make Kratos… well, Kratos – The God of War. The stunning shiny armor, the earth-cracking move-sets, and those sizzling abilities to stop time come from these Side Quests.

That’s why they are like leg day at the Gym, to be honest here. In order to track the side quests in God of War Ragnarok, follow the steps below;

  • Go to the Game’s Menu
  • Open the Journal Tab
  • Click on Favors
  • Select the ones you want to Track
  • Finally, click on the Triangle

Not all Favors are the same though. There are some that are like fetch quests, changing the worlds by fleshing out characters and doing other things that were supposed to be done in a Story Mission.

One thing we all would love to miss out on are the three tracking missions. They are quite boring and painful to do, but they are worth the rewards. You can even pick similar Side Quests that can be done in the same area so that you don’t have to travel around.

Actually, You Can Get Both The Shields In The Beginning

If you already got started with God of War Ragnarok, then it could be a piece of sad news that you can, in fact, get both the shields offered to you early on. We are talking about Stone Wall Shield and Dauntless Shield. Let’s discuss what their powers are;

Stone Wall Shield

It is a shield that is impenetrable, which means the enemies can’t go through its defense in God of War Ragnarok. Furthermore, it also has a special attack that Slams the Shield onward with Power.

Dauntless Shield

This Shield is the parry queen because it allows Kratos to utilize Parry much better early on. If you are into the technical part of games where combat gives you peace, then this is the Shield to get, otherwise, Stone Wall Shield should be your choice.

Can you get Both Shields Early on?

No, you can’t! The thing we said, in the beginning, is kind of true because you can gather resources in the game to purchase the Shield you like. It might be from the above one that you missed and wanted to try.

As a gamer, we know the feeling of choosing one and leaving the other alone. Here, you can try both of them by purchasing from a store.

Gear Is Permanent, but Artifacts Are Temporary

The Chest Armor menu in God of War Ragnarok

God of War Ragnarok doesn’t have that mechanism of 2018 God of War where your gear gets weak with time and you have to sell it for a fraction. Here, your Gear is permanently yours and you can wear it for the whole game without wear and tear. But, you need to find the Gear that is the love of your life and upgrade it afterward.

This is the reverse for Artifacts in God of War Ragnarok. Collectibles are meant to be sold because the ones you collected have your name on them. Go to the Artifact page in the Shop and sell all the Artifacts by pressing the Triangle Button.

Collectibles Increase Your Stats

Yggdrasil Dew – The Blue Fruit

God of War characters collecting a Yggdrasil Dew in God of War Ragnarok

When you are traveling around, you will see a Blue Fruit hanging from the trees. They are called Yggdrasil Dews and getting them will give you a permanent stat boost.

Nornir Chests

Kratos solving a puzzle to open a chest in God of War Ragnarok

These are the chests that require you to find and break three small structures. They might be a puzzle on their own, but they are the things that Level up the stats of your God of War – Kratos.

Some chests will bless you with Idunn Apples, some with Horn of Blood Mead, and so on. Idunn gives you a total health increase, while Horn gives you a rage meter increase.

The rewards will alternate between Chests. The first one you open will have Idunn and the other one will have Horn, and so on. It is just not random!

Final Verdict

Well, these are all the Best Beginners Tips for God of War Ragnarok that we could possibly come up with. Two things you can also look out for; the difficulty of your enemies is based on colors and the gold skills you get can be leveled up. Combat skills can quickly increase the more you use them. Simple as that!

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