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In order to get the most out of your character in Elden Ring, just like any other role-playing game, players have to be familiar with the scaling of weapons. Because against higher-level enemies you need to have higher damage weapons, which can only be done by scaling.

Attribute Scaling makes the builds more powerful. Whilst it may be confusing at first but understanding it is the most necessary part of improving the equipment and gameplay.

In this Elden Ring guide, we have gathered all the information on leveling up, the attributes that you can develop to make more powerful builds, and weapons scaling. To become a powerful fighter you have to utilize your runes effectively.

How to Level up in the Game

Whenever you get a kill, with each kill you earn a lot of runes. But this is not the only option to gather them, you can also find them in the form of objects. These objects are divided into multiple categories and to materialize runes they can be used in the counter. Leveling up, they can be used whilst you are at rest in a Site of Grace by selecting the options from the menu.

How to get Best Builds – Attributes

Before making any changes about leveling up, you should know the attributes and how to get the best out of them. If your main goal is to have a sword in your lineup, then what is the point in investing the points in intelligence? Since we value your runes and don’t want you to waste them, here is the list of all the attributes and their working principle.


It is a statistic that is the same as luck in Dark Souls. If you are on a higher level then you will get more items from enemies after a kill. This also helps in resisting some diseases and altered states. If you are new to this game, then you should not invest points in this attribute, because there are some other important attributes that you need to focus on before this.


This attribute helps in making small weapons more powerful and increases the damage of the bow to a much higher level than its normal use.


This will help you in running because stamina is the main part of running and with this, you get skills for attack blocking, throwing the best punches, and increased stamina. Not only this, but it also helps in increasing the weight stamina too, you can carry more weight of equipment. All in all, this attribute is the most important one for beginners to use and you must increase it now and then.


If you like to play more with incantations then this attribute is indispensable.


If you have plans in becoming a powerful mage then this attribute is for you because it will help you cast better and more powerful spells.


With this attribute, you will be able to determine the quantity of FP, when casting spells it will help in determining the magic bar which you consume and the skills performing.


With this attribute, the strength of all your equipment will increase like axes, hammers, and swords.


This will help in checking the health amount of your character. You must have about 40 points with you along the way because they are very useful in resisting enemy attacks with poison and fire.

How does Attribute Scaling Work in Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, it is very easy to convert the attribute’s stats into damage. For Example, Uchigatana, mainly focuses on strength and dexterity, whereas in stats you can see 115+18 attack power. But one thing that everyone should keep in mind is that the number 115 of attack power attributes is non-changeable. No matter whether you try to change it at a blacksmith or anvil, the result will not change.

Nevertheless, it can’t be stated for +18 attack power, because this is a bonus attribute, and below this is attribute scaling focusing on Dexterity and Strength which are bound to bonus damage.

With scaling the damage increases, meaning attributes make adjustments to Uchigatana. For example, the attribute converts the D-grade Dexterity to C-grade. And that scaling is divided into multiple ranks like ‘S’ for the best, ‘A’ for below best, and this goes on decreasing from B, C, D, to E. In general, the last two ranks D and E are the worst in the game for beginners so if you are starting to play now then you should get rid of these as soon as possible.

The number in which your rank will increase is from +18 to +20. So, this means that you have to keep leveling the attribute for creating greater effects. One thing that you should always follow is to focus on scaling those attributes in which you are best. Let’s say you are good at Strength, then you should probably upgrade the weapon to A or S rank to best perform with that.

In the equipment menu, when you go to the weapon section, you will see that every attack power has two values mentioned in front. The number on the left is the main damage of the weapon and to improve it you can use Smithing Stones. But the small value on the right is the strength that you added by scaling.

In the above image you will see the Uchigatana, where the Strength ranks on D and Dexterity ranks on D, with these stats ranking means that your Dexterity and Strength stats are there to impact the small number on the right-hand side.

If the letter rank is higher then it means that the second number will be greater, thus increasing the damage for that weapon. The higher the Letter and Number of a weapon, the better you can perform with that weapon in combat.

How does Weapon Scaling Work in Elden Ring

In the Elden Ring, Weapon Scaling means that by leveling the weapon you can increase the damage and make it more powerful against the enemy. Because if your weapon stats are higher than your enemy then to win against them and making an ace will be much easier.

Preview Leveling up

After leveling up an attribute, go to the menu, and see the preview of what damage that weapon can do when you use it on an enemy. In the Elden Ring, there are a lot of weapons that scale up when you use attributes thanks to strength, they perform better because of intelligence and dexterity. So, make it a hobby to look at the preview before applying an attribute and confirming.

Ranking with Letter Order

As mentioned before, the ranking system of weapons is divided into multiple letters. And with upgrading the letter will improve; it is possible that if you have an ax and the level of that is D which is the worst in the game, it can move to C after reaching a certain level of improvement.

Look at Letters

In the menu, below the tab area, you will see a series of letters alongside the icon. If the weapon you are inspecting is next to the Strength icon, it means that the particular weapon is on the highest rank and will inflict the highest damage on the enemy.

Ways to Improve Weapon Scaling

There are multiple ways that allow you to improve the weapon power level in Elden Ring.

By Blacksmiths

By means of Blacksmith, weapon upgrading is very easy. After increasing the level of a weapon, the attribute scaling using a Smithing Stone automatically improves.

By Ashes of Affinities and War

Here, you have to visit a Site of Grace and then from the menu select an Ash of War. For example, you can alter Ash of Wars of Nagkaiba which mainly works on Dexterity and Strength. To find the best suitable Ash of Wars for your weapon try a different one and select which suits you best.

The next step is to open an affinity menu, in the section of Attribute Scaling affinities will help you in altering the rank of the weapon. And these affinities are distributed in their own ranking system which is described under.

  • Blood helps in adding arcane scaling
  • Heavy will increase the Strength
  • Keen helps in increasing Dexterity
  • Quality increases Strength and Dexterity
  • Standard doesn’t help in increasing any affinity

Final Words

In Elden ring, attributes and damage affecting one another have not changed very much since its first release, but a huge amount of things are created which gives players to equip with different playstyles and explorers in the world.

To scale attributes in the Elden Ring there is no hard and fast rule. Rather it is very easy and effective and provides special abilities to equip your weapon. If you get your hands on cool weapons the next thing is, to explore the world for the best attribute to make it more effective.

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