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Item crafting is one of the many unique features of Elden Ring. Harvesting the materials in the Lands Between, allows you to craft powerful usable items like; purge debuffs, enhance the damage, and many more. In RPGs where crafting is also a unique feature, there are exceptions to it but here in Elden Ring, you must dabble with crafting.

In the game journey, item crafting gets unlocked very early. Because it is the perfect and main source of ammunition and items that are consumed for ranged weapons. Well if there is any chance that you haven’t got your hands on this feature and you are confused about it, hold tight in this guide I have got all things covered for you.

What Is Crafting in Elden Ring

The crafting feature of Elden Ring benefits the player’s journey across the Lands Between and makes it very easy by providing lots of items that can help in doing a lot of things. Rather than depending on a particular vendor and finding them to help your cause this ability to make certain commodities is highly advantageous because wherever you need some item you can make it at the same spot using a crafting recipe. So, players must collect the necessary materials for items, and learn the proper way of crafting for making the item effectively.

How Items are Crafted

  • To first start crafting you need to buy a Crafting Kit in Elden Ring.
  • And in doing so you have purchased it for 300 Runes from the Merchant Kale shop which is at Church of Elleh.
  • After purchasing you will be given access to the interface of Crafting.
  • You can craft items at Shrines of Grace, but there are no exceptions that you can’t do anywhere else; it can be done in the Lands Between.

Elden Ring crafting allows the player to fulfill their needs for ammo and consumables. Need some arrows? Search nearby for some bones and make them into arrows. Got stuck in a poisonous cave? Neutralizing Boluses can help you there which you can craft from cave moss.

In the start, there are some limits to crafting, you won’t be able to craft everything that you need. You have to scavenge for cookbooks and resources for crafting, this will unlock the Kit’s true potential.

Resource Gathering

  • To craft in the Elden Ring you need some necessary materials that will help in building the consumables.
  • To make a particular item, there is a built-in Crafting UI that will help you with item selection.
  • Resources for items vary wildly, although mostly the materials you need are drops of enemy or the items in the Lands Between that you scavenge.

Let’s say you need to damage the enemy chasing you and to do so you want to make Roped Fire Pots. To make this item you will require a smoldering butterfly, mushrooms, and a string piece. Track mushrooms are very easy because they emit a bright glow which makes them visible in the open world. Smoldering butterflies can be found near campfires or any place where there is light, and to obtain string you have to slay the demi-human enemies.

Resource tracking is very easy in the game, as there is a crafting interface that gives an idea of resources for the recipe placement, so you don’t need to remember where you got the material.

For some specific items, you might need a cracked pot to make the recipe. To find this item you have to look for merchants, who will sell this to you for a small fee. The most important thing to remember is that consumables don’t recharge after one use, so before crafting do keep the number and consumable item in mind.

Finding Cookbooks

The main source of crafting in Elden Ring is finding new recipes in cookbooks. With cookbooks, it’s not just a recipe that unlocks but you can find them in the game just like any other item that you discover. And these books come in different volumes, once you obtain a certain volume of the recipe book, that new item recipe automatically adds up to your Crafting menu. But in the early times of the game, you have to look for merchants who also sell these books for some price.

The 8 different cookbooks are:

  1. Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook and these books are 24 in number
  2. Armorer Cookbook is 8 in the game
  3. Glinstone Craftsman Cookbook is 7
  4. Missionary’s Cookbook is also 7
  5. Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook is 4 in the game
  6. Perfumer’s Cookbook is also 4
  7. Fevor’s Cookbook is 3
  8. Frenzied Cookbook is 2

Location of some Cookbooks

In Elden Ring, the number of cookbooks is 8 with their unique different recipes and crafts. And they all act the same for automatic key crafting items. Some of the books are located by fallen foes, but most of them are hidden in multiple locations, and one or two will be gifted to you by NPCs on the journey. Here are most of the cookbooks that you will find in this game for crafting consumables and ammo.

  • For Nomadic Warriors Cookbook[1] you will need a bone bolt, bone bolt, and flecked bone arrow. And you can purchase this book for 500 Runes from Merchant Kale.
  • For Nomadic Warriors Cookbook[2] you will need glowstone, invigorating cured meat, and invigorating white cured meat. And you can purchase this book for 500 Runes from Merchant Kale.
  • For Nomadic Warriors Cookbook[7] you will need soft cotton, standing boluses, and rainbow stone arrows. And you can look for this cookbook on a corpse atop which is north of Stormhill Shack, a destroyed bridge.
  • For Armorer’s Cookbook, you will need a fire bone arrow, fletched fire bone arrow, fire bone bolt, and neutralizing boluses. And you can purchase this book for 400 Runes from Nomadic Merchant (LimgraveShore).
  • For Missionary’s Cookbook, you will need a holy water pot and a roped holy water pot. And you can purchase this book for 500 Runes from Merchant Kale.

Tips for Crafting

  • Wherever you find a merchant, always purchase a cookbook from them and this goes the same for cracked pots.
  • If you are facing difficulty in finding enemy-specific materials for crafting then do consider increasing the Arcane stat.
  • To claim easy materials for crafting, while you are roaming in Lands Between, swing by bushes or any glowing flora.
  • When you are short on ammo, craft some Bone Arrows farm wolves.
  • To counter poison, bleeding, or any other deadly ailments there are moss clumps, but in Elden Ring, the same is present with new versions of Boluses.

Final Verdict

Apart from multiple endings in the game, the game allows the player to buy and master dozens of weapons, sorceries, and armor, which allows them to experiment with new builds. The importance of Crafting does not change; rather it remains the same for Unga Bunga Warrior or glass cannon mage. Elden Ring has proved to be the most enjoyable game because players have the freedom to do anything they want according to their liking by crafting and the end of the story is also in the hands of the player.

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