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After a long wait, finally, Overwatch 2 is here. And it might be more than just overwhelming to you if you are new to online FPS games, it doesn’t matter if you have played this game before or not being good at Overwatch 2 is impressive.

There are 35 heroes that are playable and need to understand in this team-based game. There are new maps where you’ll have to team up in a squad of 6v6 or 5v5, with each team having the same number of players.

Here are some tips and tricks that we put together to help you improve your game and make things easy for you so that you can enjoy the game more.

Adjust The Games Settings

The default settings of Overwatch 2 are good to start, but we think all players should change their settings to the ones they are most comfortable with. So you may need to adjust your sensitivity, inversion, and button mapping to what suits your playstyle.

Audio and social settings are equally important to general settings, if not more. And if you want to play without the unpleasant voices and chats then you can adjust them here, as you might know, the multiplayer environment can be unforgiving at times. You can change the volume settings and adjust them according to your liking, there is even an option for turning off the text chat. If you still want to chat or speak to your friends then you can use software like TeamSpeak or discord.

Start Small And Use The Training Grounds

To learn how to play as each character the smart thing is to visit the training ground which allows you to better know your hero and to determine whether it will be easy to play with them or not. This will allow you to not only learn the hero’s abilities but also gives you time to play with the adjusted settings we mentioned in the first step.

At the start, you should play with easier characters and understand them first. Like, Soldier 76, is a much easier character compared to Widomaker or say Junkrat, and he is an excellent DPS hero as well because with difficult heroes you need to play with specific playstyles. The same thing happens when we consider Lucio or Moria because both are healers and with the former, there are no skills involved but with Moria, you need to have a skill that allows you to play as a DPS character.

Practice More

Overwatch 2 provides plenty of opportunities to practice the game before you play with pro players who have been playing FPS games before and have the skills to send you into the spawn area often. No one likes to be killed multiple times, it might be discouraging for a new player without any particular experience with online FPS games. So you need to practice hard before competing with skilled players.

Practice with AI Battle

Matches with AI characters are the most valuable option for practice available. In this practice match, you have to compete with AI-controlled heroes as the name suggests. Difficulty settings can be selected beforehand which is a good option for building skills and setting the player’s hand on one hero without any normal match pressure.

Avoid Ranked Matches

In the ranked match, there is extra pressure at the start to perform well because if you lose battles then your rank will decline and there are many skilled players who know how to perform well and win the game. In addition to this, there is an AI system that makes you match with opponents who are two tiers above you, so if you have full confidence in your game still there might be a chance that you end up playing with a gold player if you are on the bronze-rank tier, who can play a better game than you.

So if you want to have fun and no pressure to perform well, then you should avoid ranked battles and practice more to enjoy the game.

Complete The Objectives

In every battle of Overwatch 2, there are points, and this is also in the new push mode, and with that point never eliminate the opponent team. Sometimes you have to escort the payload of a vehicle to a certain location. Also, you have to occupy the zone and defend it from the enemy. No matter what the case is, you need to make sure, to accomplish the goal you are trying your level best. Other things you might think you need to do like defending the location that is of no use or following the enemy to hunt but you should stay out of it to make sure that your team doesn’t lose.

Remember Your Position

The main objective of Overwatch 2 is to occupy a specific location and to do that you need to have a complete understanding of the map. To ambush the opponent player this will be considered very handy, by knowing the key locations. By this, you can lead the opposing team into a trap, or to take advantage you can swap locations with the opponent hero.

For example, if we talk about Busan, there you will see narrow alleys, streets, and very few open areas. And to perform well here you can choose heroes like Reinhardt or DPS like Mei but heroes like Wrecking Bail will struggle here. In comparison, if you are playing in King’s Row which has huge ledges and balconies then you can bet, opponent members show up once in a while.

Play With Different Heroes

While you are in the initial spawn are then you should rotate the striker with different heroes and try each with different capabilities. You can also do this by quickly running back to the spawn area or respawning after being killed by the opponent.

The change of hero will help you to rethink your tactics and attack as per the requirements of skills for battle. For example, if the opposing team has Pharah and Symmetra but you choose Mei, then you need to change it to Soldier 76 because of the hitscan-type weapon which makes hitting flying opponents easier. But the tricky part is that by seeing your game and hero, your opposing team may change their heroes as well so don’t get too comfortable with yours.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Queue

Overwatch 2 has added a new role of queue system after several years after its launch. This system allows the player to queue relative to the category of character with which you are going to play.

With this new system, players can longer queue their team from tank heroes and damage if compared to the support system which allows you to buff and heal. While you will need support for quick matchmaking for a few hours at the start which might be tempting, it is worth the wait. Because this is the only way to get a sense of the game by sticking with a queue for a couple of hours.

Don’t Rush

A huge part of the game strategy is how to stay alive and pick the enemy team off or whip the whole team in one go, this will give you a chance to capture enemy objectives and points. If you are away from your team then the best thing is to fall back and regroup with the team, because it is better than dying. Holding alone and rushing alone might get you killed.

If you are too prone to playing rush games then this is the best way to balance and be useful to your team, but this is not something you can learn overnight, with time you will learn all.

Communicate With Your Team

Communication with the team and learning their game plan is the most crucial for winning, and this is the same for all FPS games. To do so there are a couple of options like voice speaking and text chatting. If you don’t have a microphone there is no need to worry because you can still convey your message to the team.

To make communication easy, Overwatch 2 has added a ping system where you can ping enemy locations and warn your teammate of danger. And this is contextual, because when some ping the enemy their hero will call the enemy’s name. Communicating with the team is important for winning the game so don’t be shy of using the chat box if you don’t have a microphone.

Timing Is Everything

If you are playing as a healer then charge up quicker. But this does not mean that you have to use the ultimate as soon as it charges but you have to wait for the perfect time when it is needed the most. To win a team battle timing is very critical, because when you combo your ultimate with the team then it will be more effective and help the bigger purpose. So you have to communicate with the team members to find the best time for coordinating the Ultimates for more impact.

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