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Season 2 for Overwatch 2 has finally arrived. The fresh season brings a couple of updates, including changes in the point winning system of the Control map, as well as temporary title rewards in competitive play.

With the brand-new season comes a bunch of brand-new content, but it also means that a gang of heroes got buffed, nerfed and reworked. This update is huge, with over 40 hero changes involving nine individual heroes, and also technically every DPS hero got a change as well. We will be explaining all the hero changes from last season to this season.

The first change involves every damage hero because the Damage Role Passive has been changed where it no longer provides a speed boost whenever you get elimination. But on the flip side, you’ll now have 35% reload speed bonus instead. Developers say this change comes as a result of reduced precision in aim due to the increased movement speed in speed bonus.

Individual hero changes:


Her torso and head-hit volume increased by 12% so she’s a little easier to shoot now. For her ultimate ability, Rampage, the time where enemy bleeds out were decreased by half a second from 5 to 4.5 seconds, but it costs 10% less now.

Figure:1 Junker Queen

Commanding Shout was given a decreased cooldown time by one second and self-healing ability (Adrenaline passive) increased from 1 to 1.25x damage dealt by wounds, meaning she gains a drastic amount of health when she uses her ultimate.


His ultimate got some quality buffs in form of decreased warning time for projectile drops and no explosion damage to self while suicide bombing. You’re also able to fire lot faster because there is 20% less delay between shots, and reconfiguration time has been decreased from 12 to 10 seconds. However, the developers kept it balanced by reducing his explosion damage from 300 to 250, so you are losing out on a total of 150 damage.


Arguably the most controversial change is Sojourn’s Railgun. Energy delay got reduced by 3 seconds, so now you only have 5 seconds to shoot an enemy before it goes away. Secondary fire damage falls off got reduced from 70 to 40 to avoid doing too much damage from very far away, and critical damage multiplier was decreased which means even if you get a headshot, you can still survive.

Figure: 2 Sojourn

Moreover, secondary fire damage now scales linearly with energy from 30 to 130. Also, her primary fire does a little bit more damage and it costs a little bit more energy to get her ultimate Overclock.


Her changes came to Proton Projector. Reverting to primary fire gaining ammo whenever you shoot a barrier or shield is a big improvement. This was paired with increases in beam charge and decay rate, and primary ammo consumption rate, which are all essentially nerfs.


The only change made is a revert back to her original pulse pistol damage of 6.


Among the support heroes, Ana got a decrease of 1 second in cooldown of Sleep Dart, which is her control ability.


Kiriko, meanwhile, got a whole bunch of changes. First off, arm hit volumes width has been reduced 15%, probably due to a bug in the game where you could block headshots with your arm. Another great change is the addition of an option specifically for Kirkiko to Auto wall climb if the setting is enabled. On the other hand, Kitsune rush got major power level reductions where the ultimate is now costlier by 10%, movement speed bonus is decreased by 20% and cooldown rate reduced from 3x to 2x faster. Cast time for Protection Suzu was reduced to make it better and ammo for Kunai increased to 15. Her swift step ability activation was changed too so it activates when input is held.


She will swap weapons more quickly now, and have 25 bullets for the Caduceus Blaster.


Ramattra is a brand-new addition, being hailed as a ‘tempo tank’. Premium Battle Pass users get to try out the new character immediately, whereas the hero will be unlocked for free users upon reaching Level 45. He can switch between two forms during the game. Omnic form abilities are Void Accelerator and Ravenous Vortex, whereas Pummel and Annihilation are to be used in Nemesis Form.


Saving the best for last, Doomfist got tremendously buffed in this update. In the Best Defense passive, temporary HP gained increased to 40, with the maximum cap on said gained health also being upped to 200. His punch impact damage was increased, while reducing the damage dealt when punching someone in the wall as well as the stun duration. The time for cancelling punch has been decreased too. Empowered rocket punch will knock the enemy back 3 meters instead of 4, on top of which there is lesser cooldown time between punches. His punches will now stun even if he’s not empowered. He also power blocks longer, more often and can be charged up much easier. Meteor Strike will empower Rocket punch as soon as he lands, so he can punch immediately after. Doomfist has been given a number of boosts which seats him in a perfect place for domination.

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