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Samurai Builds in Elden Ring are like drugs that you can’t run away from. They are physically appealing and yet they never fail to have the craziest damage/magic damage. Here we have an Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build Guide which is specifically for players who are Level 150.

Keep in mind that this Sanguine Samurai build is based on the Rivers of Blood in Elden Ring every piece of equipment is basically in accordance with it. So, without any further delay let’s hop into the details of this Elden Ring Build Guide.

Rivers of Blood Weapon

Rivers of Blood is a famous Samurai Katana in Elden Ring that has a balance between Fire Damage and Physical Damage. Yet, the best thing about this Weapon is that it scales with Arcane, Dexterity, and mainly Strength.

You can do both Pierce, as well as Slash attacks with this weapon, making it good for mid-range combat. The real question is where will you get it? You can find it from Bloody Finger Okina who drops it.

Bloody Finger Okina is an invader who is in the Eastern Region of Giant Mountain Tops, where he invades near the Church of Repose. It does Blood Loss, has Corpse Piler Skill and you can’t use it with Ash of War, nor use Magic/Boosters on it.

The Samurai Build for Level 150 is one of the best choices so far. In this Build Guide, we will be using Rivers of Blood as our primary weapon.

Attribute for Sanguine Samurai Build

It isn’t a secret that you will be constantly engaging in close combat yourself with Sanguine Samurai Build. Therefore, you will have to get more health by putting Attribute Points in Vigor mostly.

Your secondary most focused Attribute should be Arcane because you will be using Spells along with your weapon attacks. This is a semi-magic weapon based on Fire attacks, so you have to keep in touch with Arcane as well.

Besides this, you will be having heavy armor to endure hits and to move around freely, you need to focus on Endurance as well which deals with stamina.

You will mostly be using the Corpse Piler which is a special of this Katana, meaning you will need FP and therefore, put more points in Mind. To increase the damage on Corpse Piler, you will have to put points in Dexterity.

Dexterity is essential for this Elden Ring Build because of your use of weapons that enhance your overall weapon damage. Finally, you have to focus on Faith a bit because you will be using Flame Grant me Strength.

All in one, the Attribute selection should look something like this;

  • 50 Points on Vigor and Arcane
  • 48 Points on Dexterity
  • 30 Points on Mind
  • 18 Points on Endurance
  • 15 Points on Faith
  • 9 Points on Intelligence

Equipment for Sanguine Samurai Build


  • Rivers of Blood – We already discussed Rivers of Blood in our Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build Guide.


  • Sacrificial Axe – On your main hand you will be using the Rivers of Blood, but on your left hand you will have the Sacrificial Axe. It is an axe that has primary scaling of Dexterity and Strength, while it is incredible for head-on attacks. Mostly, the weapon itself revolves around the Wild Strike which is its special skill and you will be using it in the Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build for Level 150. You can find it in the nighttime of Weeping Peninsula, where the Deathbird drops it and spawns from the Castle Morne Northside.
  • Finger Seal – On your left hand you will have to wield the Finger Seal which is one of the Sacred Seals in this game. It goes primarily with Faith and is used to cast Incantations. Mainly here, you will be using it for Flame Grant me Strength. You can easily get it as the starting seal with the Prophet or even the Confessor class. You can also buy it from the Roundtable Hold: Twin Maiden Husks.


  • Okina Mask – You can basically get the Heavy Armor for Sanguine Samurai Build in Elden Ring. It doesn’t matter what you get as long as it doesn’t roll heavy but rather does medium or light roll. One thing that matters is you get an Okina Mask on top of that armor. It is a Helm that is a part of the Set named White Reed. It appears as an Old Samurai, providing exceptional defensive properties. It takes your Focus and exchanges it with a Dexterity increase, while you can get it from Bloody Finger Okina whom you can find in the Giants Mountaintop.
  • White Mask – Another choice is the White Mask which enhances your attack rating for some time after you start suffering from the loss of blood. For the focus on Damage, you can go with the White Mask. It is lightweight and has balanced magical, as well as physical properties. You can get it by killing the three Invader NPCs called Nameless White Mask


  • Lord of Blood’s Exultation – It is a Talisman that enhances your attack power for some time after getting the Blood Loss near about.
  • Carian Filigreed Crest – This Talisman will lower the skill FP cost to around 25 percent.
  • Millicent’s Prosthesis – It is a Talisman that enhances your Dexterity to five points and also enhances your power of attack every time you have a successive attack.
  • Rotten Winged Sword Insignia – This Talisman enhances your attack power to a great extent after doing successive attacks
  • Shard of Alexander – Shard of Alexander is a Talisman that will enhance your Skill Attack Power to around 15 percent.


  • Flame Grant me Strength – It is a spell in the Elden Ring that enhances your fire-based attacks and also enhances physical damage. You can’t use it with other buffs for body and you can get it from Fort Gael. Here you will find a body that is between two FlameThrower Maneuverability behind the area of Fort Gael.
  • Golden Vow – It is also a spell in the Elden Ring that enhances your defensive and attack abilities, along with your allies. It has quite a long-lasting effect and you can use it to buff yourself. It is found in Mt Gelmir at Corpse Stench Shack.

Playstyle with Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build

Now, after discussing everything here in our Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build Guide for Level 150, let’s discuss the Playstyle. Being a Sanguine Samurai, you are mostly based around Physical damage along with Fire and Blood Loss buildup.

Using the special skill of Rivers of Blood called the Corpse Piler you can slash enemies and go for the Blood Buildup. It has higher stats than other Katana, making it quite useful for mid-to-end games.

There are two spells and both are based on Buffing your Physical, as well as Fire Attacks. You need to equip the Finger Seal and cast the Incantation on yourself while holding the Sacrificial Axe again. This will allow you to deal incredible damage to enemies in close combat.

You need to make sure that your Armor allows you to make medium or light rolls, while still providing physical defense. There is nothing too hard to grasp here, nor too complex to understand. It is a close combat Build that is based on Katana and damage.

Final Verdict

Well, that is all to the Elden Ring Sanguine Samurai Build Guide for Level 150 players. Keep in mind that this Build revolves around your combos and timing. You can use the Corpse Piler for your Katana to deal combos and build Blood Loss faster.

Furthermore, you can always change a few things here and there to make it a perfect build according to your play style.

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