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Had enough of those small agile enemies jumping on you in Elden Ring and killing you? Well, don’t worry because here we have an amazing Eochaid Executioner build that revolves around the AOE stats and basically acts as a warrior fully focusing on the attack side of things.

Keep in mind, this is a strength and arcane build that only focuses around level 150. Just as the name suggests the Eochaid Executioner build revolves only around the Marais Executioner sword being the successor to the Eochaid sword. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this build guide.

Attribute Selection for Eochard Executioner Build

The primary attributes you will be focusing on here are arcane and strength. The threshold for arcane is 50 and you don’t need to go beyond that point but when it comes to strength, the higher the better.

Being a build that focuses only on head-to-head combat like a warrior, you need to have a lot of health. Basically, you are tanking hits and delivering powerful attacks as well. So, your priority should be vigor after strength and arcane.

You need enough mind to just be able to land a dancing blade on enemies without running out of FP. Endurance should be enough to get rapier and shield only. if you are actually going for a block build, then make sure to give a little more to it after primary stats.

The dexterity should only be enough for rapier and in case you are missing out on that, you can go extremely lower with dexterity as well. The last two are faith and intelligence, which you should miss altogether because there are no spells in this build.

  • 50 points on arcane
  • 47 points on strength
  • 40 points on vigor
  • 28 points on endurance
  • 25 points on mind
  • 20 points on dexterity
  • 15 points on faith
  • 9 points on intelligence

Marais Executioner Sword

Marais Executioner sword is an amazing greatsword that goes mainly with the attributes of arcane and strength. Unlike other swords used in various build guides where things fall on certain attributes, here the attack power is your main deal.

This weapon also has a unique secret attack that allows it to charge and then thrust onward to enemies with an attack known as a corkscrew. The weapon spins while thrusting continuously and deals damage to enemies. Charging it up basically enhances its duration and attack power.

The concept of Marais Executioner sword is that this weapon goes well with attack power and the more you will have that, the more deadly this weapon will become. You can find this weapon at Elemer of the Briar in the area of Shaded Castle.

One thing to note here is that you can’t use ashes of war with this weapon and can’t be enchanted, not take effect from various consumables. Amazingly, you can further upgrade it, making it great for late game.

The recharge special attack we discussed earlier is known as the Eochaids dancing blade which is based on AR rating. If you increase it, the damage of the special attack will increase.

Equipment For Eochaids Executioner Build


Marais Executioner Sword

We already discussed this weapon in detail at the start of this Elden Ring Eochaids Executioner build guide.

Antspur Rapier

In one hand you can use the Marais Executioner sword, while in the other you can either use a shield or a weapon. If you are going for a weapon we will recommend the antspur rapier because it is a weapon that goes primarily with the attributes of dexterity and strength.

This is a thrusting sword that does rot alongside physical damage and after using its special called impaling thrust, you bypass the guard of enemies. You can get this from the Castellan Shaded Castle, Maleigh Marais, an NPC on the Shaded Castle’s west side.


Banished Knight Shield

As we mentioned you can either go for a sword like an antspur rapier on other hand or you can also go for a shield. If you like shields, you can pick a banished knight. It is a medium shield that goes mainly with the attributes of strength, stacking quite well with the Marais Executioner sword scaling.

The reason for picking this shield is that it is on the mid side, not being too heavy while maintaining exceptional defensive properties. You can still use it for parrying and have the agility to move around freely.

You can get a banished knight shield as a change from banished knight loot who is wielding this shield.


Chain Set

The chain set is also like the shield, being light in weight and having exceptional defensive properties. Being a lightweight armor, it allows you to move freely, without losing your defense.

It comes with four parts, helm, chest, leg, and gauntlets. You can wear it completely, but if you are looking to get more out of your armor as Eochaid Executioner builds, you need to switch the helm for something better.

You can simply go to Kale (merchant) and purchase this whole set at the location of the Church of Elleh (Site of Grace) – Limgrave for around 4500 runes.

White Mask

So, the best candidate to replace the chain helm is none other than the white mask, which is rather a part of the war surgeon set itself. It is also a lightweight piece that comes with quite good defensive properties.

The one up point with this helm is that it also provides quite good magic defense and upon its wear, changes appearance.

One specific condition to getting this is not killing Mohg – Lord of Blood. If you do kill the boss, you won’t be able to get this set. Kill the invader first if you still want to kill that boss.

Mushroom Crown

White Mask is still great, but another helm you can go for is the mushroom crown. This helm is on the heavyweight side, but the exceptional benefit here is that it enhances your attack power as someone around you is suffering from rot or poison including your own self.

In simpler words, for the Eochard Executioner build, the mushroom crown is much better because of the rot from the rapier and the attack power requirement from the Marais Executioner sword. It is a perfect pick for this scenario.

You can get this from a corpse at Lake of Rot hanging at the southeastern corner. You will have to go up the fallen pillar that gets you to the south of ruin and an outcropping made up of rocks to get to that corpse.


Being a level 150 build, you will have to go for various talismans for various scenarios. Like; for poison, you will need something different, for attack power something different, and so on. We will mention all the best candidates here in our Elden Ring Eochard Executioner build guide.

Shard of Alexander

This talisman enhances your skill attack power to around 15 percent and boosts specific stats as well if used properly.

Millicent’s Prosthesis

This talisman will enhance your dexterity to around 5 points, while also increasing your attack power if you manage to have attack successions.

Green Turtle Talisman

This talisman will enhance the recovery of your stamina to around 8 each second which is roughly 17.5 percent.

Godfrey Icon

This talisman will increase the charges skills and spells attack power to around 15 percent.

Lord of Blood Exultation

This talisman will enhance your attack power to something around 20 percent for a limited time frame of 20 seconds. The condition here is that blood loss should occur nearabout.

Kindred of Rot’s Exultation

This talisman is similar to the lord of blood, giving you a 20 percent increase in attack power for 20 seconds with the condition that either rot or poisoning occurs nearabout.

Rotten Winged Sword Insignia

After successive attacks, this talisman will enhance your attack power to a great extent.

Ritual Sword Talisman

This talisman will enhance your attack power to something around 10 percent but the condition is that you need to be at maximum HP.

Carian Filigreed Crest

This talisman will decrease the amount of FP used by Skills to around 25 percent.

Ancestral Spirit Horn

After defeating an enemy this talisman will provide you with 3 point restoration of FP.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all to our Elden Ring Eochard Executioner Build Guide. Keep in mind that this build is based on head-on combat, where you are the main damage dealer, and everything revolves around your weapon that depends on attack power. You can always play with the build and change things around according to your liking, making the perfect build for your self.

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