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You might have heard of the latest entry added to Elden Ring. Yes, we are talking about the Madness effect that lets the affected take damage and lose FP. Most of the time gamers love to get a full Incantation/Spell based build that does destructive damage at Level 100. For that, we have here Elden Ring Frenzied Acolyte Build Guide for Level 100 players that focuses purely on Incantations and Madness Effect. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this Guide.

Frenzied Acolyte Attributes

With the Frenzied Acolyte Build, you are basically an enhanced version of Magic Build, where you depend mainly on the Incantations. Surely, you are good with range and damage, but the downside is that you will always be vulnerable to the attacks of enemies.

To stay alive, you will need to bump the numbers of Vigor, giving you more health to survive. On the other hand, you are purely on Incantations in the Frenzied Acolyte Build meaning you will have to put the maximum numbers on Arcane as it will enhance your Magic capabilities like damage.

Further moving onto the Secondary stats, you need to focus on Mind and Faith. Mind is essential in any Incantation-based build to enhance your FP so that you can use more spells for a longer duration. For the Frenzied Acolyte build, you need the Mind attribute to resist the Madness Effect.

Faith is essential for the equipment that we will be using here in our Elden Ring Frenzied Acolyte Level 100 Build Guide. Besides this, there is no such use for this Attribute.

Finally, to cast spells and move around freely, you will need to have Endurance which is also essential for a Level 100 Build. Dexterity, Strength, and Intelligence are the stats that you only need to equip various equipment, not to bump them later on in the game.

So, at the least, you need to make something like this;

  • 45 points in Arcane
  • 35 points in Vigor
  • 29 points in Mind
  • 27 points in Faith
  • 18 points in Strength
  • 15 points in Dexterity
  • 10 points in Endurance
  • 9 points in Intelligence

Madness Status Effect

After getting the Madness effect you lose FP to around 30 + 10 percent, while you lose Max HP to around 100 + 50 percent. This animation makes you stagger and it has to be completed in order to get this effect.

This same occurs for the enemies and is considered one of the most powerful effects in Elden Ring. The only drawback here is that it only works on Humans and has to build up the gauge in order to take effect.

To save yourself from its effects you will have to go for the Focus stat which is related to the Attribute of Mind, as well as the Armor Piece. So, making a build like this Elden Ring Frenzied Acolyte build, you will have to go for Focus and make sure it is high.

Before going mad, you will be able to cast more spells. Here we don’t have all the Madness-dependent spells but rather a few because it is a Semi-Madness Build that also focuses on the Incantations. Therefore, we have more focus on the Damage in contrast to only getting Madness Effect.

Frenzied Acolyte Equipment



For the Frenzied Acolyte, you only need to have the Glaive as your weapon. It is a Halberd that scales with Dexterity and Strength. It had exceptional reach, making it best for the Magic Builds who don’t want to get within reach of the enemy to get attacked.

You can get the Glaive from a Skeleton on the road up from the Grace Seelia Backstreets Site. You can also get Glaive with colt scaling to benefit from Arcane. This weapon isn’t essential but rather a good way to keep your distance.


You basically have to use Seals for casting Incantations in the Elden Ring. For the Frenzied Acolyte Build, we will be using three Seals for separate purposes. These seals are;

Dragon Communion Seal

It is a sacred Seal that scales primarily with the Attributes of Arcane and Faith and focuses mainly on the Incantations of Dragon Communion. You can find the Dragon Communion Seal at the Grave of Fringe folk Hero’s at the start of the game.

You can use two Stone sword Keys next to Grace Stranded Graveyard Site on double Imp Keystone. Getting down the tunnel till the path divides and you need to go up till reaching the tunnel. After killing the Banished Knight you can get the Item.

Gravel Stone Seal

It is a sacred seal that scales with the Attributes of Faith and is exceptional for Lighting Incantations. You can get it from Leyndell – Site of Grace. Walk north, and jump from the balcony where a single guard is present. You will get to the Dragon Foot Fortified Manor. From there you will get this seal from Leyndell Knight having a spear and an anchor for support.

Godslayer’s Seal

It is a sacred seal that scales with Strength and Faith. This is an exceptional seal for the Incantation users and that is why you need to have it for Frenzied Acolyte Build. It also gives a boost of around 10 percent for the Incantations related to Godslayer.

You can get this from the Stromveil Caster or from the Site of Grace near-about Rampart Tower. Take the elevator down, making an exit to the Courtyard where you will find Archers. Take a left turn towards a stairway and simply go underground with the same path.

There you will find rats and a frog (white) guarding the doorway, using a Stonesword Key on the statue will get you to the other side and a chest has this Seal.


Nobles Gloves and Trousers

Nobles is a light set in Elden Ring that doesn’t quite give you physical defense, rather much focused on the Magical defense. You will be needing the Gloves and the trousers of Nobles.

You can find it in the Altus Plateau on the East Windmill Pasture. There is a fire where you will see Dancing Celebrants.

Commoners Garb

Commoners is a Set that is much more on the Physical Defense side and looks completely stunning. These are usually worn by the Commoners who are tall and sleek. You will be needing the Commoners Garb here.

You can find it as a change drop from the enemies Commoners. You can find them in Stormveil Castle, Royal Capital, Leyndell, and other areas.

Silver Tear Mask

It is a Helm that is medium-sized and enhances your Arcane in contrast to the Physical Attack Power. It isn’t like the typical headpiece which gives you simple defense, rather it has various properties. When you wear it, the appearance changes, which is available for all genders.

You can get this mask from the Mimic Tear boss found in the Eternal City – Akron. It is an individual piece and you can’t find it in any set.


Godfrey Icon

To enhance the spell’s damage of the spells that allow charging.

Faithful Canvas Talisman

Enhances your Spells Potency, but you can change it for something better later on.

Ritual Sword Talisman

When you are in full health, it enhances your overall damage to around 10 percent.

Fire Scorpion Charm

It enhances your Fire Damage and this Build revolves around them mostly.

Frenzied Acolyte Spells

Last but not least we are here to discuss the Spells that you will be using in the Frenzied Acolyte Build.

Flame of Frenzy

It is a Mid-range type of spell that does AOE Fire Damage. It also has that incredible Stagger Potential that allows you to make an opening and hit enemies as much as you want without getting hit in return.

Flame of Frenzy casts offensive Flames that move onward, dealing massive damage to enemies in return. It has charge capability as well which enhances its stagger and damage even further. You can use it in close combat with its simplicity, while you can charge it up for some range.

Frenzied Burst

It is a less damage version of Flame of Frenzy that focuses on a Single Target mostly. The best thing about this is that it has an amazing long range. In contrast to Loretta’s Greatbow, you will be amazed to see the Frenzied Burst range because it goes a long range.

It is also a charge-capable spell that further enhances its damage. You can use it to take down long-ranged targets and costs only around 24 FP, meaning it isn’t spam-able.

There is fire damage on this one and staggers enemies as well as bosses on long-distance one-shot attacks. For tougher enemies having stagger resistance, you will need two of the shots.

Black Flame

You can make the Build work with only the two above-mentioned spells, but if you want to go further you can add Black Flame as well. It is an Incantation like the others, that throws a Black Fire Ball at enemies and explodes on impact.

It does damage over time because of black fame, while it has additional explosion damage to the enemies as well. It has a considerably good range and you can use it in various situations where you can’t use the Frenzied Burst

Lightning Spear

This Incantation creates a protective lighting spear that goes forward upon use. It does lightning damage to enemies and has incredible damage. If the enemy is resistant to your Fire attacks, then you can use this spell to make an entry and damage them at a long distance.

Another amazing thing about this Spell is that it is quick. This means the Agile enemies won’t be able to dodge it that easily.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all for our Elden Ring Frenzied Acolyte Level 100 Build Guide. There are a few things you need to make sure are in order like your FP, Stamina, and your Movement. Being an Incantation-based Build, you will have to move around and make sure you are not getting hit.

The Madness Effect is quite situational for the enemies that are hard to deal with. You can make it work incredibly if you are more Focus stat based. We have every piece of equipment according to this build but if you want to go further you can change things a bit around and make the best Frenzied Acolyte Build for yourself.

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