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Overwatch 2 is a team based arena shooter developed by Blizzard Entertainment. I’ve had a chance to spend some time with the game, and I thought about sharing my thoughts for those of that are interested in playing this game.

In my Overwatch 2 review, I will be discussing the gameplay, characters, and my initial impressions. I’ll end this review by giving this game a review which we like to call the fun factor. Without delaying any further, let’s start by briefly explaining what Overwatch is for those of you that would like to no more about this game.

What Is Overwatch 2?

Overwatch 2 Characters

Overwatch 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the extremely popular Overwatch. Much has stayed the same in the sequel as far as characters, and overall design. Being a sequel there are many improvements to the visuals, and overall character models.

In this game, you’ll work with your team to complete an objective such as defending a zone, or guiding a vehicle to its destination. There is also an option to play a traditional death match or create your own custom game.

To me, this game is a breath of fresh air, as most games that come out now seem like they are either Open World or Battle Royale. So I’m glad see a game like this hit the market and be so well received by gamers.

Overwatch 2 Is Free-To-Play

This game is free-to-play, and includes a battle pass system which is becoming more and more coming with new games on the market. You can access the entire game for free, but buying the battle pass gives you access to earn more skins, customization options and other unlockables.

How Is It?

I enjoyed my time playing this game when I could get in. I did experience many connection issues, but these issues were really minor inconveniences. The overall gameplay was fairly fast paced, which I enjoyed, but it may not be every gamers favorite option. There are many characters to choose from and they all fall into different classes such as Damage, Tank, and Support.


When playing Overwatch 2, I can’t stress how important teamwork is in this game. You’ll want to work with and sport your team in order to achieve your objective and win the game. With that being said, if you’ve played FPS games before you should be able to jump in and enjoy Overwatch 2 no problem.

The matches did seem fairly balanced, and each characters unique abilities were relatively easy to use, but I could tell that each character will take some time to master. If you are having trouble you do have the ability to switch characters throughout the match. This is a cool way to easily jump in and help your team where you’re needed.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I enjoyed my time playing Overwatch 2. Combat was fun and the game modes will keep you coming back day after day. There really isn’t a story, that’s explained in game, and oddly enough that won’t stop you from jumping in and having a good time.

I’ve decided to give Overwatch 2 a fun factor score of 8 out of 10. It’s a great game, that I highly recommend to anyone that wants to have something they can jump into and play a few matches, and simply have fun with their friends, which is what Overwatch 2 excels at.

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