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Elden Ring has tons of weapons to use and each option brings you to a different type of path, as well as play style. You can’t have an amazing Greatsword in one hand and in another your Spells, or can you? Well, we are here for the same reason, to discuss Darkmoon Spellblade Build that utilizes the Darkmoon Greatsword in perfect harmony with your spells.

Keep in Mind that this Guide is made specifically for the players who are looking for a Level 100 build and anyone who is a beginner, shouldn’t try this out. So, without any further delay let’s hop into the details of Darkmoon Spellblade

About Darkmoon Greatsword

Gameplay from Elden Ring. Player is wielding the Darkmoon Spellblade.

Darkmoon Greatsword is not the typical melee weapon you use in Elden Ring, rather it is a special weapon with unique abilities. It has exceptional Scaling with Intelligence, Dexterity, and also Strength, making it a perfect fit for Spellblade Build.

The best thing about the Darkmoon Greatsword is that it has a unique weapon skill, using it will enhance your Magic Attack Power but for a short duration. It further has a stat of Frost applied on the weapon itself. When you charge attack this weapon, there is a powerful Moonlight Blast thrusting towards enemies, resulting in great damage.

Honestly. The weapon itself isn’t that powerful, considering it has mediocre physical damage, but when you pair it with the right type of skills, stats, and armor, you can make it exceptional for any combat scenario.

You can get this melee weapon by completing Ranni’s Quest to retrieve the sword. In this quest, you will have to find the Darkmoon Ring and give it to Ranni. Only then you can retrieve this beautiful masterpiece.

You will need 38 Intelligence paired with 16 Strength and 11 Dexterity to use this weapon. The main focus here is Intelligence, so you should focus on it.

There is a D Scaling for the attribute of both Strength and Dexterity, while it has a B Scaling for Intelligence. Again, the more Intelligence you have, the better result you can get with Darkmoon Spellblade Greatsword.

Attribute Selection

Image showing Elden Ring stats. The Title says Attribute Points, and the options below read as follows: Vigor 30, Mind 30, Endurance 15, Strength 16, Dexterity 12, Intelligence 61, Faith 14, and Arcane 9.

Darkmoon Spellblade Build all revolves around the Intelligence attributes, whether you are talking about the spells, the equipment, the weapon itself, or the play style. The main focus here should only be Intelligence.

To save yourself from the attacks of enemies at Level 100, you should invest in a bit of Vigor because it can get you Health to survive. After that, when you are using Magic, it takes away a lot of Mind and therefore, you should invest in it as well.

In the end, calculating everything, the final Attribute selection for Level 100 Darkmoon Spellblade Build should look something like this;

  • 61 Points in Intelligence
  • 30 Points in both Mind and Vigor
  • 16 Points in Strength
  • 15 Points in Endurance
  • 14 Points in Faith
  • 12 Points in Dexterity
  • 9 Points in Arcane


You will need Staff as a weapon, an amazing Armor, Talisman, and Spells to complete this Darkmoon Spellblade Build for Level 100 players. Below, we list each of them in detail.


We already discussed that you need the Darkmoon Spellblade Greatsword and above you can find the reason along with a brief description of this weapon. Besides this, you will need;

Carian Glintblade Staff

For the Darkmoon Spellblade build we are going to recommend nothing but Carian Glintsblade Staff. Well, there is nothing that beats this staff in this build because of the enhancements it gives you related to the Glintblade Sorceries.

You can get this weapon from the Eastern Liurnia after you get to the Highway Lookout Tower. On the top floor, you will find the Carian Glintblade Staff. Furthermore, you can also upgrade this weapon using the Smithing Stones and it enhances your Magic Glintblade, Glintblade Phalanx, Carian Retaliation, Carian Phalank, and Greatblade Phalanx.

The Passive abilities from the Glintblade Sorceries are also enhanced to around 15 percent. So, it is all in one one of the best swords at Level 100 that you can get for Magic Builds.

This Staff scales perfectly with your Intelligence attribute and that same attribute scaling is present with the Darkmoon Blade Greatsword. You have the sword in one hand, while in the other you have your staff.

To use this staff, you will have to be at 12 Dexterity, 6 Strength, and 22 Intelligence. The Scaling is S for Intelligence, D for Strength, and E for Dexterity. Same as always, you don’t have to worry about anything else, just focus on Intelligence.


There isn’t a specific requirement for this Build when it comes to armor. Being a Magic build that focuses also on the Melee side, you will have an exceptional defense. But you need to also focus on the agility that Armor provides you with. You can simply go for the one you like having good defense with medium to light rolling ability. But, if you are looking for a recommendation, we will surely recommend;

Exile Armor

This is a heavyweight armor that provides you with balanced defense, meaning it doesn’t go all the way up with weight, but rather provides you with decent resistance and mobility too. Your character gets quite a good appearance when equipped, which is why it is liked by most Elden Ring Fans.

You can get this from the Exile Soldier and comes with Exile Greaves, Exile Chest Piece, Exile Gauntlets, and Exile Hood as the whole Exile Set. For this Darkmoon, Spellblade Build you will have to go with everything except the Hood.

Preceptors Big Hat

Preceptors Big Hat is a Helm that comes with the whole PReceptor’s Set. It is quite a massive hat that enhances your Stamina, as well as your Mind. When you are wearing the Hat it changes appearance, while it looks quite cool when used with the Exile Armor Set.

The main reason for getting this instead of the Hood is its Stamina Boost. When being Level 100 and going for the Darkmoon Spellblade Build, you will have to enhance your Stamina. This can’t be the case with your Attributes, because you need to focus on Intelligence. Therefore, a boost from this Hat makes all the difference.

You can get this Hat from the body of Seluvis in the area of Seluvis’s Rise. When you reach the end of the questline by Ranni’s you will get to obtain this hat.


Mostly you can go for any Talisman that you like as long as it can enhance either your Spells in the Darkmoon Spellblade Build or it can enhance your FP/Stamina. We recommend using;

  • Green Turtle – This Talisman will enhance your Stamina by providing quick recovery for your Stamina. It doesn’t increase the overall stamina
  • Godfrey Icon – It can enhance the spells that involve a charge, while it can also increase various skills.
  • Stargazer Heirloom – This Talisman will increase the attribute of Darkmoon Spellblade Build. The attribute that gets buffed is none other than Intelligence, which this build completely depends on.
  • Radagon Icon – Reduces the Spell use time and makes it quick casting.

Spells for Darkmoon Spellblade Build

Elden Ring Gameplay

As of now, you might have gotten the concept of where we are going with the Build. You have the Darkmoon Spellblade Greatsword in one hand, while in the other you have the Glintblade Staff and most other things are aligned to Glint sorcery. So, you will need the following Spells for the Darkmoon Spellblade Build

Great Blade Phalanx

Using this spell will conjure blades made up of magic. These blades are around your character in the air, while they fly together toward the enemy to damage them. It is quite a good spell when you are looking to stagger enemies, making an opening for a good Greatsword attack.

Glintstone Pebble

Whenever you are going for a Magic Build, Glintstone Pebble is going to be in there somewhere. It is one of the best Spells you can ever have that works from the early game to the late game. This is also a very versatile spell that comes with good range, less FP use, less stamina use, quick use, and decent damage.

Glintstone Pebble works exactly as it sounds, there is small pebble-like magic that you throw at the enemy in distance, damaging them in return. You can use it constantly in any case.

Magic Glintblade

Using this magic will conjure a ball of magic upon you in the air. This ball will start firing at the target with Magic Damage. A twist here is that it is rather a charge spell and once you are able to charge it fully, the damage also enhances considerably.

It also has quite good damage, along with the ability to stagger enemies. Yes, you can use it to make an opening just like the Phalanx.

Unseen Form

You can’t always mess around with all the enemies as a Magic build, rather you have to keep some distance from annoying enemies that can kill you in Elden Ring. For that we have here Unseen Form that turns you invisible, moving past enemies.

Loretta’s Greatbow

The one thing that is left from other spells in our Darkmoon Spellblade Build is a long-range damage dealer Spell. Well, there is nothing more suitable for a Level 100 than Loretta’s Greatbow. It is a long-range spell and takes some time to use.

After you have charged it, your character will fire an arrow at a long distance that goes straight to the enemy you are focusing on and greatly damages them. You can spam it as well when the enemies aren’t focusing on you and there is an entry.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all for our Elden Ring Darkmoon Spellblade Build Guide for Level 100. Keep in Mind that the playstyle doesn’t change here, you will have to utilize your Stamina and FP to keep hitting enemies while you are moving around.

It isn’t a Strength build and also not the typical Melee build where you simply tank attacks and you hit afterward, rather it is a Spellblade Build where you will have to utilize both your Darkmoon Greatsword with your magic to kill the foes.

As always you can mess things around a bit and the specs here are not written in stone. If you are used to various stuff in Elden Ring and know how things work, you can change equipment, staff, armor, spells, and attributes a bit to make the best out of this build.

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