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Attack on Titan is an all-time blockbuster. The endless amount of hype it gets makes it glaringly evident that it most definitely set soaring standards for the action-thriller genre in the anime realm. People are eagerly waiting for the last season to mark the end of an era we all cherished. As the bittersweet farewell comes near, avid fans fear being left with an empty void, but don’t fret because I’ve got your back!

Here’s a list of TOP-FIVE compelling series, very similar to Attack on Titan that are sure to fill that void up for you.


Characters from the God Eater anime
Image Credit: IMDb

A world where humanity is at the brink of being extinct, sounds familiar? Well God Eater is a more futuristic version of Attack on Titan. The world in God eater is steeped in chaos by the wrath of Aragami, man-eating monsters. The Fenrir organization uses a unique kind of weapon called God Arc to battle against their enemies.

The plot revolves around our hot-headed and revenge-driven protagonist, Lenka Utsugi, who suffered a personal loss and now only wants to eradicate the vile Aragami once and for all. The series is packed with action and incredible fight scenes, the futuristic weapons used are very visually appealing, and makes the series even more engaging.


Characters from the Akame Ga Kill Anime
Image Credit: Netflix

Akame ga kill, just like Attack on Titan is filled with gore and action to the brim. The plot showcases an impressive team of highly talented and skilled assassins called Night Raid, who are up against enemies that pose a threat to humanity. The complete badass Akame along with her teammates go against Prime Minister Honest’s grisly plans to torment humanity. We witness Tatsumi’s character develop as he fights and works hard to grow more robust and help his teammates uncover as many secrets as possible to save the world.


Lady sleeping in the Claymore anime

Claymore and Attack on Titan have a similar vibe to them, kill or be killed off. Humans and Yoma live together, although, not in harmony. The humans always fear death as these demonic supernatural beings can devour them any time they want. This is where the fierce, heroic warriors, Claymores come into the picture. They are half-human and half-demon. Despite being loathed by society, these warriors fight against these demons and protect the people. Clare is one of these Claymores, whose sole purpose is revenge – to find and kill a specific Yuma who took away everything from her.


4 characters from the Owari no seraph anime
Image Credit: TV Overmind

Created by the same studio as Attack on Titan, Wit Studio, you’re ought to find several apparent similarities in both the series. The first two episodes progress with the same amount of thrill and a surprising plot twist showcased by the end. Instead of titans, humans suffer from vampires who farm them as their food. There are many similarities between the characters too. Amid all the chaos and horror, an orphan child manages to escape the vampires and joins the Japanese Imperial Demon Army where with the help of a team full of skilled warriors, he fights against the vampires. Although very similar to Attack on Titan, Owari no Seraph has its own vibe and offers a lot more to the plot than just that.


Another impressive gem by the same studio as Attack on Titan, Wit Studio. The stage set in this anime resembles that of Eren and his team, as our hot-headed, motivated protagonist Ikoma and his team battle against a hoard of bloodthirsty man-eating creatures, Kabane. One bite and you morph into one of them. Like Mikasa, Kabenari has Mumei, a strong, passionate, and powerful female lead who has deadly skills and strives to protect the ones she loves. Amid this dangerous world where these undead despicable beasts terrorize humans, Ikoma builds a weapon and intends to annihilate them all.

Kabenari of the iron fortress is an action-packed impeccable series, filled with gore and blood. However, the series ends too soon, leaving with you wanting more.

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