Elden Ring Spellblade Guide

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Spellblade itself is quite a good armor set in Elden Ring, but specifically, the term Spellblade refers to an amazing build revolving around the prisoner class. Most of the time you either focus on the weapon-style gameplay or the spell-style gameplay, but this Spellblade build combines them both into one.

Well, that is the beauty of this build, but the issue is that there are various levels of this build that you can accommodate for specific purposes. You don’t have to worry about them because, in this guide to Spellblade in Elden Ring, we are going to discuss all three of them.

So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details of this Spellblade guide.

Prisoner Class For Spellblade Build

Elden Ring Prisoner Class

Whenever you are looking at magic builds for beginners, there is mostly going to be a prisoner class in its pick. The basic reason for its popularity is the mixture of mind, dexterity, and intelligence, which this class focuses on from the beginning.

Alongside the mixture of the following attributes, the specialty of this class is its superb magic abilities and melee skills. So, looking at the following properties, there is no other class that challenges the prisoner class for the Spellblade build in Elden Ring.

Spellblade Armor Set

In any case, the Spellblade build always focuses on the Spellblade armor set. The best thing about this armor is that it enhances your negations for the magical damage and also enhances your magic damage itself.

Our recommendation for this armor set is not only because it provides you with a magical damage boost and negation, but rather the buffs it gives you in all the realms of cold and magic weapon skills.

As a beginner, you might not consider them as useful, but once you start going forward in the game, you will find out that the buff goes quite exceptionally with the Moonveil Katana and the Meteorite Ore Katana because of the magic-based damage.

To get this armor, you will have to find the sorcerer Rogier. There are two ways to get this armor from this sorcerer, either you kill him or you complete the questline he gives you.

Generally, killing him is not recommended because he is a good person, but if you are so eager to make a Spellblade build as a beginner and have the necessary skills to fight him, then why not?

Builds For Spellblade Guide

Sorcerer from Elden Ring holding a weapon in the air.

Considering the versatility of the Spellblade build, there are three possible builds we can go for as a beginner:

  • Early-game Spellblade build
  • Health-focused Spellblade build
  • Mana-focused Spellblade build

The early-game focuses mostly on the beginner side of things, while the latter two builds for Spellblade focus on the mid-game. Keep in mind that all of the builds have Spellblade armor and the things that will change are either the weapon, the spells, the shield, the stats, and so on.

Early Game Spellblade Build


  • Rapier – it is a thrusting sword that scales mainly with the attribute of dexterity as well as strength. Being a rapier, it is lightweight and has good agility. In the early game, you can get this from the roundtable hold where twin maiden husks are selling it.
  • Demi-human queen staff – it is a glintstone staff that is available for early gameplay. Being a staff it goes well with the attributes of intelligence, as well as strength. The most useful thing about this staff is that it is quite a good beginner-friendly weapon for glintstone spells. You can find it from the Demi-human queen at the Demi-human forest ruins and weeping peninsula.


  • Any lightweight shield will work with this build


  • Carian Greatsword – Carian greatsword is a spell that conjures a greatsword to slash enemies at medium range and has quite a good AOE. You can get it from the church of vows and Miriel; the Pastor of vows is selling it.
  • Glintstone Pebble – it is a ranged attack that creates projectiles and throws them at enemies at quite some range. You can get it from various sources like the astrologer starting spell, sorceress Sellen, Thops at the Irith church, and twin maiden husks at roundtable hold.
  • Carian Slicer – Carian slicer is like the Carian greatsword but conjures a lightweight weapon with quite good agility and quick slashes. If you give the scroll of the royal house to the sorceress Sellen and Miriel; pastor of vows, you can get it. You can also buy it from the Seluvis preceptor.


  • Erdtree’s Favor – a talisman that will enhance your equipment load, your hp, and stamina as well. It enhances the maximum hp and stamina without messing with the one you have.


There is no hard focus on the attributes at this point, you only need to get enough to use the gear for the build. Here you need to pump mainly the dexterity and intelligence, while also going for the vigor and mind

  • 6 points on faith
  • 14 points on dexterity
  • 11 points on endurance
  • 14 points on intelligence
  • 11 points on vigor
  • 12 points on mind

Health-Focused Spellblade Build


  • Meteorite Staff – also a glintstone staff but for later on in the game. It goes well with the attribute of intelligence and has scaling on it, making it one of the best intelligence-based build weapons. Further, your gravity sorcery will be enhanced. You can get this from the corpse at the Aeonia swap found in Caelid.
  • Moonveil Katana +10 – being a katana, Moonveil is quick and slashes instantly after drawing the weapon. It goes well with the attributes of intelligence, strength, and dexterity. It has both pierce damage and slash damage. You can get this after killing Magma Wyrm in the Caelid area of Gael tunnel


  • Blue and white wooden shield – it is a small shield that goes well with only strength. The best thing about it is that the weight is quite low but protects you from some attacks, making it great for parrying. You can find this at the entrance of Raya Lucaria academy, on the outskirts of the building.


  • Rock Sling – just as the name suggests, this spell takes rocks from the ground and shoots them to the target as projectiles. You can get it from the street of Sage’s ruins where you will find a chest in an underground cellar to the north of this area.
  • Carian Slicer – already explained
  • Glintstone Pebble – already explained


  • Erdtree’s favor – already explained


There is no hard focus on the attributes at this point, you only need to get enough to use the gear for the build. Here you need to pump mainly the dexterity and intelligence, while also going for the vigor and mind as secondary.

  • 6 points on faith
  • 25 points on dexterity
  • 18 points on endurance
  • 20 points on intelligence
  • 30 points on vigor
  • 15 points on mind

Mana-Focused Spellblade Build


  • Moonveil Katana +10 – already explained
  • Meteorite Staff – already explained
  • Meteoric ore blade +10 – also a katana that goes well with the attribute of intelligence, strength, and dexterity. Being similar to the Moonveil, it has pierced and slashed damage as well. The unique thing about this katana is that you can use the unique skill that thrusts the weapon and creates a pull of gravity from the ground that forces enemies to come to you and damage them.


  • Dragoncrest Shield or any light shield that can give you a certain boost to stamina, intelligence, FP, or stamina will work.


  • Gravitas for the meteoric ore – it is a spell that comes with the meteoric ore blade that creates a gravity well with the weapon. You can loot it from the lord of lesser Alabaster found in the Limgrave south area of Grace.
  • Transient moonlight for the moonveil – unique skill of Moonveil Katana that allows the user to take sheathe-type stance and further go forward with two slashing attacks. You can find it with the Moonveil Katana


  • Erdtree’s favor – already explained
  • Godfrey icon – this talisman will enhance the charged spell power and skill up to around 15 percent. Furthermore, it also enhances various character stats. You can find it from Godefroy the grafted in the area of Evergaol Golden Lineage
  • Clarifying horn charm – a talisman that increases your focus, further giving you improved madness and sleep. Furthermore, it also increases your character stats. You can find it on the stairs that lead to the deep Siofra well.


There is no hard focus on the attributes at this point, you only need to get enough to use the gear for the build. Here you need to pump mainly the dexterity and intelligence, while also going for endurance and mind as secondary

  • 6 points on faith
  • 25 points on dexterity
  • 18 points on endurance
  • 27 points on intelligence
  • 18 points on vigor
  • 20 points on mind

Final Verdict

Well, that is all for our Spellblade Guide in Elden Ring. There are higher-level variants of this build when you reach level 150 or above, but the base remains the same. Keep in mind, you need the prisoner class and Spellblade armor to make this build. Furthermore, we mentioned three different ones for the sake of making things versatile. You can always move things around and make the best one for yourself.

If you’d like to read more about Elden Ring or view our guides, you may do so here.

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