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It isn’t a secret that playing magical builds in the previous soul series was horrible because of certain limitations. But, now in Elden Ring, you can actually display amazing feats as a Sorcerer. Well, that is actually not the issue here because most beginners are doing well for the first few levels.

As soon as they start reaching level 50, things start getting out of hand and that is exactly why we are here. In this Elden Ring Build Guide for level 50 Sorcerer, we are going to discuss the attributes you need to focus on, the equipment, and the play style. So, without any further delay, let’s hop into the details.

Attributes For Sorcerer

Elden Ring Sorcerer Attributes Screen

Well, your main focus here should be intelligence. Being a Sorcerer built at level 50, you have to primarily pump the intelligence as much as you can. On the other hand, there is no need to go full-on with dexterity because spell speed doesn’t matter at this point.

What you are looking for here is damage and that is why you also need to focus on the mind side of attributes, as well as intelligence. With the increase in mind, your FP points will start to increase exponentially.

If you aren’t alive then what is the point of having heavy damage? For that, you also need to focus on the health side, which means vigor in terms of attributes. You shouldn’t waste all your points on vigor, just have enough to not get one shotted by enemies.

All in one, your main focus should be intelligence, mind, and vigor, while a bit of focus on dexterity. Therefore, all of this should look something like;

  • 33 points on intelligence
  • 20 to 25 points on mind and vigor
  • 18 points on dexterity
  • 14 points on endurance
  • 12 points on strength
  • 9 points on arcane
  • 6 points on faith

Equipment For Sorcerer

There are all sorts of weapons when we are talking about Sorcerers in the Elden Ring. So, for the Elden Ring Build Guide for level 50 Sorcerer, we are going to discuss the ones that you need directly for this build. Below we have each of them explained in detail;


Sorcerer from Elden Ring using the Meteorite Staff to battle enemies.

Meteorite Staff

The best thing about this staff that makes it the best for level 50 Sorcerers is its scaling. Yes, it scales best with the intelligence attribute, making it the perfect suite for a Sorcerer build.

On the other hand, while you are gaining this scaling, there is a drawback. You can’t upgrade the weapon further and the good thing is that you actually don’t have to till a certain point comes.

For beginners at level 50 and beyond, you can trust this weapon with your life. But, once you start getting across the mid-level to the end-game level, you should change it to something else.

Most people are using the Academy Glintstone Staff or the Demi-Human Queen Staff, both of which are good. But, you need to move further with the Meteorite Staff till mid to late game.

Furthermore, with the Meteorite Staff, you are getting various passive bonuses as well. Just as the name suggests, with the Meteorite Staff you can boost your gravity sorcery.

There is also sorcery scaling with this staff that enhances your spells as a Sorcerer. So, what more do you want from a staff used by a level 50 Sorcerer?

Why Not Any Other Staff?

As we already said intelligence scaling is the best thing about this staff and that is the answer to this question. There isn’t any suitable staff for this level that can give you top-tier scaling and also spell buffs.

Having more intelligence will make this staff strong and this will help you make it through the end-game content if you are pumping that intelligence and playing suitably with the Sorcerer build.

Ash Of War

Elden Ring gameplay, the character is using the Ash of War Determination.

Ash Of War Determination

Ash of War determination is another thing that you really want to have with this Sorcerer build at level 50. In this Elden Ring Build Guide for level 50 Sorcerer, we are only talking about determination because it can give you spell damage buffs for quite a long period.

So, you basically have to get the staff in one hand, and in the other hand, you will want to have a small knife or dagger. You can apply ashes of war on that dagger, which will give it a determination buff.

This buff gives you an increase of damage for around 10 seconds and that buff is 60 percent. Every spell you throw at the enemy has this buff for 10 seconds and the best thing is that it costs only 10 FP.

Because of its low FP cost and effortless usability, you can use it in every situation where you have some FP to spare.


Elden Ring Sorcerer in the Carian Knight Set.

Carian Knight Set

There is nothing that goes well for the armor except the Carian Knight Armor Set for the level 50 Sorcerer. The only thing you need to upgrade here is the head slot, except that, you are good with the Greaves, Armor, and the gauntlets of Carian Knight.

Keep in mind that this is a heavy armor and the only reason for going with this one in our Elden Ring Build Guide Sorcerer build is its protective features. In the heat of combat, you want to be as tanky as possible, while doing incredible spell damage and this set does that for you.

Queen’s Crescent Crown

Just like we mentioned you have to change the head slot from Carian knight to something else. Yes, we are talking about the Queen’s Crescent Crown


A Sorcerer in Elden Ring casting a spell that creates a blue bow.

A Sorcerer is nothing without spells and the best picks for the level 50 Sorcerer are:

Glintstone Pebble

You saw this coming because it is the most basic, useful, and essential spell for any Sorcerer or mage. It is cheap, you can spam it on any enemy, has good range, and takes less FP from you. What more do you need?

Glintstone Arc

A situational spell and which is opposite to the Glintstone Pebble. In case there are multiple enemies, then you can simply use this AOE spell to kill your enemies.

Great Glintstone Shard

Again a situational spell that is quite useful but takes away a portion of FP as well. You need to be close range to damage enemies with this spell, but it does a lot of damage. You can use it where the enemies are agile and you can’t dodge their melee attacks.

Rock Sling

Not all enemies take spell damage, while in Elden Ring there are enemies that are invulnerable to spell damage or magic damage. In that case, you have a rock sling that does physical damage. You can use this with Ash of War and spam enemies to instantly kill them.

Loretta’s Greatbow

This here is one of the most powerful spells in Elden Ring, but the issue with this is that it takes a long time to recharge, making you vulnerable to enemy attacks. In case you are dealing with massive enemies that are far away, you can use this to deal massive damage.

This is a game changer when you find enemies outside the aggro range and there is a possibility to spam them.


An Elden Ring Character surrounded by several talisman.

Finally, it comes down to the Talisman for level 50 Shaman. Honestly, there are quite a few that you really want to have for this build;

Graven School Talisman

It is a damage-boosting Talisman but only pumps it up a little, not like the Ash of War buff. When you are using this with your spells, you should expect a small damage percentage buff that can help you finish off multiple enemies with smaller health bars.

Radagon Icon

The one complaint I have with the Sorcerer build is its speed and honestly, we have been focusing on damage all this build. For the speed we have the Radagon icon that enhances the cast speed of your spells. Again, it isn’t a large percentage, but rather a small one.

One thing to mention here is that when you are pumped up with a lot of FP in the mid-level journey, you will get quite a good benefit from the Radagon icon. You can simply start shooting your spells at enemies and they get destroyed.

Blessed Dew Talisman

Finally, you will need the Blessed Dew Talisman. Besides damage and speed, there is only one thing that remains, which is the healing factor. A Sorcerer needs healing to stay alive and your major source for healing is none other than the healing potion.

You are saving the flask for some FP that makes it harder for you to heal. For that, the Blessed Dew Talisman heals you up a bit and saves you from worrying about the flasks.

Level 50 Sorcerer Gameplay

There is no secret to Sorcerers because they are like any other mages or magic builds. You depend on your spells, as there are various types of them discussed here in our Elden Ring Build Guide.

You can spam some spells, while others are situational. The best bet is to combine them and use them on enemies. The health of your character matters a lot for survival so making sure you are dodging as this is a major part of the Sorcerer build.

Just call on your ride to spam enemies, keep your distance and attack again. Keep in mind that you have stamina, and FP to look after, so keep looking at them as well. Finally, be sure to increase your intelligence, and vigor as you progress throughout the game.

Final Verdict

Well, that was all for our Elden Ring Sorcerer Build Guide. It is a simple build that any player can follow and you can always make changes according to your own preferences to make this build even better for your own use. As we mentioned, you have to change the staff at the end of the game and change a few armor specs, otherwise, everything is perfect to play Elden Ring after level 50.

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