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I’ve decided to throw my hat in the ring in the Saitama versus Goku debate. Goku is a character that many of us have grown up with. The Dragon Ball series is currently ongoing in the Manga, and has seen Goku power up numerous times throughout the years. We’ve seen his initial Super Saiyan transformation which at the time, put Goku ahead of many anime characters. Goku know spends his time training with Angels, and Gods, so how on earth could any other anime character out there be stronger than Goku? Well there is a little caped bald guy name Saitama that might just give Goku a run for his money, and that’s what I’ll discuss in my Saitama versus Goku article.

Before we get into the article, I’ll let you all know that I am a fan of both series, and we aren’t necessarily a power scaling blog, but I think it’s fun for us to discuss this topic and that’s why I am doing it. Just know that I don’t intend on offending any one community with my thoughts here.

The Strength of Goku

Goku from the Dragon Ball Series
Image Credit: Dragon Ball Guru

Before we talk about a possible fight between Goku and Saitama, I’d like talk a little about each character. Goku is a Saiyan, that was sent to Earth with the sole purposes of conquering it for the Saiyan race. This never actually happened, because Goku hit his head as a child and this completely altered the direction of his character. Even though he doesn’t have the many personality quirks of Saiyan, Goku still managed to inherit their urge to fight and their ability to get stronger after every battle.

No matter the opponent, with enough time Goku will usually overcome them by either gaining a new transformation or learning from past mistakes. Goku isn’t perfect in this, because many of his fights are lost or become increasingly challenging simply because of the urge to encounter a strong opponent.

Goku is physically strong, but once he transforms his strength increases exponentially. Not only is he super strong, but he will have heightened speed and ki abilities as well. This makes Goku a very formidable opponent for just about any anime character out there. Now that Goku is sparring and training with Gods his strength will continue to grow on an unheard of level.

The Strength of Saitama

Saitama from the One Punch Man series
Image Credit: Sportskeeda

Now let’s talk briefly about the strength of Saitama, or rather how Saitama got so strong. When we first meet Saitama we come to learn that he is a character that has already achieved the peak of strength in his Universe. Saitama is simply looking for an opponent that can survive long enough for him to get some enjoyment out of fighting them. Saitama was able to obtain his strength by sure will power, and in a comical way the story expresses this as Saitama ended up doing “100 push ups, 100 sit ups, and a 10 kilometer run, every single day”.

Now we’ve seen Saitama’s recent feats in the most recent chapters of the manga, and some of them are sneezing off the atmosphere of Jupiter, and being pushed into the sun and taking zero damage. He’s also proven to be insanely fast, and can deal with other super powered beings.

Now one criticism you’ll see online is that Saitama is a gag character, and you cannot possibly compare him to Goku, someone who has gained their strength through countless battles, but I’d argue two points. The first is that both characters and series are entirely fictional so of course we can compare them. None of these characters, or the challenges they face or real so why does it matter how one character achieved their strength over another? The second is when we enter the story of One Punch Man, Saitama has already reached the peak whereas in Dragon Ball, Goku and his friends are always striving to reach the next level to overcome the new opponent.

Both stories have their own strength rules, and I sincerely appreciate both of them.

The Battle Between Saitama and Goku

In my own opinion, I think this battle would start off rather interesting. From what we know of both characters, they both enjoy a good battle. Goku will most likely start fighting Saitama in his base form, which I think will have little to no effect on him. It’s probably not until Goku reaches Super Saiyan 2 or 3 that Saitama will begin to get knocked away. Saitama will most likely not defend himself and allow Goku to continue to throw attacks his way. He will most likely start off by throwing a normal punch at Goku, and I think Goku’s reaction to this punch will surprise Saitama.

Based on Goku’s feats alone, I’m sure Goku could take a regular punch from Saitama with relative ease, which will encourage Saitama to take this fight a little more seriously. Goku will most likely laugh at this and slowly power up wanting to see more of Saitama’s power.

The biggest question I personally have with Goku versus Saitama is how long will the fight last. We know that Saitama’s power will continue go grow to infinity so It’s possible that Goku will get overwhelmed if the fight goes the distance, but if Goku where to power up to his max power in the beginning could he defeat Saitama?

I personally find this hard to come to grips with, just because Saitama’s durability is really off the charts. He could possibly take all of Goku’s attacks, and just shrug it off or have his clothes burnt off. The other question I have is in regards to Goku’s durability. Goku will take damage from Saitama, but the question is how much damage, and how much of of this damage can Goku take?

Final Thoughts and Feedback

If I had to pick a winner in the Goku versus Saitama fight, I’d think I’d pick Saitama, but it’s really hard to say because this fight could really go on forever. Both characters would enjoy fighting each other, buts hard to say that one will absolutely obliterate the other with little to no effort. Little mashups like this are really fun to do no matter what side you’re on.

I’d love to hear from our readers regarding this topic. Who do you think would win in a battle between Saitama versus Goku? No matter what you think feel free to leave a comment below, I promise all comments are welcome here.

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