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I had the pleasure of watching Prey and have decided to share my thoughts with our community, just in case some of you are hesitant about watching this film. Prey is a film that is set in early North America, and follows a tribe of Native American’s as they are being hunted by the Predator. There will be spoilers in my Prey review, but I’ll do my best to keep those at a minimum, because I do want you to watch this film for yourself. I will be discussing the plot, characters, the overall themes, and give my opinion on many of these elements throughout this review. If you are interested in watching Prey, it is available currently on Hulu.

Thank you in advance for reading, and I hope you enjoy my Prey review.

How Was It?

Group of Indians Chanting from the Prey Movie
Image Credit: Disney

The best way I can describe Prey is by saying is a very solid film. In my personal opinion Prey doesn’t break any new ground as far as cinema goes. It has a rather simple story, cool CGI, and great set pieces, but they all come together to create something that I think is much deserving of a watch.

In Prey, you follow Naru, a young woman that wants to be accepted as a hunter by her tribe. In this tribe it is the men that are generally known as the strong warriors, but they are not solely chosen solely for their strength. They must go out into the wilderness, and kill a mountain lion and bring it’s head back to their tribe. As Naru longs to be a hunter, many in her tribe continue to force her to stay home and insist that she isn’t cut out to be a hunger, and at first glance you’d be inclined to agree with her.

The Main Protagonist

Naru is a great protagonist overall. She starts out as someone that you can tell has the instincts of a hunter, but continues to fail and run away when faced with a huge challenge. When she finally encounters the Predator, she’s afraid and makes plenty of mistakes, and will need to use her wits and find something deep inside herself if she is to overcome her adversary.

Naru’s character is really written beautifully, and I’d say the this goes for all of the characters in this film. There isn’t a single one that is just there for know reason. They either work to move the plot forward, or are there to show Naru something in one way or another. It’s nice to see characters in movies like this, as I’d love to see more of her if there are any future installments.

The Predator

Prey Movie Scene - Boy holding arrow at the Predator
Image Credit: Disney

Even though this is a Predator film, there really isn’t much information given about the Predator. We know he’s there to fight, and he appears to enjoy it, but we really don’t get any other information about him. With that being said, the lack of information actually works well in this film. The Predator is tough, menacing and resourceful. He takes damage, and can keep going. The technology he uses really appears well ahead of it’s time, and it draws curiosity from the other character’s in the way that it should. You’re curious about him, but are so immersed in what’s happening that you really don’t think too much about it.

The Predator manages to strike fear every time he’s on screen, and I really loved his design in this film. My only real criticism is I wish we would’ve learned more about why he’s there and if there is a possibility of more showing up in the future, but I guess that’s not really what this movie is about. It’s a small criticism, but one I don’t think will stop you from enjoying this film.

What Prey Represents and Final Thoughts

Naru standing amongst other Indians.

Prey is a film about overcoming ones own fears to achieve a goal. I’d argue that this film is also about family and the bonds we share, and how these bonds can help us realize our true potential in life. Naru is held back by almost every member of her tribe, but as the story progresses you learn that this isn’t simply because she is a woman, but rather because they care about her well being.

They all know that to be a hunter and a warrior means risking your life and the lives of those in your tribe. So only the mentally, and physically strongest among them are up to the task, but Naru, proves throughout her journey that she is among the best of them. Prey is a movie that has a lot of heart, and is much more about Naru’s community then the Predator, but is a a great film, and one I recommend everying seeing.

Now I’d like to hear from our readers. Have you watched Prey, and if so what did you think about? Do you think it’s deserving of so many great Rotten Tomatoes scores? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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