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Crowdfunding has become a major resource for comic book creators. The resources gained from the venture help indie creators develop their on properties, all while providing them more creative control and freedom over the finished product. A good example of this is the campaign for Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass which is written by Ben Ayad Hatim (who we will interview later on this site), and joined by artist Winzaldi Nirmansyah and colorist Nicholas Fitzgerald.

In this article, we will talk what we know of the story so far, why we think it is something you will truly enjoy, and tell you where you support this comic if you are interested. Thank you in advance for reading and we hope you enjoy this article!

What Is Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass Chapter 1

Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass Chapter 1: Deformation (Cover)
Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass Chapter 1: Deformation (Cover)

From what we know of Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass, the story has many sci-fi, and fantastical elements that many readers may find intriguing. In chapter 1, we learn about a secret organization that is using a sacred rock to summon the king of the Dark World. The sacred rock contains supernatural powers and was a gift to the humans from the Sky World. This secret organization’s rituals with the sacred rock fail, which leads to thousands of pieces or ‘broken glass’ falling on Yorans Kingdom. The pieces of sacred rock that fall on the citizens of the kingdom cause many of them to develop deformities, including the son of the series main protagonist, Tian.

In Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass, you’ll follow Tian and his wife, as they struggle to find a cure and a home for all of the people that were struck by this mysterious deformity. The story promises to dramatically evolve over time as you learn more about this secret organization, their overall role in the story, and follow Tian on his journey.

What Does Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass Represent?

Tian and wife witness the deformation of their son.
Image Credit: Ben-Zaldi Comics

On this site, we love to let you know what a story represents as almost any story will have hidden concepts and an overall message it is trying to convey. This is one key aspect of great writing and storytelling. Lying Mirrors is no different here, as the writer works to express his true feelings throughout his work. A few messages that are conveyed here are: that people that are somehow deformed suffer socially in the world, the classic battle of good versus evil, and the sacrifice an individual can make for the sake of others. All of these are great, and let us know that Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass should provide us with great depth, and a story that we can learn something from and possibly implement some elements in our personal lives.

After reading the overall synopsis of the story, I am intrigued to know more about the sacred rock, and what supernatural powers it wields. I’m curious to know if the individuals with deformities have experienced any other side effects, or if the secret organization will try to contain them somehow. From what we have read about the crowdfunding campaign, we do not know much about Tian and his family, but the story and characters still have me intrigued, and I’d like to know more about the overall world they are living in. So far the story of Lying Mirrors does seem like it is worth your time to at least check out.

Final Thoughts & How To Support This Project

The secret organization looks onward as the sacred rocks breaks into many pieces.
Image Credit: Ben-Zaldi Comics

Lying Mirrors: Broken Glass is a story that I personally will be keeping an eye on as the crowdfunding campaign reaches it’s goal. I think the story, and artwork are interesting and are well deserving of a read. We may even review the issues on this site as we learn more about it. If you’d like to support this campaign or simply learn more about the creators or the story, you can do so by clicking on the link here.

It’s important to note that the overall issues will be in black and white, but this shouldn’t bother you if you’ve read any type of comic book or manga. The campaign has several options to choose from and each will provide you with a digital copy of the of the first issue. If you decided to fund them more and move up to the higher tiers there are some cool additions such as a colored cover, variant cover and some promotional artwork.

If you’d like to follow the creators, and stay up to date with everything about this comic and future projects they are currently on Patreon, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

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