The 10 Most Annoying Anime Characters

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No matter how high your tolerance meter is, there is always that one anime character who tests your patience in the most annoying ways ever! Even if these characters are on the good guys’ side, they are absolutely unbearable. Be it their shrill voice or dumb personality, these characters in one way or another manage to make you scream at the top of your lungs!

So, buckle up, stay hydrated and pick your meditation mantra because this list is going to test your patience!

10. Ichiya Vandalay – Fairy Tail

Ichiya Vandalay From the Fairytail series

Despite being the ace of the Blue Pegasus Guild and leader of The Trimens, Ichiya Vandalay manages to secure the title of the most annoying character from Fairy Tail. I mean, I know Lucy is a good competitor, but this guy is something else! With his short existence and a weird nose that always shines, Ichiya is an irksome womanizer, and the only thing good about him is his short screen-time.

9. Excalibur – Soul Eater

  Excalibur from the Soul Eater series

The most powerful weapon in the entire world? Wait, are you kidding me? This character has been purposely made so annoying that it gets difficult to bear him during all the screen-time.

8. Mr. Satan – Dragon Ball Z

Mr. Satan from the Dragonball Series

Where do even I start with this guy? What really annoys me about him is how he always steals the credit for almost everything. How the whole human population praises him for being the strongest fighter always cracks me up. Still, we cannot deny that Mr. Satan has proved to be quite useful at times too, and he is the best Grand-dad to Pan!

7. Katarina Claes – My Next Life as a Villainess; All Routes leads to Doom

Katarina Claes from My Next Life as a Villainess; All Routes leads to Doom

Katarina is the main character in her anime, and to be very honest, she is both annoying and cute. The way Katarina is nice to everyone can be very cute and wholesome, but what we find annoying about this character is her tendency to overthink everything like crazy. It is quite annoying to watch Katarina overthinking about her doom which will probably never come.

6. Misa Amane – Death Note

Misa Amane from Death Note

Misa Amane, a blonde girl, lived up to her name and despite having the power and potential, she managed to end up being used as a pawn. In my book, she’s labeled as the dumb, immature, deranged fangirl obsessing over Kira. This love-sick blonde killed so many people just to attain acceptance from Light and ignored Rem all the time who genuinely loved her.

5. Boruto – Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Boruto from Boruto: Naruto next generations

What sin did our hero Naruto commit to deserve a son like Boruto? Why? Though this whole Boruto business has tarnished the name of the most adored Classic Shounen Anime Series, Naruto, I find Boruto the most annoying, and more irritating than Naruto’s new hair! Yes, you heard that right. Boruto is nothing, but a spoiled brat who hates on his father for no good reason.

4. Minoru Mineta – My Hero Academia

Minors Mineta from My Hero Academia

An otherwise amazing show My Hero Academia has an obvious flaw to it, that being none other than Minoru Mineta. This character has got the most useless quirk that makes him the most uninteresting thing to watch in a fight. His other set of skills include being a pervert, invading women’s privacy against their wishes, and freaking everyone out in every possible situation.

3. Makoto Itou – School days

Makoto Itou from school days

Makoto Itou is one of the most hated characters in the anime world. You cannot really complete a hate-list without adding his name. This womanizer flirts with every girl and makes them fall for his charm. Being the guy around which all the girls flock to makes him feel good about himself, but this womanizing eventually gets the best of him.

2. Yuki Cross – Vampire Knight

Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight

You may be familiar with how Bella Swan was always a pain and absolutely the most annoying character ever to exist! Well, let me introduce you to the Bella Swan of the anime world, Yuki Cross.

Incredibly charming vampire guys falling in love with an absolutely average girl with nothing that stands outs, yes, this is the whole plot. At least, Bella knew what she wanted.

1. Nina Einstein – Code Geass

Nina Einstein from Code Geass

I cannot put my hate for this character into words! There are so many reasons why Nina Einstein tops our list. Her obsession with Princess Euphemia annoys me to the point that it becomes unbearable. The only bad thing about Code Geass is this extremely intelligent, but incredibly dumb at the same time, character of Nina.

Thank you for reading our list of the most annoying anime characters, next check out our list of anime characters we love to hate.

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