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Beastars is a popular anime series, that is known for it’s colorful cast of characters. Yes, the characters in this anime series are animals, but there is so much depth in many of them, that the series continues to pique the interest of many different types of anime fans. This YouTube video created by our Anime Nerd, Ash, explains what your favorite Beastars character says about you.

This series of videos we’ve created are a fun way for you to see which character you’d most resemble if you were in this anime. Personally, I love the main protagonist Legoshi. He’s an all-round good character, but when he was first introduced he seemed slightly surrounded in mystery which made him and his journey all the more intriguing.

After watching this video, please be sure to let us know what you think of it, by leaving a comment down below. Thank you in advance for watching. If you’d like to learn more about Beastars, check out our recently posted Beastars Review.

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