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In our newest YouTube video, Superhero Nerd, Aaron Waller shares his thoughts on the DC movie, TV, and animated universe as a whole. DC and Warner Bros., have been in a tough spot and are struggling to get their shared universes off the ground. Whether it’s their shared movie Universe or the animated one, there is a slew of canceled series and movies with mixed reviews from fans, many of which we’ve reviewed on our YouTube channel.

Two animated movies we’ve reviewed recently are Constantine: House of Mystery, and Green Lantern: Beware My Power. Both of them received pretty low ratings from us.

Don’t get us wrong by the title of this article and video, we are big fans of DC Comics and try to do our fair share of criticism on both Marvel and DC properties, but it’s clear DC is struggling in the film department. DC has some of the most popular comic book heroes out there, yet continues to struggle in their dreams of creating their own separate universe.

This is a great video from Aaron in my opinion, I know, I am a little biased here, but I do think you all will enjoy it. After watching this video, please share your thoughts on the state of the DC Universe, and let’s discuss this one like civil adults if we can. If you’d like to read our thoughts on DC’s comic book universe, check out our article on changes DC Comics needs to make.

Thank you all in advance for watching! As a reminder, we upload new YouTube videos 3 times a week on the channel.

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