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Saitama the main character of the popular manga, and anime series One Punch Man is an all around good guy, but there has been a lot of theories out there regarding what would happen if there were an evil version of Saitama out there. Saitama is the strongest being in the entire series, and his feats of strength have yet to be rivaled by any character in the series. Saitama is able to ‘seriously sneeze’ the atmosphere off of Jupiter, survive being thrown into the Sun, and with minimal effort, jump off the earth and land on the moon. These are but a small taste of the feats he is capable of, which makes all fans think what would happen if there were an evil version of Saitama out there? Dive with me in the rabbit hole of theories and opinions in this fun article as we explore the Evil Saitama theory.

Who Is Evil Saitama?

Saitama after seeing Genos be killed by Garou

I will begin this article, by stating that Evil Saitama is not real and cannot hurt you. Okay, but seriously Evil Saitama doesn’t actually exist or hasn’t even been hinted at in the manga, anime or webcomic. It has been implied in the series, that someone with Saitama’s level of strength shouldn’t be in their right mind, but Saitama is able to due this due to his strength of will. The rumor or theory of Evil Saitama has been created by the One Punch Man fandom. Since no hero or villain so far has even been able to come close to Saitama, fans always like to theorize as to who could rival the Caped Baldy in a one on one fight.

In anime’s and in comics, when a villain posses a similar powerset to the main protagonist they tend to show the audience the full range of powers and abilities that are possible, and example would Black Adam and Captain Marvel. Heroes of course will have to hold back as they are generally worried about saving others, and collateral damage. If an evil version of Saitama did exist, and they were someone that didn’t hold back I’m sure there is no universe that will be safe. Saitama has already shown that he can literally punch his way into another dimension, as he did when Child Emperor was fighting the monster Phoenix Man. So an Evil Saitama would have no problem simply punching his way into the main story continuity, which is one of the many reasons why I don’t think this type of character exist, at least for now.

Multiverse’s and Interdimensional Travel

One Punch Man manga, Blast offers to take Garou to another dimension.

In the most recent manga issues, we learn that time travel and alternate dimensions are now a thing in the One Punch Man series, which does nothing but add more full to this theoretical fire. When Blast meets Garou shortly after he’s taken the powers of God, he offers the solution of taking Garou to another dimension to avoid further death and destruction of the planet.

Another example, is when someone touches the black God cubes throughout the series. When Flashy Flash, and Saitama both touched the cubes they were immediately taken to another dimension where they could actually hear and communicate with God. So we know that other dimensions actually exist, but to me this still isn’t definitive proof that there could be an Evil Saitama running around, but that brings me to the next point, which is the Boros type character we see with Blast.

One of the members of Blast team looks exactly like Boros. We do not have any information on Blast’s team at the time of me writing this article. So we do not know who exactly they are, where they came from, and what exactly is each characters role in the coming conflict. Since Blast knows of our Saitama and didn’t immediately recognize him, I think it’s safe to say that Evil Saitama doesn’t exist in other worlds. Blast and his team spend their time fighting God, and his minions and preventing his escape from his dimensional prison. If there were an Evil Saitama aiding him in some way I think Blast would have recognized him.

The Case For An Evil or Dark Saitama

Saitama standing in on IO, in front of Jupiter.

So far in this article, I’d say I have made a case for why a dark version of Saitama may not exist, but I’d like take a moment to take the opposing viewpoint as to why the character could exist. The first I’ll explore is the possibility of the various dimensions I mentioned earlier. The neat thing of there being so many dimensions is the writer could truly create any type of villain they’d like, even an evil version of Saitama. If Evil Saitama did exist we have to think about this in terms of the the overall story and themes of One Punch Man.

The story isn’t simply about Saitama getting a challenging fight, it is much more complex. The story really deals with other questions such as what does it truly mean to be a hero? The series also explores the many various tropes we see in the superhero and anime genre. The big fight that Saitama will get will be an epic one, but the point I am trying to make is there is much more to the story than the fights. In my opinion, an Evil Saitama would have to be someone that’s strength didn’t rival our Saitama. The reason for this is Saitama acquired his strength due to sure will alone, and yes, he did abide by the rules of the One Punch Man world to do it, but there is a difference in his distinct will and resolve that separates him from other characters in the series.

Evil Saitama most likely would have taken some type of short cut, whether it be taking the powers of God or some funny trope of him not running as far or something. Either way, there would have to be some type of flaw at Evil Saitama’s core that sent him down this path. Saitama has been angry before, such as the case of when Garou killed Genos, but still Saitama never tried to kill his human opponent which shows us more about him as a character than many fans may realize.

Evil Saitama Being God’s Avatar Or Taking His Powers

God standing on the Moon in One Punch Man.

If Evil Saitama acquires his powers from God, this could make for an interesting story element. Especially if Saitama’s evil self is unable to be stopped and causes havoc to the planet that is irreversible. Or if Evil Saitama stored up negative emotional energy or something along those lines or somehow ended up being God’s avatar? It could be possible that God sees Saitama as the only means of beating Saitama so he takes this as his human form. That could be very interesting as it wouldn’t necessarily be Saitama, but instead God who happens to take the form of Saitama. The problem I have with this is the motive for God to take Saitama’s powers. If God were to break free and is able to do as he pleases, couldn’t he simply take over the planet without taking on a human form?

As you can see the possible theories of Evil Saitama are fun, but when you break them down they seem like something that is simply impossible. With One Punch Man I have always learned to expect the unexpected as we truly don’t know what we’ll get in the next chapters which makes this series that much more exciting.

Now I’d like to hear from our readers. What are your thoughts on Evil Saitama? Do you think he exist, and if so let me know how you think he will appear? It’s always fun to speculate, and please be kind in the comments. (We are only having fun here)

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