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There are many anime on this planet that are unlikable. These anime sometimes have bad animation, whilst at other times the story itself can be quite boring.

Well, some of these anime are just poor adaptations of the original source material. It can be a very saddening thing when a manga artist’s hard work is not portrayed in all its glory.

Today, we are going to take a look at some anime adaptations which are not as good as the manga.

10- Akame ga Kill!

Akame ga Kill Anime

The Akame ga Kill anime isn’t that bad, but it is still not as good as the manga. The manga version of this series gives us better world-building and character development. The anime follows the story of the manga at first, but it diverts from the source material midway.

9- Black Butler

Black Butler Anime

Black Butler is also a fairly good anime on this list, but the second season of this anime completely diverts from the original source material. In the manga, we focus a little more on the major aspects of the series, like Ciel’s revenge.

8- Deadman Wonderland

Deadman Wonderland anime

The Deadman Wonderland anime adaption was pretty decent at first. But as the show progresses, it starts to become less horrifying and focuses more on the action sequences. Many manga fans totally disliked this sudden shift as the manga advances in a different way. Also, the anime is not complete, and a lot of your questions are left unanswered.

7- Masamune-Kun no Revenge

Masamune-Kun no Revenge

Masamune-Kun no Revenge is an amazing series about the revenge of a former bullying victim, who works very hard and becomes a totally different person. The anime adaption of this story is very bland and short. The story doesn’t develop in any way at all, and you are just left with a lot of questions. The manga version of this series is miles better, and it gives us the complete story.

6- Flowers of Evil

Flowers of Evil anime

The anime adaption of this series has a pretty good story just like the manga. However, the animation can be a bit weird for some people. This anime series uses a technique called rotoscoping for animation. This type of animation makes the backgrounds look amazing, but the characters themselves look a little unsettling. The manga has better visuals.

5- Gantz

Gantz anime

Gantz has an amazing story, but the anime isn’t that good because of bad animation. The scenes in this anime can seem quite despicable because the animation is a little too slow-paced. The manga, on the other hand, gives us the same amazing story but with good pacing and better visuals. The manga will give you a better experience compared to the anime.

4- Rosario + Vampire

Rosario + Vampire Anime

If you have watched this anime, then you probably remember it as some ecchi show which just forces all of that fanservice into your face. The anime doesn’t really have a clear story, but that is definitely not the case when it comes to the manga adaption. The manga version of this story focuses a lot on all the different characters as it doesn’t make fanservice its number 1 priority.

3- Vampire Knight

Vampire Night Anime

The anime version of Vampire Knight is just extremely bad. The show has bad pacing and animation, which ruin our overall experience. The manga version of Vampire Knight isn’t a masterpiece either, but at least it doesn’t suffer from poor animation and voice acting.

2- Berserk

Berserk Anime

Berserk is hailed as one of the best manga series in the whole world. The manga adaption of this anime has a very good narrative, and it is pretty well-drawn. The earlier anime adaptations of this anime weren’t too bad, but they still were not as good as the manga. Things really started to get bad on the anime side after the release of Berserk 2016. You should seriously just go and read this manga as it is a masterpiece that deserves all the praise that it gets.

1- Tokyo Ghoul: Re

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul: RE

The first 2 seasons of Tokyo Ghoul had the best animation and pacing, and they are still loved by the whole anime community. However, Tokyo Ghoul: Re anime adaption was so bad that it ruined the reputation of the entire series. The manga is extremely good, and all of you should just go and read that instead of watching this poorly-paced show.

Thank you for reading! We hope you enjoyed our list of 10 anime that have better manga. Now check out our list of 5 underrated anime that deserve a watch!

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