TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Co-op Gameplay

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Thank you all for reading this article. After playing through this game for my official review, I came across feedback that mentioned how many players were having difficulty with this game. I do not consider myself an expert, but I play a variety of games and have had success with TMNT – Shredder’s Revenge. So if you are playing this game, are interested in playing it, or would simply like to get better, then this article is for you. In this article, I’ll provide a few tips and tricks that I have learned to help you succeed, and beat this game. So without delaying any further I hope you enjoy and benefit from my TMNT Shredder’s Revenge Tips and Tricks. 

Use the D-Pad 

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Tips and Tricks

This first tip is primarily for those that choose to play this game on a console. You’ll want to use the D-pad over the thumbstick if you are having difficulties with directional movement or dodging enemy attacks. In the earlier levels, I was able to successfully combat enemies while using the thumbstick. In the later levels, enemies will come more frequently and will increase in variety so you’ll need to be quick in order to stay alive and defeat the many enemies quickly. 

Determine Which Enemies To Defeat First

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Gameplay

Since there are a variety of enemies in this game that you’ll encounter, sometimes you’ll need to decide which ones to take out first and which ones are not necessarily a priority. For example, there are black ninjas, that will immediately dodge backward and through sai’s at you that you must dodge quickly or take damage. 

These enemies were quite troublesome anytime they showed up. If they appeared alongside other ninjas or robots I had to focus on the other enemies first before taking out the black ninjas. Most of your lesser ninjas like the white, green, purple, or blue or very easy to take out and should be prioritized first if you can. Another way to get out of tight spots is to use your super ability or power-ups. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Your Super 

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge, character using super

As you play TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge you’ll earn higher super levels, which means that you’ll be able to use this ability several times in-game. If you unlock this to its 3rd tier then you unlock Radical Mode, and in this mode, your character will do a lot of damage to enemies. If you find yourself in a tight spot don’t be afraid to use your super to take out waves of enemies. This meter increases so fast, that you can easily refill it again. 

I Hate Robots 

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Co-op Gameplay

The only enemy that I truly struggled against was the game’s various robots. In most cases, I had to leave the robots for last. Not all of the robots are challenging, but some of the variations can grab you or shoot at you from afar. So it’s very important to make the robots as you can otherwise you are stuck dodging them all while trying to defeat the other enemies that appear on the screen. 

Boss Battles 

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Boss Battle versus Shredder.

We may go into detail on the individual boss battles in later articles, but for now, I’ll give you some general tips to help defeat the game’s many bosses. All of the bosses have some type of pattern to their attacks. Whether slow or fast all of their attacks are repeated, and in these repeated movements there is a safe window for the player to attack. Use this time to inflict as much damage as absolutely possible. 

After each brief moment where attacks are allowed the boss will immediately strike to hit the player. This is more of a cheap shot but can be continuously frustrating if you lose your call and start getting upset mid-boss battle. 

Many bosses will spawn other enemies, that can get in the way of you defeating the boss. Boss battles in TMNT – Shredder’s Revenge isn’t timed so take your time and eliminate these smaller enemies first. These enemies can help you build your super meter which can be used to add more damage to the boss. 

Play Co-Op

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge Co-op Gameplay

After these tips, if you are still struggling, I’d recommend playing online co-op. You can group with randoms or play with friends online. In co-op, up to 6 players can take on the many levels and boss fights. This may be a good way for you to learn the mechanics and help out your team. Once you’ve beaten the first 5 or so levels you should be well on your way to being able to complete the game given enough time and effort. 

Lower The Difficulty 

TMNT - Shredder's Revenge - Lower The Difficulty

TMNT – Shredder’s Revenge has three difficulty levels, and if you are having trouble I’d recommend lowering the difficulty. I know there is a lot of pride in the gaming community, but if you’ve tried everything else there is no other option, but to lower the difficulty. It’s okay, we won’t make fun of you on this blog. 

TMNT- Shredder’s Revenge is an overall fun game and can be challenging for players, but I think some of the tips mentioned above should help those that are struggling. I’m happy to go more into detail and talk about specific bosses or how to deal with specific enemy types. If you think any of these guides will be helpful, let me know by leaving a comment below. 

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