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Lightyear has released and is available for all to see, but is the new film by Pixar worth your time and hard earned money? Find out in our Lightyear review. Please click on the link above to watch Aarons Lightyear review, but I’ll also add some of the points below in this article for you.

The Setting

Lightyear movie review

I’d like to say first that Lightyear is not Toy Story, at least not exactly. Lightyear follows the story of Buzz Lightyear as he embarks on a journey of exploration and adventure. A fun fact to note is that this movie is THE movie that Andy, from the Toy Story films, originally saw and made him want the Buzz Lightyear toy.

Made For Older Fans

Scene from Lightyear movie

Lightyear is not exactly made for younger audiences in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong there are some moments in this film that are specifically made for kids such as some of the jokes and silly dialogue.

But overall, younger fans should still be able to follow this movie, but some of the scenes in this movie and the general tone hints at this being made for those of us that originally grew up with Toy Story. For more information on that, watch Aarons video review above.

The Animation

Lightyear Review

Lightyear is a visual spectacle and one that you should truly enjoy and be amazed at. The colors pop, the art style is very tastefully done and you should leave the theater very impressed.

Conclusion and Rating

In Aarons review he gives Lightyear a very high rating, and one I think is justified given many of the high points.

Now we’d like to hear from our community. How would you rate Lightyear out of 10? Is this a film that is on your list to see or not? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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