God in One Punch Man

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Since I’ve already written an article a while ago explaining who is God from One Punch Man, I thought I’d take a moment to now share my thoughts on how strong is god in One Punch Man. To summarize, God is a character that has been set up as the final villain in One Punch Man series. The manga has given us the most information we’ve had on God so far in the series and in this article, I’ll share some of God’s established feats and possible powers as a means of us to determine how strong God is in One Punch Man.

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Who Or What Is God?

God sealed in another dimension

So far what we know about the character God is that he is some kind of being that is trapped in another dimension. If God is an actual God or if his name is just a metaphor that alludes to his overall strength, we really do not know at this point in the story. Even though we’ve gotten recent developments on his character we have yet to discover who or what he actually is.

We do know that God is trapped in what appears to be another dimension and that Blast, the S-class rank 1 hero, has been busy monitoring his actions and working together with other beings to keep him sealed.

In chapters 165-166 of the One Punch Man manga we see Gods seal partially loosen which allows God to almost break through the dimensional seal. This allows God to partially possess or grant his powers to Garou. Shortly after God vanishes, which implies that he is now back in his prison, but not before we see him step through to our world for the first time.

Established Feats

God temporarily breaks through dimensions

We do not have any specific physical feats from God so we do not know how physically strong he is, but the first feat I’ll mention is what I mentioned in the prior paragraph and that is God temporarily walking on the planet.

God walks on the planet, and we have some religious symbology here I’d him walking on what appears to be water. Many of the onlookers could not see Gods physical feet, but they could see the mysterious inter dimensional cloud formations. So far, no character has even come close to replicating something like this.

Even though God hasn’t shown himself to be physically strong we do know that God has had a direct influence over many of the villains we encounter in the series and has granted them powers. He’s helped or created villains such as Vaccine Man, Psykos, Homeless Emporer, and now Garou. I’m sure as the series progresses we will see more villains that have either been inspired by or given a substantial power boost by Gods indirect or direct influence, because it’s clear God is bent on destruction.

Homeless Emperor uses Gods spheres to attack heroes.

God enjoys granting powers to people with the sole goal of subjugating or destroying humanity. All of the characters he’s aided have seen massive power-ups once they have interacted with him. Psykos was easily able to shoot beams that could potentially level the planet, and Homeless Emporer’s light spheres could easily pull off similar feats of power.

Damage to the Earth from Psykos after Gods power up.

Garou has shown the most significant improvement as he’s able to match, and even copy some of Saitama’s movements. He’s also gained enhanced durability, and the ability to generate nuclear explosions with his punches. All of these feats are mere child’s play as God only lent these individuals a small fraction of his power, which means that God must have absolutely insane levels of strength.

One thing I have noticed with the powers that God grants are the type of powers. Most of God’s minions seem to have energy-based powers and no raw strength. Garou did receive a boost in strength, buts it’s extremely hard to gauge how much has Saitama hasn’t taken Garou seriously as of the time of me writing this article.

Cosmic Fear Garou using Saitamas Consecutive Normal Punches Technique

Threat Level God

It’s safe to assume that God is a disaster level God being. Now there is no way of knowing for sure the limit of Gods power, but seeing the power up’s of those he’s granted power it’s safe to assume that he would be able to easily replicate such feats. Since that’s the case it’s safe to say that all of the heroes, including Saitama will be needed the day God is finally unleashed.

Now I’d like to hear from our readers. What do you think about God and his overall strength? Are you excited to learn more about this character or is there any theories you’d like me to write about? Let me know by leaving a comment.

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