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What’s up Nerdgenic Nation and new readers to this blog. I’m excited to provide my Chorus Game Review for you all today.

In my review of Chorus, I’ll share my thoughts on the overall story, gameplay, visuals, and difficulty. At the end of this review, I’ll give this game a rating which we like to call the fun factor score in this blog. Thank you in advance for reading and I hope you enjoy my review!

I stumbled across Chorus in the Xbox Game Store and thought this may be a fun game to play and review for our community. Chorus has recently become available on Xbox Game Pass, but it’s also available to play on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Google Stadia, and PC.

What Is Chorus?

Nara from Chorus

Chorus is a sci-fi, open-world shooter developed by Deep Silver FISHLABS. In Chorus, you’ll play as Nara, who was once a warrior for the game’s primary antagonist, the Circle.

Nara has been granted abilities or ‘rites’, that will aid you in combat and help you unlock special memories that will slowly reveal the story to you during your play-through.

At first glance, Chorus is a story of multiple layers and great depth, so much so that I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on. You are introduced to Nara and she is helping other space communities as an undercover warrior. It is soon revealed that Nara was a member of the deadly group the Circle, but she is accepted by many characters you come across because of her good deeds.

It’s clear that Nara is also not one hundred percent aware of what is going on, but as you play through the campaign you’ll learn and experience the deadly truth about Nara, her mission, and her larger role in the overall plot at the same time as her.

This type of storytelling doesn’t always go over well, but Chorus really had me intrigued from the initial introduction. I now want to learn more about Nara and the world of this game as I continue to play. I felt encouraged to explore the world and take on different side missions knowing there was a story element reward for me at the end. I can honestly say I haven’t played a game recently where the story captivated me as Chorus’s did.

How Is The Gameplay?

Chorus Review

The overall gameplay of Chorus is fast-paced, fun, and slightly challenging. You’ll pilot a ship that uses three main weapons, a Gatling Gun, Missile Launcher, and Laser Cannon.

Each weapon is designed to fulfill a specific role and can be switched on the fly during combat. The Gatling Gun is more of your primary weapon and can be used to help take down a variety of targets, but it can lack power. The Missile Launcher can be used to take out slower-moving targets or times when you need more firepower, and the Laser Cannon is great for taking out enemy shields.

On top of this, you’ll unlock new abilities while playing such as the ability to vaporize enemy shields and turn into a ‘falling star’, and lunge at enemies. Your abilities, as well as your weapons, can be upgraded over time, and you will upgrade both via combat and power up’s earned by completing missions and certain story elements.

Piloting and Combat

Piloting your ship and taking out enemies is what makes Chorus special. This game reminds me of playing Starfox in some ways. You are in your ship the entire time, but piloting isn’t too difficult.

The controls are extremely fluid, and there are a variety of movements you can do such as hovering or gliding depending on what you need to look at or do in-game.

I felt like a kid again when chasing down circle ships, and deciding what targets to take out first. The new abilities you gain only help make the combat that much more enjoyable.

Is Chorus Hard?

Chorus is not too difficult. If I had to give the difficulty a rating in itself, I would give it a 7 out of 10. Most of the deaths I experienced were primarily due to me not completing an objective in time, but you can prevent this by mastering ship movement.

A helpful tip I would add is to treat this like any other open-world game. You’ll want to complete the numerous side missions first, before jumping into the main story. Some of the missions will lead to unique power up’s and weapons that will make the main story so much easier.

You’ll also want to look for the in-game currency known as credits. You can find credits easily by using Nara’s Rite of the Senses ability or by completing simple side missions. This is an easy way to improve your weapons and purchase armor power ups.

If you find Chorus’s gameplay too difficult or just want to play to enjoy the story, you can lower the difficulty to the lowest setting. I played on the normal setting for this review and enjoyed every minute of it and found it balanced quite nicely.

The Open World

Chorus Gameplay

I’ll wrap up my review by talking about the open-world aspect of Chorus. Chorus does a good job at providing you with an interesting open world that encourages player exploration, but sadly there isn’t much in the way of side quests.

If you are looking for a true open-world experience, Chorus will disappoint you. The open world in this game is similar to that of games like Gears 5, or Halo Infinite. There is room for exploration, but it is extremely limited and I’d say more so in Chorus.

All of the new areas you explore are all centered around the game’s main story, which isn’t a bad thing, but the side characters you’ll meet and help in this game are simply not interesting enough.

Most of the side missions involve you either helping someone with fuel, locating a random object, or defending someone from enemy ships that appear. I’m glad there aren’t many of these missions and no real grind mechanic to this game because I would hate to have to repeat these missions over and over.

Conclusion And Rating

Nara meeting Forsaken from Chorus

Chorus was a fun experience overall. It doesn’t have too much going for it in the open-world department, but that is really a minor issue that I feel won’t hinder the game experience for many players. You’ll be too busy learning about Nara, her story, and having fun fighting enemies to even notice its faults. I’ve decided to give Chorus a Fun Factor score of 9 out of 10.

Now it’s time to hear from our readers. After reading this review will you play Chorus? if you’ve already played this game, share your thoughts below to help other readers.

Thank you for taking the time to read my review. Have a great day!

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