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All of us enjoy laughing no matter what genre of anime is your favorite; it does not matter if you like mecha, thriller, horror, romance, or ecchi, or maybe if you like those dark stories with a lot of tragedy, a good laugh always goes down well at every moment, we have to admit it. Despite the fact that many consider comedy a cheap way to sell (I honestly don’t think so) and that many comedy shows are bad, there are many comedy anime that are considered masterpieces, which is why we are excited to bring you this list of the funniest anime.

I have seen a lot of anime, too many to know exactly how many I have seen over the years, so I have seen many anime that have made me laugh uncontrollably. In our list of the 5 funniest anime, I’ll be sharing a few of the comedic series that I’ve I’ve enjoyed, and I sincerely hope that these series will make you laugh as much as I did.

1. D-Frag!

Image of girls running in the D-Frag Anime

D-Frag is a hidden gem, and if I remember well, this anime was one of the first real comedy anime I have ever watched and it was, I think, the first one that made me chuckle for real.

D-Frag put us in the shoes of Kenji Kazama, an unsuspecting high school boy who after putting out a fire, is forced to join the after-school Game Creation Club and everything goes south after that. The club is led by “the most powerful girl in the school” Roka Shibasaki, and the other members are Sakura Mizukami, Chitose Karasuyama, and the club adviser Minami Ohsawa, a teacher who only wants an easy life. More characters will appear throughout the episodes which will make this anime funnier, every girl in this club will make Kazama’s high school life look like a roller coaster and we will enjoy it.

D-Frag is a good example of those “entry-level anime”, which is an anime that really are starting out, and want to get into anime. It only has 12 episodes + an OVA. It’s a short one but a good one.

2. KonoSuba

Several characters from the KonoSuba anime

Should You watch Konosuba? Yes, you should, Konosuba is already a modern classic, it has received critical acclaim for its characters, humor, voice acting, and production because it is different from other isekai anime.

Kazuma Sato is a 17-year-old who becomes a NEET after having his heart broken and while returning home from buying a video game, he dies from an acute stress reaction after he mistakes a slow-moving tractor with a speeding truck. He is sent to a parallel world and becomes an RPG character. There, he is received by Aqua, the useless goddess of water, and later he meets Megumin, a 14-year-old chunibyo archwizard obsessed with explosions, and Darkness, a powerful but masochist 18-year-old crusader with accuracy problems. Normally, in other isekai anime the protagonist carries the party because he is the most powerful, well, in Konosuba is different; while weak, Kazuma carries the party because the other members are useless.

KonoSuba has two seasons, 20 episodes in total + 2 OVAs, and also a film. A third season and a spin-off have been announced.

3. Baka and Test

4 characters of the Baka and Test anime

When you mix Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, and Nichijou the result becomes Baka and Test. Many people may consider Baka and Test a nonsense comedy, but there is something that Baka and Test portray better than any other comedy anime, and that is a life lesson: to fight for a better future by studying hard. At the end of the day, this anime will make you laugh a lot, and also highlights the importance of studying.

Baka and Test tells the story of Akihisa Yoshii, the “idiot” of the story, and how he and his classmates and best friends from the lowest class vow to show everyone in school that in life there’s more than test scores. While the main plot is that, the anime also focuses on other topics and not only in Akihisa; there is a lot of romance, a lot of comedy, and also a bunch of other anime and pop culture references. It is a good anime to watch for beginners, really enjoyable, and trust me, you will want to watch it so many times.

Baka and Test has two seasons, 26 episodes in total + 2 OVAs.

4. Asobi Asobase

Characters from the Asobi Asobase anime

The only reason why Asobi Asobase is in second place is because the anime in the first spot is in my top 5 favorite anime. Asobi Asobase was an anime I watched when I was going through some hard times and it helped me a lot with its craziness and uniqueness. The perfect way to describe this anime is “don’t judge a book by its cover”, I did it and I regret having judged it.

The show tells us the story of Olivia; a blond girl who pretends to be an American transfer student, Hanako; a very energetic rich girl with childish nature, and Kasumi; a bookworm girl who dislikes playing games and also loves BL stories, three students at an all-girls school and the only members of the Pastimers Club, a club that is not recognized by the school as an official club. The anime plot is about the girls doing “pastimers”, and what they mean with “pastimers” they mean whatever stupid things they can think of or do.

Asobi Asobase has only 12 episodes + an OVAs and 2 specials.

5. Grand Blue

Characters jumping in the ocean from the Grand Blue Anime

A masterpiece, the funniest anime ever, and my favorite comedic anime, Grand Blue. I already wrote about Grand Blue before saying the same thing but here I go again; Grand Blue is a masterpiece. If you don’t laugh with this one, consider yourself dead because you don’t have a sense of humor.

Grand Blue or Grand Blue Dreaming tells us the story of Kitahara Iori, a first-year Mechanical Engineering student who moves to the Izu Peninsula with his uncle to start his college life there. However, everything turns weird when he meets the local Diving Club, a group of men who spend their time drinking, stripping naked, and doing more partying than actually diving. There he meets more people including his “best friend” Kohei Imamura, a hardcore otaku who came to the university to chase his dream of having a harem of girls. There are a lot of weird faces, stupid situations, and a lot of alcohol in this anime.

Grand Blue has only 12 episodes, so you can watch it and finish it in one sitting.

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