Umaru-chan Official Character Popularity Rankings Released!

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Find out which Himouto! Umaru-chan character you relate to the most!

Himouto Umaru-chan is a Japanese manga series that follows the daily life adventures of a teenage girl, Umaru Doma. Its comedic portrayal is beloved by fans for being relatable and cute. The anime first aired in 2015 with 12 episodes, later followed by 12 more in Season 2 in 2017.

Umaru Doma

Umaru Doma from the Himouto Umaru-chan anime

Sixteen-year-old Umaru Doma is the aspiration of every young girl in her high school. From always looking picture-perfect to having spectacular grades, showing talent in music, and being great at sports – she is the embodiment of perfection! But as soon as she gets home, it’s time for her to ditch the glamorous, refined persona and put on her slacks. In the sweet comfort of her little hamster hood, Umaru spends her time binge-eating her favorite snacks and playing video games all day at home. She also loves to watch anime and read the manga. She likes to keep this lazy himouto version of herself secret from everyone so she can have the best of both worlds.

Taihei Doma

Taihei Doma from the Himouto Umaru-chan anime

Taihei is the older and mature brother of Umaru, who takes care of his sister. Working a 9 to 5 job, he bears the brunt of all of Umaru’s brattiness. He is responsible and has a kind heart – which leads him to be used as a doormat for people who love slacking off, like his sister, Umaru, and his co-worker, Takeshi Motoba. Though he is seen to get frustrated and angry internally in some of Umaru’s unbearable moments, he always chooses to play the nice guy and win her over. He is the type of person who often provides the voice of reason in a chaotic group of friends.

Nana Ebina

Nana Ebina from the HimoutoUmaru-chan anime

Nana Ebina fits easily into the classic best friend role. She is Umaru’s classmate and has a crush on Umaru’s older brother, Taihei, who is completely oblivious of her feelings. Generally shy and nervous, Ebina is cute in a petite sort of way.

Kirie Motoba

Kirie Motoba from the HimoutoUmaru-chan anime

Kirie may come off as intimidating but is a cute little cinnamon roll in reality. She’s the kind of person you would expect to have a secret evil scheme, but she’s actually just spaced out. Her menacing aura results in her having very few friends as people are typically afraid to get close to her. However, a more open and helpful side of her personality is seen when she spends time with Umaru’s indoor persona.

Sylphynford Tachibana

Sylphynford Tachibana from the HimoutoUmaru-chan anime

Proclaiming herself to be Umaru’s rival, Sylphynford Tachibana is competitive and strong-willed in nature. She loves challenging Umaru in everything – be it sports, in the Arcade, or in the studio. Her eccentric habits make her stand out from the crowd, and you might think of her as self-obsessed at first glance. However, it only takes a few meetings with her to discover her real, friendly, and vulnerable side. She, like Umaru, is far from perfect no matter how much she tries to pretend otherwise.

Takeshi Motoba

Takeshi Motoba from the HimoutoUmaru-chan anime

Takeshi, also known as “Bomber”, is a background character in the Himouto Umaru-chan series. He commands a fun and free-spirited personality. He knows how to lighten the mood and have a good time, which is often shown in him goofing around in the office, leaving Takeshi to do all the work!

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