God in One Punch Man
God has been set up to be the final villain of the One Punch Man story. In this article, we'll be sharing our theories on who God is and if he will give Saitama a real fight.

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What’s up Nerdgenic Nation! Let’s talk about God in One Punch Man as he is sure to be a character that will become increasingly popular as the current arc wraps up in the One Punch Man manga.

God has been shown frequently throughout the Monster Association arc, and we know that he is responsible for creating many of the monsters we’ve seen so far. God is easily able to create Dragon-level monsters so we can only imagine that Saitama might get his first real fight when he squares off against this creature at the end of the series.

In this article, I’ll explain who God is and provide a few theories as to how I think he will affect the story. I’ll add a spoiler warning here just in case my theories about this character turn out to be true.

Who Is God?

God in One Punch Man from the One Punch Man manga.

I guess the better question is what is he, as so far we really don’t know. Many monsters in the series have mentioned that they have been ‘given birth’ by the Earth and his/her infinite wisdom, but until it’s specifically mentioned it’s all speculation at this point.

I do think the environment or world of One Punch Man will play a significant role in God’s story. It has already been mentioned that the world was affected by climate change and other environmental factors. These events may have led to the creation of God or maybe they affected him adversely and caused him to hate humans. Either way, it’s clear that God has a grand plan and I’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

When God is depicted to us he’s seen as almost like a circulatory system or a human-plant hybrid. He doesn’t have a clear set of facial features, but you can make out a basic body form and joints. His powers primarily seem to be telepathic, but if he’s going to fight Saitama he better have more than psychic powers up his sleeve. This revelation on God also makes me realize why psychics in the series seem to be so important. They may be the way to communicate with and/or are potential conduits to his power.

In order to communicate with him, you have to touch one of the cubes that Blast has been hunting throughout the series. My theory is that God is most likely trapped in another dimension, and touching the cubes allows you to briefly communicate with him. I think God is trying to escape his prison, and Blast is working to keep him there as long as he can. It’s possible that other villains and characters have found these cubes and are slowly working to have God released whether they are aware of it or not.

I’m curious to know your thoughts so feel free to comment below and share your theories.

God Versus Saitama

God reveals himself to Homeless Emperor.

There is no way to know for sure if God will be the final villain of the series, but we do know the character wasn’t introduced for no reason. I’d like to think a character with the name of God would end up being the final villain of the series. We haven’t seen any feats from God other than him killing Homeless Emperor. The simple fact that he can create Dragon Level monsters at will makes me think that he’d have to be well above that disaster level.

I’d like to know more about what’s going on mentally with God. Is he also too strong, or does he have another motivation that will conflict with Saitama? I’d like to see this fight turn into an interdimensional battle. If the battle between these two titans doesn’t take that turn I’m not sure how the Earth will survive. Saitama has already shown us what he can do when he’s not even serious so just imagine two characters of equal strength colliding. I also think having the battle go interdimensional will allow the story to separate Saitama from the other heroes if the series wants to keep that element going.

Now it’s time to hear from our community. Have you been following the One Punch Man manga? How excited are you to see the final fight of the series, and what are your theories about God? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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