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These bosses provide players with an overall challenge or just look plain cool. Read our list to see if your favorite video game boss made the cut.

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Throughout gaming history, we have seen some iconic and truly scary video game bosses, but today we’ll talk about some of the few villains that top the charts in terms of size, evilness, and various other bad guy factors.

Venom (Spider-Man: Web of Shadows)

This five-headed, enormous venom is anyone’s nightmare. In Web of Shadows, Spider-man must take on this infamous villain as it takes over Manhattan. In order to defeat this monstrosity, Spider-man must attack and kill each head individually. Certainly a great rivalry and an even better boss battle.

Cronos (God of War 3)

In terms of size, Cronos probably tops the list among bad guys. This mammoth of a game boss is frightening due to its sheer size. In what ensues to be an epic and long game battle, Kratos must cut through Cronos’s body inside out to obtain the Omphalos Stone.

The Riftworm (Gear of War 2)

This villain is a gruesome creature that is scary and frightening in a different sense. Though the good guys are not seen in a face-to-face battle in Gears of War 2, in the game Fenix and the team find themselves in a unique situation, where they are inside the body of this massive creature that has three different hearts. They must destroy all three hearts while facing various other challenges along the way.

Joker (Batman Arkham)

There’s no way that the infamous Joker didn’t make the cut into the top game villains. This demented bad guy not only gives Batman a good fight but the psychopath also plays sadistic tricks which earn him a unique spot among the many bad guys in video games. The Joker, with his crazy and violent personality, certainly gives us some amazing boss battles.

Sephiroth (Final Fantasy)

The Final Fantasy series has given us loads of bad guys but Sephiroth is without any doubt the great villain in the series. Sephiroth with his great fighting skills coupled with supernatural forces is a formidable opponent that most would not want to go against. His evilness is unmatched, with his nefarious intentions to destroy the world and acts such as murdering a little flower girl, really putting him up there, amongst the worst and evil game bosses.

The Stone Titan (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)

The huge Stone Titan is intimidating for any opponent. Players must climb along its long body while avoiding various blows from this colossal entity. The unmatched battle requires a lot of effort from the players as they must destroy multiple weak spots on its body if they stand any chance of defeating this bad guy.

Alduin (The Elder Scrolls)

Alduin from the Elder scrolls is a different kind of frightening. You know you are kind of a big deal when various heroes unite against you to put you down. This gigantic dragon, known as the God of destruction is set to destroy the world, with all its roar and power along with the ability to send meteor showers from the sky. The King of dragons, withal, its power is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

How did you enjoy our list of top video game bosses? Are there any bosses we forgot to mention? Be sure to share your thoughts below.

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