The coolest video game swords
We highlight some of the coolest swords in all of gaming. This list includes a few energy weapons and even a sword that has it's own soul. Read more to find out if your favorite made our list.

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There is nothing better than slaying your enemies in style or striking fear in their hearts when you pull out your cool video game sword. Whether you’re a fan of the classics like the lightsaber or Halo energy sword, it’s always a fun time to jump into battle and slash your way to victory. In our list of the coolest video game swords, we will be highlighting words that are just plain fun but feature a cool look or feature. Continue to read to see if your favorite sword ends up on this list.

Lightsaber – Star Wars Franchise

Jedi wielding a lightsaber.

If we are talking about the coolest swords then the Lightsaber definitely tops the list. The Lightsaber is the ultimate tool for the Jedi Knight or Sith Lord (depending on your allegiances). This energy sword gets its energy from super rare crystals that one has to train immensely to be able to obtain. Once you have found the crystal then you must build your own lightsaber which makes the finished product all the more worth it. Lightsabers are more than just iconic they also allow you to cut through pretty much anything.

Energy Sword – Halo

The Energy Sword from Halo

The Halo universe brings us a unique sword of alien or “covenant” origin, the energy sword. The sword is the choice of the Sangheili warriors, but only some Sangheili warriors can use it, provided they have proven themselves worthy by reaching a certain rank. This blade has some unique quirks too, like a unique glow upon ignition, along with a distinct sound that separates it from other ordinary swords, on top of that it can absolutely rip through Spartan armor, which is why it’s certainly a feared weapon.

Time Dagger – Prince of Persia

The Time Dagger from Prince of Persia

This sword not only looks cool, but it has a unique trick up its sleeve that any other sword does not, it possesses the power to control time. If that isn’t cool enough, it can totally obliterate any enemies that you face. The time dagger is a sword that takes skill to master, but you will enjoy using it once you’ve gotten the hang of its powers.

Aerondight – Witcher 3

Image of Aerondight from Witcher 3
Image via

Geralt has some amazing weapons in his arsenal, with multiple swords, Aerondight certainly stands out. This silver sword can be charged multiple times, mid-fight, making it a crazy weapon. With a full charge, you can even eliminate your opponent with a single blow. The damage potential of this sword is unmatched, even within Geralt’s own arsenal of weapons.

Soul Edge – Soul Calibur

Soul Edge from Soul Caliber

This sword was once an ordinary sword but after spilling a plethora of blood, it has become evil and has its own demonic soul called Inferno. Whoever uses this sword, becomes possessed as it takes over the mind of the host, driving them insane. Only people who are strong physically as well as mentally are able to handle the effects of using the sword. The sword gives its wielder unparalleled power, although the one major drawback is that, if the wielder of the sword dies, the sword possesses its soul.

Blade of Olympus – God of War 3

Image of the Blade of Olympus from God of War 3
Image via Sketchfab

This magnificent blade was forged by Zeus during the Great War between the Olympians and Titans. This majestic sword not only looks cool but gave Zeus the power to banish the Titans to Tartarus, granting the Olympians victory.

Master Sword – Legend of Zelda

Image of Link holding the Master Sword

This magical sword can cause a great amount of damage and possesses magnificent power. It is known by many names, such as “the sword of purity”, as it cannot be wielded by anyone evil. Heroes must earn the sword, and only after reaching a certain caliber, they can wield it.

Raiden’s Katana – Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots

Image of Raiden holding his Katana in Metal Gear Solid 4

In Metal Gear Solid 4, we get the see Raiden’s Katana, an absolute weapon. This sword really makes Raiden a formidable opponent, with its ability to cut through Metal Gear like a knife going through soft butter.

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  1. along with a distinct sound that separates it from other ordinary swords, on top of that it can absolutely rip through Spartan armor, which is why it’s certainly a feared weapon.

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