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The time to reunite and refreshen the memories has come! Thirteen years ago, Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni set the bars for the thrilling and horror genre remarkably high. Fortunately, this gem recently received a brand-new production and is now on its way to take us on the same gore-filled terror journey once again!


The plot revolves around Keiichi Maebara, who is set to start his new life in a small town named Hinamizawa. He gets more than what he had bargained for. As he struggles to make friends, he discovers terrifying secrets at the village’s yearly festival. To his surprise, it turns out that mysterious deaths have been taking place in this village for the last four years. All because of the curse of Oyashuri-Sama, unleashed on the people who died for supporting the Dam project. His feelings of dread continue to grow. What other secrets will he uncover? Is this town really safe? Find out!

The whole series is a literal embodiment of the phrase “never judge a book by its cover”. What looks like your usual cliche romance anime takes the biggest plot twist and transforms into your worst nightmare. The plot is very well-executed and keeps the creepy themes intact throughout the series. It unveils at a perfect pace and progresses in a certain way, keeping the audience hooked as it piques their curiosity. Despite, displaying its stomach-churning violent scenes that some would find unpleasant to watch, you can’t help but be curious about why are these people dying?

The story is shown in the form of chapters or arcs. The same story continues, but each chapter is shown from a different perspective. The plots unfold extremely mysteriously, hiding the truth behind a thick layer of deceit, making it hard for us to reach a definite conclusion. The mystery does not get solved until the very end. That’s what makes you stay glued to the screen throughout the anime.


07th Expansion and Kadokawa On January 06th, 2020, announced that a new version of this anime will release in July, but it was delayed due to COVID. Its first episode just aired recently on October 1st, 2020, and has been getting an exceptionally positive response so far.


Even though the plot ought to be pretty much the same, It still comes with a few refreshing elements. Combined with a better art style, animation, and soundtrack, it’s also expected that the upcoming reboot will incorporate more chapters from the manga, eventually leading to a more detailed plot and a complete story. This doubles the fun and pleasure of watching this fantastic series.


Many eager fans argued that it would be a criminal offense if the cast for the anime was changed; however, the same cast came back in 2020!

Director Keiichiro Kawaguchi

Series Composition Naoki Hayashi

Character Design Akio Watanabe

Soichiro Hoshi Keiichi Maebara

Mai Nakahara Rena Ryuuguu

Satsuki Yukino Mion Sonozaki

Mika Kanai Satoko Houjou


The talented Passione Studio, creators of bangers like High School DxD, Interspecies Reviewers, Rail Wars, and more, took on this challenge and gave us this unexpected but rewarding reboot. Rest assured, you’re in safe hands, and won’t indeed be wasting time if you decide to watch the series.


With so many promising elements, fans have a lot of hopes for the new Higurashi Reboot. The series is a remastered version that holds, if not the same, then definitely more greatness to surprise you with! Do give this series a try because you definitely won’t be left disappointed. This gem ought to spark a sense of awe in you as it immerses you in its twisted and creepy themes.