Skul: The Hero Slayer
There are some new and exciting titles coming to Xbox Game Pass, and there are a few leaving really soon!

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February greetings! Whether you want to tame even more dinosaurs, smash castles with custom-built siege machines, or push yourself with some rogue-like adventures, we’ve got games for you. There are games for everyone here. Let’s add some more games to your list of things to do.

CrossfireX (Console) – Tuesday, February 10th

Available with Xbox Game Pass from the start: Operation: Catalyst, the first CrossfireX single-player campaign created in collaboration with Remedy Entertainment, is now available. Take command of a Global Risk force as they navigate enemy territory to free a captive comrade and uncover the dark secrets of the Black List Mercenary gang.

Edge of Eternity (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – 10 February

With Game Pass, the following items are available on the first day: In this magnificent narrative of hope and sacrifice, crafted by a small team of enthusiastic JRPG fans, wage epic turn-based battles as you accompany Daryon and Selene on their mission to discover a cure for the all-consuming Corrosion.

Skul, the Hero slayer (Cloud, Console, and PC) ID@Xbox – 10 February

Skul is a fast-paced action rogue-lite in which you are encouraged to lose your head. Battles are as exciting as they are difficult, with 100 playable characters each with their unique powers and a plethora of goods that may create crazy combinations.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom (Cloud, Console, and PC) – February 10

In The Last Kids on Earth and the Staff of Doom, a semi-open world action RPG that recounts a fresh tale in the post-apocalyptic village of Wakefield, you must battle hordes of zombies and creatures. You’ll traverse zombie-infested neighborhoods as young survivors Jack, Quint, June, or Dirk on your quest to prevent Malondre, a strong opponent, from getting the Staff of Doom.

Perks of Xbox Game Pass

Claim these new Perks now in the Perk gallery on your Xbox console, Windows PC, or Xbox Game Pass iOS/Android mobile app.

The Season 9 Starter Pass is a great way to get started in Smite! This bundle contains free Skins, Gods, and other items. Find out more about Season 9 right here!

The World of Warships: Exclusive Starter Pack is now available.

Get the World of Warships Exclusive Starter Pack to pilot the iconic battleship Dreadnought and the tough cruiser Charleston, both of which have incredible weaponry! You will also receive a week of Premium Account for your convenience.

February Member Monthly Bonus – February 2nd in Phantasy Star Online 2

Get a head start with free stuff that will help you develop your units and weaponry, as well as restore you.

Leaving February 15

Don’t allow the following games to go out without a decent send-off. 

This is your chance to get some additional accomplishments or to resume where you let off. 

As always, utilize your membership discount to save up to 20% and keep these titles in your collection before they sell out!

• Code Vein (Cloud, Console, and PC)

• The Zodiac Age in Final Fantasy XII (Console and PC)

• The Middle (Cloud, Console, and PC)

• Winter Project (Cloud, Console, and PC)

• Falconeer’s (Cloud, Console, and PC)

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