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The realm of anime is home to certain themes, that many shows have a hard time incorporating into their plots without seeming too complicated for their audience to digest, and time travel is one of them. Steins;Gate successfully manages to break through all these potential shortcomings and is hands down one of the craziest anime series you can get that is centered around this genre. It’s a mind-boggling time travel blockbuster that will have you asking the question “What have I just seen?”

Questions, yes, and lots of them. Get used to it, because this is exactly what Steins;Gate is likely to bring to you. How often is it that big, fancy, high-tech machines come to mind when we think of time travel? Always! And how often do we imagine microwaves when we think of time travel? zero. This is exactly how Steins;Gate is crafted; it’s meant to flip you over your head with every new episode. The intense, and unknowing atmosphere it manages to build will have you holding on to your covers with a firm grip, as your mind slowly de-puzzles its perfectly woven plot.

PLOT & Storyline

The plot is heavily influenced by a self-proclaimed mad scientist, Okabe Rintarou, and his group of friends who miraculously manage to build a time machine that involves a microwave and a phone. But that is not the turning point of the plot. The group discovers that they can send text messages into the past, and like any other group of crazy, mad people, they start misusing the machine. Not too long after, deadly and mysterious repercussions begin to unfold in front of them as they find themselves plunging into a dangerous adventure.

Story Progression:

Like many others, I too fell victim to the plot’s pace. It begins painfully slow and almost gives the impression of a slice-of-life anime. It’s no crime to admit that Steins;Gate is probably among the most challenging series for the viewers to get into, but on a brighter note, the challenge only sustains for 12 episodes. Trust the ratings, the reviews, and just keep on watching!

In fact, the second half of the show brilliantly manages to compensate for the slow pace at the start and maintains a perfect balance. Adding to that, the second half is designed to answer every question you did and didn’t have which also plays an active role in keeping us hooked to the storyline.

It’s a joy knowing that such a well-thought plot progresses towards such a well-thought ending that many time-travel-related shows fail to provide us with. Steins;Gate is a must-watch for every geek out there as the show just keeps on getting more and more interesting and complex with every new episode. Despite the complexities the show never seems unrealistic and properly explains all the mind-boggling events.


Since I have not touched the other elements of the anime yet I will briefly shed some light on its average animation. Steins;Gate didn’t land a huge budget so it couldn’t give us fancy animation quality; however, it’s not bad. Voice acting was phenomenal and the characters, of course, next to the plot are also one of the strongest elements of this show.

On the scale of enjoyment Steins;Gate is pure entertainment, with a mind-gripping tale and a jaw-dropping ending, the show will have you giving yourself pats for not dropping it or skipping it. When brilliance, art, and detail come together then you get masterpieces like Steins;Gate.

Personally, I’d give this show a rating a 9/10!