God of High School is not the best anime ever, but it is still worth a watch. Even if you don’t like the story of this anime, the amazing fight scenes will still keep you entertained.

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God of Highschool is a newer anime, which just started airing in the summer of 2020. This anime is quite popular, but fans of the source material are pointing out a lot of issues.

Today, I am going to give you guys my honest review of this series based on the first few episodes which have already aired. This is only going to be an initial review of the series and, of course, the series may evolve in the future.

First of all, let us talk about why this anime is getting so much attention in the first place. God of High School is getting a lot of attention from anime fans around the world because this anime has been adapted from a Korean comic. Korean comics, also known as Manhwa, are just as popular as the manga but they never seem to get any anime adaptations. God of High School is the second Korean comic that is getting a top-tier anime adaptation, and naturally, fans have very high expectations.

The plot of this anime appears quite simplistic, and it follows the usual shounen formula. The plot revolves around a fighting tournament in Korea. This fighting tournament is going to determine who is the strongest Korean high schooler. The name of our protagonist is Mori Jin, and he is an extremely capable Taekwondo specialist. Mori takes part in this competition, but he doesn’t know that something extremely sinister is going on behind the scenes.

The plot might sound a little too straightforward, but judging from the first few episodes, we can easily tell that the story of this anime is going to evolve by leaps and bounds. Let us take a closer look at the other aspects of this anime.


The characters in this anime are extremely well-built and realistic. All the characters have believable backstories, and they are not just represented with a single personality trait. The character designs are not generic at all as this anime is based on a Korean comic. Everything feels extremely fresh and quirky!


The animation is the major strength of this anime! The art style is great because of this show’s Korean origins, but our overall experience is further enhanced thanks to the beautiful and fluid animation by Studio MAPPA. The fight scenes in this anime are absolutely beautiful and well-choreographed. Even if you don’t like shounen anime, you would definitely enjoy this one purely because of the amazing fight scenes.

Why is God of High School getting mixed reviews?

My review of this anime is pretty positive, so you may be wondering why the anime community is not in love with this series. Well, God of High School has some problems! This anime faces a lot of pacing issues. These pacing issues might not be very noticeable to the people who have not read the original source material, but they still ruin the overall viewing experience. The story is progressing a little too fast, and the anime is even cutting out some parts of the story, which are present in the source material.

Some people also dislike God of Highschool because of its simplistic and straightforward story. I think people should not judge the story of this anime just yet, as it is going to evolve with time.


God of High School is not the best anime ever, but it is still worth a watch. Even if you don’t like the story of this anime, the amazing fight scenes will still keep you entertained. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is looking for something casual and action-packed to watch. I would give God of High School a rating of 7/10.

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